From A Clobber To A Wrist Slap

May11/ 2015

It’s (almost) Official – The UNC Scandal will absolutely for sure result in “a Clobber”…. or maybe just “a Wrist Slap”.   Reliable inside sources are convinced if not in agreement.  And THE Mike Adams says ESPN is….

I have being hearing from a herd of “very reliable inside sources” over in Chapel Hill.   The NCAA NOA a/k/a “the long awaited letter” is due ANY DAY NOW….. or maybe not.

My sources along with numerous others reporting their very reliable second-hand sources are in full disagreement….. (1) UNC is going to “get Clobbered”….. (1b) UNC is wrist slapgoing to get away with “a Wrist Slap”.   Yeeeee HAAA!

Obviously such divergent assurances from “reliable inside sources” have both camps of foaming-at-the-mouth lunatics (ABCers and TruBlues) in full bounce-off-the-walls Baltimore / Ferguson Riot Mode.

If its “Clobbered” then look for Franklin Street to be awash with screeching “Not Fairs” from leather-lunged loonies.

It its “Wrist Slap” then, of course, the screeching will emanate from points outside Orange County.I’m leaning towards “moderate Clobber” which relies upon one’s definition of “moderate”.   Unless that includes Ol’ Roy’s head on a pointed stick, it will be waaaay too modest for ABC tastes.

I’m putting ORW’s odds to be UNCHBkC this time next year as being sorta kinda not too likely.  But regardless, his pension will be saved.  Pensions are always safe at UNCCH.  “Tough Love and Consequences” is not practiced within The Flagship.

 What happens to Roy and what happens to “the banners” seem to be the two points of major concern for both warring camps.   ABCers would like to see The Fighting Fedorians lose a buncha scholarships and a few years bowl bans but would likely give that up to see Roy publicly disemboweled and “those banners” set afire.   According to my reliable inside sources THAT might happen ….. or not.

 One element that does seem to be in every “reliable inside sources’” report is that Sylvia Hatchell’s Girls’ Basketball program is likely to get a WHAMMO thanksSylvia Hatchell to Jan “Most Ethical” Boxill’s shenanigans over the past decades.   That will matter to several thousand girl’s basketball loyalists (including Albert) but won’t register a ripple to either of the apprehensive mobs. Coach Hatchell’s recent serious illness will likely be noted by TruBlues as to why IT’S UNFAIR.   Why that should matter for grade shenanigans over the past ten+ years is anybody’s guess.

Whatever penalties befall UNC Women’s Basketball, one factor is certain – it will NOT affect Jan Boxill’s retirement pension payments for the rest of her life.   Jan’s fat pension is as safe and secure as are  “Call Me Dickie”, Julius Nyang’oro’s and Deborah Crowder’s.   No one need worry that base-level criminals in all this will suffer one iota.  Another definition of The Carolina Way.  9/11 masterminds and deranged serial killers would qualify for retirement pensions at UNCCH.  Its the damned thing I’ve ever heard of.  Howsabout you?

NOTE:  I realize those UNC pensions are protected by state employee laws… but I just don’t like to see “the guilty” prosper. I’ve always been a Judge Roy Bean Justice guy.

I bet many of you have your own “reliable inside sources” that you are hearing from.  They are “reliable” if they are telling you what you want to hear.  As I’ve said all along…. it is CERTAIN that NO ONE is going to be happy regardless.  Speaking of believe anything ….. World News Daily had a cover story this weekend quoting “Beatle Babe” Yoko Ono saying she and “Hillary” had a Sapphorian liaison when Hillary was at Yale.   That “reliable report” sent right-wingers to social media in droves.

(YIKES… I did the Yoko & Hillary love story right after the UNC Women’s BkB piece.  Oops.  Me bad!)World News Daily, alas, is about as reliable as MSNBC or Huffington Post.   As in “not very” at all.

Anyone spreading Yoko & Hillary rumors might want to tread softly…. or not.   Again, we are quick to believe what confirms what we want to believe.  AgentPierce noted he wasn’t sure if the Yoko & Hillary story was started by Hillary’s opponents OR by her own staff hoping to broaden her constituent base with the LQGBTXYZ crowd.

♦ ♦ ♦Mike Adams UNC-W

Speaking of my pal Pierce….. he has a heckuva piece up now that has a socio-cultural-sports angle you might want to check out.Notorious UNC-W Criminology Professor THE Mike Adams rips The Worldwide Leader a new one.

As is his style, Professor Mike comes out all guns ablazing.  Mike can “nuke’em” with the best of’em.Mike questions the societal pundit credentials of dozens of retired linebackers with shaved heads…. and giggling gals in corn rows and stilletos.Mike makes a point comparing number of abortions each week in America’s AfAm community to total Lynchings in America History that will cause you to say WHOA!

Unless you just can’t abide my pal Pierce at all, I suggest you CHECK IT OUT.AP refers to UNC Law’s notorious Gene Nichol as “the human bottle rocket” which is worth checking out by itself.So meanwhile we all keeping wondering What’s gonna happen at UNC ….. When’s it gonna happen to UNC …. and Who at UNC is it gonna happen to.

When What does….. and to Who ….. THEN the Fit will REALLY hit the Shan.


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