Another “Way” with Feet of Clay?

January08/ 2015

Allowing that 94.7% of all human activity on Planet Earth is on hold awaiting “The Chizik Vetting” and whatever Chapter 157 of The Great Unpleasantness will be; there is another perplexing issue for the Jury of Public Opinion to resolve.   Do you think Bill Cosby is a serial sexual predator?  Not Bill Cosby – Fat Albert – Cliff Huxtable et al ??

Is America as drunk on CosbyWay Wine as one regional faction has been on CarolinaWay wine?  Too drunk to admit they were bamboozled…. OR maybe not drunk at all?   All charges…. OK, most charges…. OK, some charges could be bogus? .

These alarming charges of Bill Cosby’s long history of sexual predatoration (??) keep emerging.   Refutations’ of those charges from Cosby’s long-time friends and co-workers are emerging to counter the allegations.   Who to believe – either – neither?

Further muddying the opinion waters are public comments Cosby has made in recent years’ that are in opposition to the race-mongering industry – Sharpton, et al.   Cosby’s outspoken views on personal accountability and parental responsibility go against the race-mongers’ mantra.

Has Cosby so angered that bunch that there is an organized plot to assassinate his character and reputation? ….. OR has he indeed been a serial “dirty old man / predator” even before he was all that old?  I certainly don’t know.

Never having any knowledge of Bill Cosby other than as a long time fan of his professional achievements, I’m as befuddled as you probably are.

Not unlike that infamous “Way” over in Chapel Hill…. a warm and cozy security blanket to snuggle up in and feel quite proud of oneself for being a devoted disciple of such a gosh-darn incredibly outstanding institution with its decades of Eagle Scout student-athletes.

It was equally warm and cozy to imagine every dad as gosh-darn fine as Dr Cliff Huxtable with his lovely wife and stairstep children.   Bill Cosby’s career success paralleled the Civil Rights Movement thru the 60s-70s-80s.   His humor and his whole persona made him perhaps the most color-blind entertainer of the last half of the 20th century. 

He wasn’t “an angry black comedian” in the style of Richard Pryor.   Bill Cosby wasn’t “free basing” and stalking a stage yelling F-bombs and MoFos at and with his audience.  Bill Cosby wasn’t a step’n fetch it Uncle Tom either.   He was “an original” with an incredible popularity that crossed-over traditional racial divisions.

Unless Cosby’s socio-political comments in recent years soured you on him, were you not shocked and dismayed when the sexual predatoring charges began emerging?  Did you immediately and categorically dismiss them “because” …….. Because why?….. Because you so enjoyed the public performance of the man.

Did you likewise dismiss similar charges against Bill Clinton?  .…. because?

What proof pro/con do we as “the great unwashed” have to go on when celebrities’ private lives seem so incongruous to their public image?  Celebrities’ private lives and/or the inner workings of a complex bureaucratic institution.

To say “I just KNOW Bill Cosby wouldn’t do that!” is as plum foolish as teeth-clenched denials of hard-core TruBlues over the past four loooong years.  “I just KNOW Carolina would never do something like that!” .  To both “just knows”.  No, you don’t know.

One can “hope”.  One can “pray” that all the accusations will be proved unfounded and “everything can go back the way it was” with both Cosby and with Carolina.  Does anything EVER go back the “way it was” after such a public pillorying ordeal?

If Cosby or Carolina “get off” will it be because he/they (1) could afford fancy slick-talking lawyers; or (2) paid off somebody?   If you are convinced either or both ARE guilty that’s likely what you will declare, right?

Remember “Madeleine” who even after Clinton told her “I did it” refused to believe him.  “No, you didn’t!” ???

IF Bill Cosby admits to these charges, will you believe him, or destroy all your old Cosby albums in righteous indignation?  Could you ever watch a Cosby Show rerun again?

As Carolina sorta/kinda whispers “OK, some flimflamming sorta kinda mighta gone on (for 18+ years!) but hey; everybody does it so lets move on….. Hark The Sound Ya’ll” can you ever snuggle up in that C-blue security blanket again?   Can you ever stare up into those rafters again and swell with pride that in some bizarre vicarious fashion those are your achievements being heralded?

Of course, we may NEVER really know the full story on Bill Cosby OR The Great Unpleasantness…. simply left forever to our own preconceived “wanna believes” about both.

“Say it ain’t so Shoeless Joe”.     

By the way….. you did know that, in real life, “Sheriff Andy” Griffith was a very grumpy old curmudgeon?  Let’s leave THAT image-buster for another day.  A body can handle only so much stark reality.

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