Evicting Last Week’s “Greatest Ever”.

January12/ 2015

The smartest guy I know in the media biz has a credo: IF The Media “makes you”; It is guaranteed that one day that same media will “break you”.

Via The Media the American public is forever anointing heroes / heroines de jour, declaring each latest incarnation to be “The Best Ever”.  “They” fall all over one another hoisting up some latest “flavor of the week” as “the best Ever” whatever….. until next week’s comes along.

The “Ever” throne has limited seating capacity.  Last week’s “Ever” must be evicted before this week’s takes up his/her temporary residency.   Their own clock starts ticking the second they sit upon that perilous pedestal.

We just had a New Year’s.  I don’t see it any more but there used to this traditional cartoon of Old Gray-bearded Last Year walking off the stage as Bouncing Baby New Year romps onto the stage.   Out with the old…. In with the New.   All that is missing is that mythical “ice floe” that elderly Eskimos are set adrift on to “just go away”.

Remember a “Greatest Quarterback Ever” named Peyton.   Peyton Manning is being banished to his ice floe as we speak.

Move over Nick…. Urban is now today’s Greatest College FB Coach EVER !!!   Wooo Hooo!

I am wary of journalists period.  I have never claimed to be one.  I’m a smart-aleck with his own website.

I am especially wary of fuzzy-cheeked sports journalists who don’t know who threw the high slider that Bill Mazeroski hit over Yogi Berra’s head in Forbes Field in October 1960.   Ralph Terry.   No, it wasn’t Tracy Stallard.  Stallard gave up Roger Maris’ 61st homer in 1961.   At least know it was Dennis Eckersly who gave up Kirk Gibson’s blast.

Ralph Branca gave up Bobby Thompson’s shot; but I’m just showing off now.

I saw a You Tube last week entitled Greatest NFL Nicknames Ever.   The “Ever” drew me in.   The first six were all current / recent players.   They included “LT” for Lawrence Taylor.   I don’t consider “LT” as a nickname.   They did include “The Fridge”.

This “Ever” list did NOT include Dick Lane or Deacon Jones.   “Night Train” and “Secretary of Defense”.   The fuzzy-cheeked punk narrating the YouTube probably knows how to Retweet and Instagram, but, he can’t name Ben Cartwright’s three sons or their ranch. ….. why is Alan “The Horse” Ameche forEVER famous for?

What does the “Y” in Y.A. Tittle stand for?

FWIW….. I hope Peyton hangs up his cleats now.  With his entire coaching staff now gone, I’m pretty sure he will.  Peyton-haters are gonna do what Peyton-haters always do.   What ( ______)-haters always do.   What the nay-sayers and whitling always do.   Ravage and pillage high-achievers because they themselves never have nor ever will achieve anything.  That reality of their own sub-mediocrity drives them to tear down those who have achieved.monkey2

That is yet another of the characteristics of board monkeys that makes them such endearingly rotten apples in the sports barrel.


What a Wuffy Week-end – Karl Hess AND Duke WHAMMO.   All that was missing for a Lupine Trifecta woulda been Swoffy being perp-walked thru the Brickyard after being arrested for high crimes against nature with a domesticated farm animal.

Speaking of Wuffs….. in the latest installment of BobLee Lunchs With Legends last week….. the subject of Dudley Bradley vs Clyde The Glide came up.   This Legitimate Lunch Legend and I coordinated that infamous incident with Henderson’s Elbow vs Hansbrough.

We are convinced that Dudley Bradley and David/Gerald/Skitch Henderson used the same “tire tool” to disable their opponents.  How they hid a tire tool in their shorts, much less the very same tire tool after 20 years is pretty incredible.   Imagine what that tire tool would bring on eBay especially if it still has all the bloodstains?

The Banishment of Krazy Karl The Horrible Hess(ian) is long overdue.  Forget Three Strikes & You’re Out…. that goober passed “jackass” a long time ago.  There is controversial and there is confrontational and then there is just Buck-Nekkid STOOPID!   Karl Hess flew passed Buck-Nekkid Stoopid without slowing down.

Why Hess was still around is the mystery.  Maybe he had polaroids of Swoffy with that domesticated farm animal ???   Maybe THATs why Dickie “Big Bonus” Baddour managed to hang around so long too.

Never fear my terminally paranoid Wuffs fans.  “Refs who hate State” are like “Refs who hate Carolina” and “Refs who hate the Cowboys” and “Refs who hate ________”.   Sports will NEVER run out of “Refs” who hate “your school / your team” because…..

Are there actually Refs who hate – the Milwaukee Bucks …… the Vancover Canucks….. the Rio Grande Valley Vipers ??   The Valley Vipers are in the NBA VIPERSD-League.   I bet in the Rio Grande Valley there is some sad sick little dweeb convinced “the refs” hate his Vipers.   The refs are jealous because the Vipers are soooo cool.

When a Ref comes into a league is he assigned a team to “hate” and do his darnedest to piss off at every opportunity?   Does he get to pick his adversarial fan base or; are they predetermined by a blue-ribbon committee?  Is Condi Rice on that committee too?

I forget which team(s) Lennie Wirtz hated and “was out to get”?  Lou Bello loved EVERYBODY.  Imagine a showman like Lou in today’s fan toxic waste dumps.

Some “Refs” get assigned multiple fanbases to be despised by.   There is a soccer (Futball) club in Croatia that has a We Hate Ron Cherry Club.   That much-maligned ACC Football Ref has never even been to Croatia.  They got his name off the Internet and decided to hate him just because.

Speaking of The Cowboys….. remember just a few years ago when everyone was SCREAMING for Instant Replay.   Technology will solve once and for all controversial calls changing the outcome of Big Games.   How’s is THAT working out for ya, Dez Bryant?

Roger Goodell Plans….. and the Sports Gods Laugh.

Our Quirky News feature has already passed Pumpkin Latte and Chipotle as THE Hottest Trend Among People Who Really Matter.   Better jump on board the Quirky News Bandwagon ASAP.

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