Pigs Are Flying. I agree with RobRielleWho

March09/ 2015

As even the occasional reader of these columns can attest, I do not have a very high opinion of the N&O’s “award-winning newshound” Rob RielleWho Christensen. Actually I have a very low opinion of this guy. He is considered quite the Journo-Superstar by his McClatchy employers. Reason enough to include him in a category with toe fungus and mildew.

“They say” 1,000 monkeys with 1,000 typewriters would eventually type the Complete Works of Shakespeare. Maybe after typing 100s of overtly left-wing commentaries over 25 years, even RobRielleWho (RRW) would type ONE not overtly left-wing commentary.

Rob RielleWho (RRW) did that today. I commend him for doing so. Damn, it hurts to type that!

Here is the LINK to this ground-breaking exercise by the “award-winning newshound / columnist”.

Essentially RRW is chastising the ECU BOT for it’s recent dis-honoring Charles B. Aycock by removing his name from a dorm. This was one of those endless “…. because he once owned slaves, or might have, or knew someone who did” sillinesses that the race-card players are forever throwing up these days.

Not to be confused with the “Do Away With Nativity Scene” nitwits although both groups of raging nitwits love’em some Obama. He (Obama) has quite a magnetic attraction for race-baiters and God-haters.

The branch of the “Because he once owned slaves” bunch located in Chapel Hill is, of course, doing the same thing with a classroom building over there. Such abject foolishness is an hourly occurence “over there” but less so down in G-Vegas. Not sure why that is but it is to the everlasting credit to the folks in Greenville.

The UNC-By-The-Sea crowd in Wilmington is rapidly gaining on the Chapel Hill lunatics in general run-of-the-mill insanity. I digress.

RRW thinks it is “a not good thing” to remove Governor Aycock’s name. He thinks judging a man from 1900 by 2015 cultural mores is “not good”. He points out correctly that Honest Abe Lincoln hissownself never condemned slavery. If the mouth-breathing nitwits ever learn THAT we’ll lose all those pennies and probably five dollar bills too. Lets not tell’em, OK?

Would the Emancipation Proclamation become un-Proclamated if we decide Abe was “A RACIST”. Would Abe be jackhammered out of his seat in his memorial by the Tidal Basin and replaced by Ol’ Sharpie or maybe Jay-Z? RRW’s reasoning seems to point that way.

RRW is well aware that Bully Barber has the gonads of both his publisher – Orage Quarles and his Exec Editor – John Drescher in a box buried in his backyard. That RRW dares to question the “because he mighta owned slaves” crowd, it could mean those gonads are forever lost to their rightful owners. Wonder if RRW checked with Orage and John before he penned this blasphemous opus?

RRW even conjurs up Stalin’s Russia in an unflattering way which will also get him in deep trouble with the “left-leaning” crowd at McClatchy.

Whatever his reasoning, I do commend the sanctimonious twit for his journo-courage in this endeavor.

With any luck, in 25 years Rob will write another not-overtly radically left-wing column…. but we won’t hold our breath.

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