Rimshots …..06/08/15

June08/ 2015

A brand new Rimshots image to go along with the brand new website!  As noted in the The New Website column  – LINK – the oompa loompas still have a few widgets to tighten and sawdust to sweep up around here but not nearly as much and many as last week.

Traditionally, launching a new website is an exercise in patience and perseverance akin to breech birthing an elephant for all concerned including YOU ALL concerned.   This launch has had fewer OMG!s than I anticipated.   The Albert Factor is holding steady.

I appreciate the able assistance of several spouses who intervened when a few of you’ans got overly angst trying to find the scroll bar (over on the far right) or figure out how to comment.   I was figuring on at least twenty HELPs but really have had less than a dozen.

No One Needs any Password or Access Code to reach these websites.   If you get a message saying you do, email us at [email protected] .

Readability on phones and pads is resolved and a couple of comment glitches un-glitched.   The new ALERT telling you about A New Column will be in operation in a few days.   If you DO have any connection issues, just let us know.   If you can’t open the site and therefore can’t read this, let us know that too. ????  Huh?

If you want a comment avatar (little thumbnail picture) and you’re not a Facebookite, that’s easy. Go to Gravatar.com and sign up there.  No charge and fairly easy to understand.   You can still comment and stay as anonymous as ever.   You don’t need “a little picture” to comment.  You will get that little silhouette thingie.


 …. Meanwhile…. re: Roy:Roy-Williams-1
….. I have not discussed ORW’s “new contract / extension” with Bubba.   Neither my opinion nor my approval was necessary.   Whatever the “why’d they do it” ….. and there are a bazillion conjectures on that…. I do NOT think it was simply to stick the Flagship’s thumb in the eye of the ABC Mob.   Although I’m sure there are more than a few folks over “there” who would like to.

“We” don’t know the whereas & therefores in The New Deal.  It may well contain a self-destruct clause that activates if Roy strips buck nekkid and runs down I-40 singing Mammy Little Baby Loves Shortnin’ Bread or is caught in a compromising position with Fats Thomas, Brittany Griner and Neil Fingleton.   Covering “anything goofy ol’ Roy might do” in a contract shorter than War & Peace would be impossible.

Now, if Sylvia Hatchell gets a new deal, that might generate some serious eye blinks over there.   Her program’s fate is so “iffy” that Vegas isn’t offering odds.

Is The NCAA “afraid to harm the UNC Brand”?   There could be some truth in that.  Could you possibly think even less of The NCAA if they came out and admitted that?

My first thought when I heard about Roy’s New Deal was “what’s next?” …… more bonuses for Dickie and name a building for Jan Boxill ????   Neither of those have been reported…… yet.


That Cleveland / Golden State Game Sunday night….. towards the end and in overtime, I swear they (Warriors) were hitting Lebron with tire irons, crowbars and cattle prods…. and getting away with it.   I haven’t seen that blatant a series of obvious fouls since Dudley Bradley ran over The Glide with a HumVee in Reynolds.

If Lebron is not already in Jordan’s Pantheon, he’s getting really really close.


There was a time in my life I would have cared about a horse winning The Triple Crown.   That time has passed.   It’s not horses’ fault…. I have simply moved on in my “give a damn” and there wasn’t any room for horse racing.   Nor for boxing.   I miss Ingemar Johannson.


Are we about to be besieged that we MUST care about Women’s Soccer again?  I sense another bout of that coming down the pike.


Liberace…..  Speaking of Women’s Sports….. I really hate to promote AgentPierce AGAIN but his current piece – “Call Them Liberaces” – that went up Monday afternoon is either gonna make the boy a Freakin’ Legend or get his provocative self car-bombed.   At my suggestion, he’s taking applications for a food-taster.  …… I can’t describe his Liberace column.   You really have to decide for yourself…. IF YOU DARE! ….. Link To Liberace.



If you are navigating this new site with no problems, check out the “pages” listed up at top (on the Navigation Bar).   Some cool stuff up there.   Remember that Classics and Quirky News changes every day or so.    Check’em out on each visit or risk missing something “interesting”.


Yet ANOTHER Reunion coming up this weekend….. #50 for me and my high school chums.   A few “haven’t been back befores” are signed up to show up.   This will likely be the last “Big One” we’ll have.   Me and P. Coleman Buck will be our usual “two wild and crazy guys” …… yeah, right.


Check out the site …… go read Liberace …… report any “issues” you are having w/ the sites.


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