Don’t Dare Think She Can’t Win

April20/ 2015

I read Consv/Repub social media and I also keep up with the lunacy from the Left.  The naïveté of the former astounds me more than the animus of the latter.

The rabid bats on the left cling to their version of reality by their bloody fingernails as they have for decades.  It’s our side that continues to expect them to change and is amazed when they never do.

Why, by the sainted soul of Ronald Wilson Reagan, would you ever harbor the illusion that Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot become President of these United States?  Why, for even a nano-second, do you not understand the frightening reality of your fellow Americans circa 2015.

Walk thru a shopping mall on a busy Saturday.  Four out of every ten humans you encounter have been successfully hardwired to despise you and me.   If the shopping mall is in Chapel Hill, it’s nine out of ten.

You actually think liberals love or support muslims?   No.  Most libs have no clue what muslims believe or the atrocities committed thru their convoluted interpretation of The Koran.

Liberals “support” any wacked-out radical faction they are told “we” oppose.   Black street gangs…. militant homosexual activists….. socialist dictators….. the sworn enemies of my enemy is my friend.   “We” are the only enemy that matters to a liberal.  Their pure unadulterated hatred is focused like a laser on you and me.

If it was any more complicated than that, their base could not comprehend it.  The ultimate K-I-S-S strategy.

Has it somehow escaped you that Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle “Evita” Obama currently occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and have done so for six years with a pickle-brained duffus – Joe Biden – as his second-in-command.  Lets not even delve into the Stigian darkness where Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder et al and etcetera dwell.

Mull this over for a few seconds…..  The re-election of Barack Obama in 2012 should have been all the proof you need that the future of America and of your children and grandchildren is as tenuous and imperiled as it ever has been or ever could be.   If you blame Obama’s re-election on Mitt Romney being a Mormon, you are naively dumb enough to be a liberal.

Do you even have a clue who Valerie Jarrett is?   An astounding number of “you people” don’t know who this woman is.   Yet you rant and rage on Facebook calling Valerie-Jarrett-My-Brother-Keeper-Task-Force-iHpHLone another RINOs.  I “get that”; but RINOs aren’t the most dangerous enemy.

An even greater number of rabid bats on the left don’t know who Valerie Jarrett is either.  Of course, that crowd o’ mind-numb crazies can’t name three Founding Fathers or name the three branches of government or name either of their state’s senators.

You use the term “low information voters” disparagingly when referring to “them” but I bet you still give them far more credit than they deserve in the “have a clue” sweepstakes.   The ones of them most devoid of a clue are the most rabid among’em – the faux-intellectual snob mob they keep in ivy-covered cages where you send your children for a four-year roll of the dice for your childrens’ ability to think and reason for themselves.

Hey…. did you see this recent article in The Daily Tar Heel where Chancellor Chihuahua a/k/a Carol Folt (From Dartmouth) says she is “Independent” both in her voter registration and her personal political ideology and that she has been since a week after she unpacked in South Building.   Anyone who believes that bilge also believes Madame Chihuahua “can dunk” and that former Chancellor James Moeser just completed an Iron Man Triathlon.

Meanwhile you continue to subscribe to radical left-wing media because you like to read obituaries, “the comics” and local sports.  But but but you say….. reading radical left-wing editorial diatribes every morning does not affect your ability to discern Truth.   Yeah sure…. and watching Internet porn doesn’t demean your respect for women.  You keep telling yourself that, Bunky.

Like you, I can rattle off a dozen un-freakin-believably bold-faced scandals that Hillary Clinton has been up to her double chin in over the past 25 years.

My personal favorite continues to be the suicide (wink, wink) of her Little Rock / Rose Law Firm boy toy – Vince Foster – in which disconsolate Vince shot himself in the back of the head.   Not that being Hillary Clinton’s “boy toy” could not drive a man to the brink.  It would most men.

That disconsolate Vince shot himself in the back of his head in Fort Marcy Park in 1993 upon learning of Hilly’s assorted flim flammery is simply impossible.

Your favorite Hillary Lie and/or Scandal may be Benghazi or “on the tarmac”, or “named for Sir Edmund” or the effected Southern accent, or the 30,000 missing emails or….. or….. or…..  BUT not a single one of those scandals matter one iota to her loyal lemming.

That so many of “you people” give the liberal voter base the slightest dab of credit for caring about integrity, honesty or any of those “how normal people live their lives” credos is why I am so amazed at your naïve social media comments.

Hillary Clinton’s outrageous behavior, as was her husband’s as well as The Obamas’ is so far beyond any bounds of normalcy you can imagine.   “They can’t be THAT blatantly dishonest” you decide.   Not only can they be…. they are.  Laughing at us as they get away with it.

A Democratic national political campaign is simply large-scale mushroom mining….. “keep’em in the dark and feed’em b***s***.”

It worked in ’08 and ’12.  It can work in ’16 too.   Their leadership is so convinced of their ability to continually bamboozle their base that they don’t even deny their actions.   To quote a grinning Hillary….. “what difference does it make?”

I am not predicting a Hillary Clinton victory in November 2016.   Hopefully after the usual bloody Republican primary one candidate will emerge still standing and with enough support to defeat her.   “The media” will do everything it can to prevent that one candidate from emerging to defeat her.

As vicious as “the media” will be in attacking each / every Repub candidate the most vicious attacks, as always, will be from the Must Agree With Me on Every Single Issue crowd within the Conserv/Repub big tent.   With the quite odious Karl Rove doing all he can to be a king-maker and the dozen or so single-issue obsessed factions pulling and tugging, to survive a modern day Republican primary is akin to going bear-hunting with a switch in a minefield wearing a blindfold.

Combined with rampant voter fraud and their media sycophants, why do you think for even a second that Hillary Clinton’s non-existent integrity would ever be a factor?  It never has been for Obama.  Their candidates’ personal integrity has not been a measurable for any liberal Democrat since Harry Truman.   It certainly will not be in November 2016.

Its that fierce Patrick Henry “know not what course others may take but I’m going to …..” streak in Conservs that the libs count on in each election to divide and conquer us.   And they are quite often correct.  But they were wrong in November 2014.   Never forget THAT.  We CAN Defeat These Beady-eyed Sumbitches…


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