NCGA Caves on Voter ID – Bully Wins!

June20/ 2015

My first thought when I saw that the Republican Majority in the NC General Assembly had FUBARed Voter ID was “Did Phil Berger put John Fennebresque in charge of that too?” No, but he might as well have.

I’m sure you have heard by now that Bully Barber’s Rope-A-Dopey Republican strategy finally paid off.  The RINO-infested General Assembly bent over, grabbed both ankles and begged Big Bad Bully to “be gentle, please”.

Yeah verily our linguine-spined Repub majority acted like the sycophant minority they are still more used to playing…. and caved on Voter ID. Yea yea…. the linguine spines are going to pee on our legs and tell us it’s raining…. They Caved.  Load up the church buses and canvas the graveyards for new voters….. It’s Business As Usual for Bully Barber’s Bunch.

There are two schools of thought (SOT) about how this latest RINO sell-out happened.   NOTE:  The Solar Thugs with the unmarked benjamins are NOT involved in this one.

I tend to believe SOT #1 – the libs simply lied about their minions being charged $10 when applying for a “valid ID” at several NC DMV offices.

Remember LiberalThink…. “Lying ain’t lying when “we do it” and  it’s “for a greater good”.  Facilitating voter fraud is certainly “good” for Bully Barber’s motley mob.

I can think of “at least 80,000” reasons Barber will lie when it suits his sinister purposes. After all he IS on a Mission From God “to throw the eeeeevil Repubs out” of the General Assembly.

I swear every time I see Bully bloviating I think he’s doing an audition tape for either Hee Haw or Saturday Night Live. I know “his people” do love all his strutting and pulpit pounding but REALLY…..

School of Thought #2: Whatever bureaucratic lackey that was suppose to send out the DO NOT CHARGE FOR A VOTER ID memo, simply forgot to underline and highlight that DO NOT part. I hope that nitwit was not Tony Tata but it is a part of Tony’s Department of Transportation.

Wonder if Tony will use the same bureaucratic nitwit on the I-77 Toll Road. That has a very high FUBAR potential too.

Whatever….. Phil Berger & Tim Moore folded like cardboard suitcases and rampant voter fraud returns to North Carolina in time for Nov 2016. That “affadavit crap” is crap.

…. The afore-ChrisFitzsimonmentioned linguine-spined Repubs probably hope “the media will say nice things about us” now….. and the Dems will “work with us better now”. Bwahahahaha! Ain’t never gonna happen.

…. Professional Left-wing Whiner Chris Fitzsimon – a longtime foot soldier in BossGoodmon’s Gang of DumpsterDivers – went spinning on BossGoodmon’s NC Spin in his usual whiney blinkey attack mode.   FitzWhiner stopped just short of demanding each Democrat be allowed a minimum of three votes per person. FitzWhiner is always good for a laugh.

Congrats are due to Bully Barber for his victory. Bully kept staring and glaring and Phil and Tim finally blinked….. Another day / Another Repub cave-in.

Barber glare


Did you see where those lovable mean-wells on the UNC Brd of Governors complied a 47-page job description for the next Prez.  47 Pages !!! ….. A UNC Power Forward can spend three years in Chapel Hill and not write 47 pages.

No, I don’t know if Jennifer The Tutor “assisted” in the writing of the BOG’s 47 pages…. or to what degree.

That sure caught my attention…. until I saw that 45 of those 47 pages were John Fennebresque explaining what they are NOT looking for in a President. Mussolini could have used John as Commander-in-chief of the Italian Army in WWII.

Henry Ford said “if you can’t condense your idea to the back of a business card you haven’t thought it thru”. John “Trainwreck’ Fennebresque is no Henry Ford.


Obama’s incredible “he didn’t actually say THAT, did he!” comment this week about America is the only place where mass murders occur must have surprised the millions of dismembered corpses across Africa.  Being turned into human sushi by machete-wielding government-sponsored savages doesn’t “count” to Obama.  Is “Genocide” still a word. …. and those ISIS “beheadings on the beach”…. oh, those don’t count either.

What is REALLY SCARY is not that Obama said it…. but that his brain-dead minions believe it.  THAT is really really scary.


Our long-time pal Chad Adams has an on-line “radio show” Mon-Fri from 3-5. You can catch Chad LIVE or Later at   The Civitas guys are behind this good idea. Check Chad out……


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