Jim Martin’s Misinformation was Misinterpreted … ?!?

July25/ 2015

Three Years after the oh-so-memorable Martin Report / UNC BOT session – I once described as:

“The most fun anyone ever had at The Carolina Inn with both feet on the floor…”

A Revised, Recantation and Re-Remembrance of “What I actually meant to say was……” is coming forth now from Governor Jim Martin.

I have read Damn Dan Kane’s latest BLOCKBUSTER re: The Great Unpleasantness.   Chances are most of you have read it too.   I can’t wrap my head around it.

…. it’s like Roy Williams explaining Chinese Arithmetic to a flock of pigeons.  Both Roy and the pigeons would go cross-eyed from the experience.

Speaking of Roy; what are the odds Roy has a clue who Jim Martin is.  Remember Jim never met Roy when he was “looking into every nook & cranny” three years ago.

It has finally dawned on Kindly Jim Martin that what he said three years ago, as ridiculous as it was back then, wasn’t what he meant to say but rather what “they” feed him to say.   “They” being still unidentified members of The Old Well Mafia.   “#1 Watchdog” Lissa Broome would be among that group along with “Dickie” and his BFF Former Watchdog Jack Evans.  It’s the deepest pockets of The Lower Level / Blue Zone Bunch.   It speaks to their (lack of) integrity that they will not come forth and identify themselves.UNC BOT

I have more “faith” than most of you in The Old Well Mafia to continue to spin even THIS.   They are not paying Joel Curran and his busload of PR hacks over $1.5 million to simply say “Yep, we have been very naughty TruBlues”.

If you think THIS LATEST REVELATION will “bring down the rafters” you really don’t understand the entrenched determination of those in the UNC Inner Sanctum.  They will throw Jim Martin under the same bus they are throwing Sylvia Hatchell under.  They will continue to weave their oh-so-tangled web.

If “they” ever came forth and acknowledged The Scheme was so much more than:

 “Two good intentioned albeit misguided ladies (Deb & Burgess) who meant well and just wanted to help Coach Smith and his youngsters”.   

That admission would be the equivalent of tearing out their own livers and eating them with fava beans and a nice Chianti.  They CANNOT admit that.  They WILL NEVER admit that.

NOTE:  Am I the only one to see the irony that these “Jim Martin Now Says That ______” are coming out in a book written by a key executive in The Eeeeevil Art Pope Organization – John Hood.   The Franklin Street Lunatic Fringe will bite down on that and gnaw on it ’til doomsday.   Expect Gene Nichol to gin up his mini-mob of beady-eyed disciples with that fact.

The runaway train continues to barrel down the track.   It WILL eventually jump the tracks in a humongous wreck….. but it ain’t there yet.



Governor Jim Martin Says He Misspoke About The UNC Scandal

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