Butch / OTL / TGU etc. 2.0

December14/ 2014

It’s Sunday and ESPN is running a Butch Davis Marathon.  There’s Butch – The Miami Years on 30/30 simultaneous with Butch – the UNC Scapegoat on OTL TWICE.   Is there a Butch – The Cleveland Years somewhere?   Is Butch trolling for the Michigan job?

Butch aside, there’s no such thing as too much Great Unpleasantness on The Worldwide Leader.   In addition to Double Butcher there was “That Damn” Dan Kane and there’s even “that other” Bob Ley LIVE from Bristol.

And later today we get JOHNNY MANZIEL’S NFL DEBUT.   Is this a Lalapalooza Sunday or What?

If you missed Butch Weekend on ESPN – Part One, you might want to start here (LINK).  This sequel picks up from where Part One ends.

INSERT:  “That other” Bob Ley on ESPN also has a beard but spells his name as two words and its “Ley”.   He also wears a suit.  I have a suit but only get it out to deliver eulogies, which I seem to do more and more often lately. ….. OK, back to Butch / ESPN OTL 2.0….

Yes, Butch continued in “Sgt. Schultz” mode from the previous OTL show.   Mack was gone and Butch was no longer on a stool but rather in what appeared to be some lawyer-type office.

I’m going to upset some of you (NOOO !!!) by agreeing with The Butcher on a coupla points.

Yes…. there WAS a Let’s blame everything on Butch The Carpetbagger and hope that’ll make this all go away before it leaks into UnderBusThe Holy of All Holies aka “Basketball”.

Of course there was.  8,000,000,000 Chinese all knew THAT from the get-go.

There has always been an influential faction on Franklin Street that would “like” to see UNC FB be successful; but their passion and personal self-worth has since 1957 been 99% invested in UNC Basketball.   That faction is equal parts Faculty and Fat Cats.  No one refutes that childish reality.

That sizable faction was distraught about Marvin, et al but only for the (HIGHLY UNlikely) possibility that the septic runoff from Marvin, Greg, Jennifer could conceivably seep onto the hallowed hardwood beneath the sacred rafters.   That “they” would throw Butch The Carpetbagging Mercenary under the bus to save Ol’ Roy, The Rafters and You Know Who was a given.

Choo Choo  versus  MJ ??
Mercenary Carpetbagger Butch  vs  DEAN & Ol’ Roy ??
Belk Bowls  vs  National Championship Banners ??
Game – Set – Match to Basketball every time.

Butch made that very easy for’em by all the stoopid shenanigans involving John Blake with the agent crap and the bling and this and that and whatever…. and all that earlier stuff that micro-manager Butch “didn’t know nuthin’ about”.

Butch treats anything and everything that ever happened during his UNC tenure like an Etch-A-Sketch that he turns upside down, shakes it and everything is completely erased.  Don’t we all wish it were so easy to do that?   I have an old pair of bell-bottoms, a nehru jacket and a pair of corfam loafers I wish I could “know nuthin’ about”, don’t you?

When Holden canned Butch, the Deborah/Julius Scheme was just an itty bitty dot on the CT scanner.  Julius had only lied to Holden once at that time.  He eventually lied to Holden a LOT more than once, but Butch was long gone by then.

This OTL was about The Scheme so you may have noted there was naught re: Marvin, et al.   I know it gets hard to keep four plus years of convoluted crap straight, especially with a poor memory such as Butch’s.

The Sunday OTL featured Bubba’s infamous statistical granny knot interview on a local sports talk show.   That was NOT BubbaTheRealAD’s finest hour.  Hey, it happens to all of us.   I’m sure he’s said a few Hail Marys and lit a few candles over that oops.

Of course, no UNC Admin would dare appear on OTL.  There was a written statement by some yahoo that is Assistant TO Vice Chancellor for Spin & Obfuscation.   For $400,000, we don’t get THE Joel Curran…. we get his stunt double.   OUCH!

Reminder:  The CEO of ESPN – John Skipper is, of course, a mid-70s graduate of Ye Olde Flagship.  Isn’t EVERYBODY whose ANYBODY on The Planet a UNCer?  There are dozens of other UNCers w/ ESPN.   Far more than with The N&O if anyone’s counting.  Does that mean ESPN treats UNC with kid gloves?  ABCers will always think so.  Regardless, we here at BLSays do so love all conspiracy theories.

IMO, Bob Ley used Butch because he was available and an ESPN employee plus Butch likes to do his Sgt Schultz act at the drop of a hat.   Whether Jimma Sexton thinks it might help Butch get an interview at Michigan or Wisconsin, who knows.

I’m sure ESPN would rather have had Ol’ Roy on the griddle.  Who wouldn’t?   Squeezing Roy live on-air would be Must-See TV for sure.

The Scheme was originally conceived as a Basketball-specific Eligibility vehicle.  Deborah Crowder and the late Burgess McSwain hatched it to help Dean / Gut / Matt / Roy boyz maneuver thru UNC’s vaunted academic labyrinth.   Hiding a dozen or so Rasheeds, Rashads, Touches, Raymonds, Seans, Majhtars in the bureaucratic swamp was easy.   When it expanded to do likewise for the less academically-inclined Footballers it became cumbersome…. and well, you see what happened.

Running a Scheme like this one is like an embezzler who starts out pilfering a few dollars out of petty cash…. and he gets away with that.   Then first thing you know he’s forging purchase orders and invoices and sooner / later he’s lost control of his scheme.   Burgess and Deborah’s little “way to help Dean because Dean is, well, he’s Dean” just got too big.   To their credit, running The Scheme for 18 years is pretty darn impressive as flim flams go.

Of course, “they” could have been running a human trafficking and kiddie porn racket out of the Dean Dome and no one was going to dare ask any questions or raise an eyebrow.    Dean’s Dome was/is not unlike the Obama White House in that regard.   “Messianic Demagogues” can get away with near’bout anything….. for a while.

Is this not a GREAT TIME to have one’s own website with an impressively large audience?  It certainly is.

OK, I’m gonna go back to my HDTV and see if I can find Butch – The Cleveland Years.  Maybe its on that ESPN Del Norte channel…..

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