“Recently Rewarded Roy” Williams told…..

Roy Williams
July12/ 2015

“Roy Williams Said….” or “Roy Williams Told ……” are classic opening lines for more jokes than – “A rabbi, a priest, and Hillary Clinton are in a lifeboat……” or “Carol Folt walks into a bar with a parrot on her shoulder and ……”

The Recently Rewarded Roy is at it again.  Now ORW is absolutely positively kinda sorta Gua-Ran-Teeing semi-literate slam dunkers that he and his embattled program have BEAT THE RAP.  Such bold braggadoccio likely causes BubbaTheRealAD to wince…. Bubba Roy Williams pants on fire(Cunningham) has done a lot of wincing since arriving on the scandal-ravaged campus.

Should Roy be so certain?  “Should Roy….” is another great opening set-up to a joke.  Look, he’s blowing smoke up a recruit’s butt.  It’s not like he’s talking to a real person or anything….. it’s “A RECRUIT” for goodness sakes!  Roy probably also told the kid “Sure you can study pre-med if you want to.  UNC has a really cool Medical School…. I’m guessing.  Although I try not to ‘cluster’ too many of our youngsters in pre-med.” 


Roy Williams told recruit NCAA won’t crack down on UNC

Originally written on College Spun  |  Last updated 7/11/15

UNC coach Roy Williams told a recruit the NCAA won’t hit them hard in penalties. Lance King/Getty Images Sport

By Dan Lyons

North Carolina will enter the 2015-16 season with one of the top teams in college basketball, but on the heels of the school’s recent academic scandal, NCAA penalties loom large for the Tar Heels. Head coach Roy Williams doesn’t seem too concerned, at least not when he’s out recruiting blue chip players to come to Chapel Hill.

The Charlotte Observer talked with five-star power forward Sacha Killeya-Jones, who recently spoke with Williams about UNC and the NCAA issues surrounding the program.

Killeya-Jones told The Observer that Williams does not think there will be penalties.

Whether or not he ultimately chooses to play for UNC might come down to the potential penalties the men’s basketball program faces as a result of the NCAA investigation, Killeya-Jones said.

“Coach Williams said he is 100 percent positive they’re not going to crack down on the men’s basketball team,” he said.

Killeya-Jones is still going to wait it out and not rush into a commitment in case UNC is hit hard by the NCAA.

“If they got a major scholarship reduction or something like that, obviously you don’t want to commit to any scholarship that might not be there,” he added. “I definitely don’t want to commit before any punishments come down, even though I’m pretty sure there won’t be anything.”

Time will tell how the Tar Heels fare, but it sounds like Killeya-Jones will do his due dilligence with his recruitment. He also has offers from Georgetown, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Virginia, and over a dozen other programs.

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