Kirsten Powers’ New Problem

May17/ 2015

Kirsten Powers has always had one obvious problem.   She has always been too pretty to be a Liberal.   Now she has another problem.  One that could get her hurt.60f5d87c-be76-4c3d-b5cc-324a4f3a9a17

You probably know Kirsten as “the liberal blond” on FoxNews.  She dukes it out in on-air debates with all “the conservative blonds” at FoxNews.

With due respect to Marilyn Monroe’s movie, this Gentleman Prefers Blondes.  I married one (a very hard-core conservative one) and I sired one (a politically ambiguous millennial version).

In any on-air political debate on Fox or otherwise, it is usually easy to tell which one is “the liberal” – it’s the “not attractive by any definition” ones whether male, female or the new “transition” gender.   Should we start calling them “Bruces”?

Their “parts” (the visible ones) don’t match up by societal norms.  Beady-eyes….. pointy-heads….. slobbering lips…… mottled complexions ….. and a general aura of gridlock constipation.   Liberal females seem to model themselves after either Hillary or Pelosi or Mama Obama….. WHY? …… It could actually be worse – Helen Thomas!

Imagine consulting a cosmetic surgeon and telling him:  “go extra heavy-duty on the concrete botox” or “can you add a few extra chins and some serious bags under my eyes”… maybe a permanent “sneer”?   Forget cosmetic surgeons.   Go to the special effects department for Hollywood horror flicks.   “Can you bring my eyes closer together so I only need one eyebrow” and “make my lips really really thin”.  I mean REALLY!

Except for Kirsten Powers.   Kirsten breaks the stereotype completely.   Not only is she “pretty”, she (1) actually smiles and (2) appears not to take herself so deathly serious.   That last part is rarer than hen’s teeth “on the Left”.

I’ve never seen Kirsten Powers’ legs but I bet she even “has ankles”.   Likely a pair of shapely ones.  Another rarity among Lib gals.

Being tasked to defend liberal politicians for a living requires either a well-developed sense of humor or a full lobotomy.   Choosing the former would seem an easy decision.   If one ever transitioned to another career the sense of humor would transfer better than the dead-eyed stare and involuntary drolling.94faf1f0-6569-4675-ba44-89b13ef05641

So Kirsten is “one of a kind” …… “a pretty liberal”.   I’m reminded of a classic Twilight Zone episode – Eye Of The Beholder – where a patient comes out of surgery and when the bandages are removed the doctors and nurses recoil in abject horror…… they have made a horrible mistake.   Their patient “looks like Kirsten” but THEY are all horribly misshapen ghouls (regular Libs) in an upside-down world.

Other than their horn-dogs like Clinton, Weiner, Spitzer etc;  I bet Kirsten is treated like a pariah by the standard lib pug-uglies.   If she wasn’t before, she sure will be NOW!

 NOTE:  38a136f3-f244-49cd-ac57-4753faaa2086Kirsten “dated” Anthony Weiner briefly in 2002.  Yuck!  Say it ain’t so KP!

Kirsten Powers has a new book just out:

….. and, of course, the Left’s goon squads are in full attack mode to SILENCE Kirsten’s tell-all book about suppressing “Free Speech”.   The delicious irony of inciting the very strategy she exposes is classic.

Also note how the book’s marketers use a picture of lovely Kirsten on the cover.  No fools those clever marketers.  Must be a conservative publishing house.

She details numerous examples of how “the Left” has effectively killed Free Speech of many college campuses….. and on numerous media platforms.   “Platforms” is a techie word for “channels” and “newspapers”.

It’s nothing any Conservative with a lick o’ sense has not been aware of for some time; but it is most unusual for “one of them” to finally write a book about it.

Goon squads such as MediaMatters (a Soros-financed gang) and a roster of sickos in dirty underwear in their mamma’s basements are ripping Kirsten on a level they usually reserve for Rush.

Financed by Soros and his deep-pocketed ilk, they use a computer algorithm that allows a handful of these sickos to flood social media making it appear that millions are complaining….. when its actually a handful.

Here is a more detailed explanation.  LINK.

It’s a version of how Jim Goodmon’s logistics toadie – Peter Anlyan – announced Bully Barber’s sideshow drew (“at least 80,000”) when Bully’s own people knew it was no more than 5,000.   Lying “for a greater good” is how they sleep at night.

What this all leads to is anyone’s guess.   College campuses are not about to allow true “ideological debate” and CNN and MSNBC are not going to35cc08df-e414-4fb2-87c9-cd04785027a3 replace all their radical hard-cases.    ABC’s George Stephanopoulos will still be one of Hillary’s Ichabods on-a-leash.

Will Kirsten have to turn in her secret left-wing decoder ring?  Will Hillary, Nancy et al declare her Pretty Political Persona Non Grata?  No press credentials for the next Democ Convention?

One thing is for sure.  Slick Willie and Bozo Biden will continue to leer.




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