ACC HATE Profiling: Laettner, Hansbrough, Redick ?

March19/ 2015

As you read those names, what comes to mind?   I spelled all three correctly?  No  extra“o” in Hansbrough.  No Redick with an “I”.  With all the Hate Christian Laettner noise this week from John Skinner’s crew at ESPN…..

THE THREE MOST HATED ACC Players of the past 25 years? 

Can I get a consensus with Christian Laettner, Tyler Hansbrough and JJ Redick.  All in favor say – HELL YEAH!

WARNING:  Going Where Wise Men Fear to Tread….. again.  Some of you are waaay ahead of ol’ BL already.  I can see those sly grins.   Follow me down The Road To Perdition if you dare.

A 4th “Most Hated”?  Go with Bobby Hurley.  Maybe #5 is Shane Battier (Sean Battya to some of you).  “Wojo” also makes the Top Ten and Chris (Crissy) Collins .   A lot of Duke guys.  Success does tend to breed contempt, doesn’t it?

I apologize to Wuff fans for not including any of yourn.  If I extend our time frame I could squeeze in Chris Corchiani or Tim Stoddard or Dirty Dan Wells or Reynoldo Lovisa or Paul Coder.   That is going way back.   Back even further to Bob Verga or Art Heyman.

Where have you gone John Roche?
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
…. woo woo woo.

Allowing for 50% of Shane Battier’s DNA, anyone starting to see a trend forming here?

To be “Officially” hated does a player have to be a “White Guy”?

I’m going to stick this smart-ass zinger in here before I lose too many of you…..

Q:  One sure way “Christian” Laettner can cause everyone to stop hating him?

A:  Change his first name from “Christian” to “Muslim”.   It would be a federal hate crime to not embrace Muslim Laettner.

Its been a while since “Hating Christian Laettner” was the In Thing…. back to the early 90s.   It was more than just OK to simply HATE the guy, you could also throw in the standard “homo” slurs while hating him.   Try THAT in 2015.    Yowsa!

How did acute homophobia get in the hate script?   Did it crawl out of a Franklin Street sewer after the 4th or 5th time Laettner whupped the Heels.   Homophobia stuck around and resurfaced with JJ Redick.

UNC and Duke have recruited the exact same kids for over 50 years going way back to Larry Miller and Art Heyman up to today.   When Tru Blues think so-and-so is a lock to sign with Dean or Roy, they praise what an up-standing outstanding young man he surely is.   He signs with Duke and suddenly the very same kid becomes a no-account homosexual pervert with stinky feet.    EVERY time.   Shav Randolph, Danny Ferry?

Home Security companies go to great pains to NOT portray Black or Brown actors as home invaders.  That deprives ethnic actors of jobs, unless they use the black / brown actors as the cops or security company personnel.  A “white guy” has to play the snarly Beagle Boy kicking in the patio doors.

If a security company used just one black actor as the breaking-in guy Sharpton would make an extortion visit to the CEO’s office ?

Back to ACC Hate Profiling.   If we define “profiling” as when one group of people within a larger group share a common characteristic dissimilar to the whole….. and get negatively singled out on account of said shared characteristic.

The % of black males incarcerated in America is considerably higher than the % of black males within society.  “Profiling” black males by LEOs is not even denied by LEOs.   Shouldn’t we declare the same for Hating ACC Basketball Players ???

The % of white basketball players in Div 1 basketball is 15-20% – if we discount the “biscuit boys” a/k/a garbage time guys a/k/a GPA-busters.   If one only counts “players who need to shower after most games” then 15-20% is very generous.

This current season among the three Triangle-area there was one – The 3rd Plumlee – over at Duke.   The 3rd Plumlee was “maybe” Duke’s 7th-8th man.

UNC has not had a significant white player since they ran out of “Tylers”.   Now Duke has finally run out of “Plumlees”.   Where will the next generation of “Hated Players” come from?

Is it because “white guys” stay in school longer and therefore the hatred for them gets to build up and fester like sour milk and rotten eggs.   Laettner – Hansbrough – Redick – Hurley – Wojo ….. all four year hated white guys ???

I’m just saying….. going back to 1990, lets generously go with no more than 25% of high profile ACC basketball players have been “not AfAm” i.e. “white guys”.   So how come 7 out of 8 of the Most Hated over that time are “white guys”?

The % of incarcerated blacks to whites is nowhere near that high and it is considered a major flaw in our judicial system.

I’m not saying coaches should not be recruiting the top talent regardless of skin pigmentation but if this trend continues…….

Should the much-maligned ACC Commish Swofford initiate a program to single out a few black guys for Fan Hatred?

Rabid bat fans at each member institution are currently restrained by a Wall of Political Correctness to demonstrate really twisted HATE for black players regardless of how frustratingly good they are…. or how aggressive they play.   Or how they sneer or trash talk….. how often they drive a dagger into our hearts with buzzer-beaters.

Mr Swofford, Tear Down That Wall ….. of Political Correctness.

If he does not…. within another year or so, the “Hated Player” will join the snail darter and the spotted owl….. HE WILL BE EXTINCT.

An ACC without Hated Players?  Will No Hated Referees be far behind ???   NEVER!

Sports Illustrated has ANOTHER UNC Article.   This one is all about “Uncle Julius”.

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