Welcome to BobLeeSays 2.0

Homer Simpson
June01/ 2015

Changes?  What Changes?  Oh, you mean this 100% completely new, greatly improved cutting-edge techno-awesome version of BobLeeSays.

It is pretty awesome.  After fifteen years and over 2,000 incredibly insightful commentaries from BobLee (and AgentPiece) now under the umbrella of the monolithic SaidWHATMedia, is entering a exciting new era of Internet presence with all cyber-guns ablazing.


Rumors of What the heck is BobLee up to? ranged from (1) replacing Bill Simmons at ESPN; to (2) “become maitre’de at Amedeo’s”.   My personal favorite was “BobLee is starting up a Thai Yogurt food truck bizness with “Call me Dickie”.   When asked about that, Prince Tassel Loafer said “I don’t know nuthin’ about that, but would you like some Kool-Aid and hear me sing Hark The Sound?”

That ESPN deal went South when CEO John Skipper (UNC75) added provisos that I (1) apologize to The BOT3 and (2) give Chancellor Chihuahua a hug.  YUCK! …. I’m not saying I can’t be bought, but I’ve never hugged a teenie weenie she-chancellor especially one From Dartmouth; and I don’t ever intend to.

…. bringing us to HERE & NOW!oompa-loompas

I feel like a roguish Willie Wonka welcoming you all to our Chocolate Factory.   Each of you have a Golden Ticket and are encouraged to browse to your heart’s content.  Don’t mind the Oompa Loompas.   They are doing some last minute touch-ups, tightening a few widgets and doing Oompa Loompa stuff.   FYI…. not a single one of our Oompas is “from Dartmouth” in case you were wondering.

My #1 Rule to TeamChipka in designing these new websites is that they have an Albert Factor of “less than 30 days”.   Our favorite Luddite must be able to navigate effortlessly in less than 30 days.  That means the rest of you should be zipping all over the sites by your second visit…. or within the next 10 minutes in most cases.

Beyond the obvious INCREDIBLY AWESOME cosmetic changes, the biggest improvement will be in receivability across all platforms.   When BobLee Tweety-Bird-iconfirst “Said” back in 1998, cell phones were the size of catcher’s mitts and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were only multi-millionaires.   Steve Zuckerburg had not reached puberty and “Tweeting” was something one did if one “tawt I taw a puddy tat”.   (Albert is soooo lost now!)

Its 2015.  Smartphones and pads are “the in-thing”.   These new websites are VERY “mobile device friendly”.   Whatever device you use to get your BobLee fix will deliver a clean clear image.  Still anchored to your big ol’ desktop with wired keyboard and a wired mouse?  Not to worry.  You will get an awesome on-screen image.

These new sites are SEO-friendly.   SEO = Search Engine Optimization.  BobLee commentaries are now very friendly with Mr. Google and his ilk.  Likewise our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter has been amped up.

Yeah yeah yadda yadda…. Where do you “find stuff” now?

(1)    That gianormous image at the top of the page is the Most Current Column.  If you did not click on it you are not reading any of this.   The Most Current Column will always be “that BIG image up at the top of the Home Page.
(2)     Beneath the BIG image you see two smaller images side by side.   Watch and those will “slide” revealing two more…. then two more.   The most recent SIX columns are always in those “sliders”.   Want a column farther back than the most recent six?  Go to Archives up at that top bar.  All 1,500+ columns are now easily accessible if you have an idea of when it might have appeared.   Our improved Tags and Categories will help with that.   Need help with the archives, just ask.  A special Oompa Loompa is assigned to find any archived column you need.
(3)    On the Left side you see Four images in a vertical stack labeled Classic Spotlight.   THIS is a very cool new addition.  ….. of our 1,700 columns, some have proven even more Incredibly Insightful than others.   These 75-100 “Classics” will be displayed in an ever-changing all-you-can-enjoy buffet line strippershere.   We will be changing out these Classics each week.   Yes – “Did UNC Marry A Stripper” is up there now OF COURSE along with PDEWs and Junction Boys.   Checking this section on each visit will be a stroll down Memory Lane for you longtime Buddies and Babes.
(4)    To the right of Classics is Quirky News.   These are current links to odd, “quirky” news items we come across.  The most recent “Quirkies” will be in that vertical stack.   The last 50 “Quirkies” are archived up at the top where it says Quirky News.   “Quirkies” are usually added every day depending upon how goofy society is on a given day.

There will be ads on these new sites BUT NO ANNOYING POP-UPS.  We hate those darn things as much, more, than you do.  We are eeeevil capitalists but will NEVER interfere with your #1 reason for visiting here – your BobLee fix.

What about Reader Comments?  Would we forget Reader Comments?  Of course not.  Would we turn loose NCSU68 on society at large?  Never!

Reader Comments looks a little different but it is simple…. and, yes BK,  BobLee WILL still get the last word because It’s Still My Freakin’ Website!   You can use your Gravatar / Facebook account OR any pseudonym nom de plume you desire.   You can be as anonymous as you wish.

We will still approve all comments but in ten years we have zapped just six comments.   Your right to express any misguided, looney partisan opinion is still honored here.   In this new format, you can also comment-on-a-comment.  It is a format very common on major sports&news sites.   It will be “special” here because YOU – BLSays readers are Special.  We cherish our “characters”.

The Oompas are in the process of transferring over the old reader comments from past columns.   That process will take a while.   Just transferring NCSU68s diatribes requires a string of boxcars from here to LaGrange.

OK.  Now go play around.  Check stuff out.  Sniff around.  Peek in corners.  The Oompas will be tightening widgets and sweeping up sawdust for a while.  Try not to get in their way.  I don’t have time or desire to deal with petulant Oompa Loompas.

PS:  BobLee (and AgentPierce) will always be Redaction-Free Websites.  We ain’t afraid of no FERPAs.

Now BOOKMARK this new site…. Do It RIGHT NOW!


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