And It is Not Even Tuesday Yet

November24/ 2014

It’s a brand new week so lets deal with brand new piles o’ crap.
Lately Piles O’ Crap re: UNC are “like gloves” – they come in pairs.

So far this week (its just Monday) we have ONE involving UNC’s stumblebum administrators and ONE involving Larry’s Bad Boyz.

Quick question regardless of your partisan affiliation…. when you heard about the post-game vandalism of the Duke Visitors locker room, did you immediately assume – the spraypainters wore dreadlocks?

“wore dreadlocks” is, of course, a convenient euphemism for “the perps were black players”.   The odds favor “yes” because the vast majority of UNC players are “black – “AfAm” whatever.   My preliminary investigation does not indicate any socio-cultural link between “propensity for vandalism by spray paint” and ethnicity.

A year ago with “Logo Stomp” the stompers were “wearing dreadlocks”.   Again, a coincidence based on sheer weight of numbers.

The Spectators – Gladiators Chasm grows wider and wider by the hour.

Let me establish my position on post-game “hijinks”…. or pre-game “hijinks”…. or in-game “hi-jinks”.   I disdain player “hijinks”.   I am of the old-school – “act like you’ve been there before”– mindset.  Not sure if Don Shula, Peahead Walker or Fritz Crisler first said that about “touchdown celebrations” but I am of that ilk.   I can accept the possibility that in 2014 I may be as lonely as The Maytag Repairman as far as that “old fogey-ness” is concerned.   I’ve been called much worse.

I strongly disapprove of Logo Stomping and of Vandalizing Rival School’s Property.   Leave that jackass crap to jackass fans who don’t really represent anyone but their jackass-selves.  PLUS, I don’t much care for hip hop funky uniforms.   But I’m an old white guy.  No one at UNC cares what I think.   I can live with that.

“I hate rude behavior in a man.
                      ….. I won’t tolerate it.”

                                                          Texas Ranger Colonel Woodrow Call

I said last week that I thought the Fat Cats were stoopid to complain about funky uniforms in the middle of The Great Unpleasantness.   I REALLY think it was STOOPID for the “overly-exuberant players” to vandalize the Duke locker room in the middle of The Great Unpleasantness.  Spoil a terrific victory with such stoopid CRAP.

No coaches or adult staff witnessed the vandalism as it occurred ??????  Not a one???

Of course it is REALLY STOOPID for UNC’s numbnutz administrators to try another “we’re not gonna tell you” ploy as regards the Naughty Nine who have been identified as co-conspirators in the Crowder-Nyang’oro Scheme.   That ostrich ploy hasn’t worked any time its been tried since Marvin tweeted four years ago.   I’ve got to believe that Holden Thorp left Little Carol a note to “don’t do dat” but sho’ nuff….. she be doin’ dat again.  Damn Carol, even a broken watch is right twice a day.  Thats better than your current record.

Is there any difference between the poor judgement of the “overly exuberant players” and the poor judgement of the “in way over her head” Chancellor?   There doesn’t seem to be much difference.  Not much difference at all.

Historical Perspective:  “Hi-jinks” have long been associated with intense rivalries.  Over the years mascots have been stolen, kidnapped and otherwise abused.   Rams have been painted and even castrated and Blue Devils have been left nekkid in cornfields.   Overpasses and entry roads and Free Expression Tunnels have been “rivalized”.

These incidents are usually traced to fraternities and/or other such groups of irresponsible and quite drunk jackasses.  Depending upon the specific level of jackassity, appropriate punishments have been meted out.

For “players” to be the perpetrators is especially embarrassing, at least to me.   I am confident that the goggle-eyed goobers on certain partisan fan boards are all for any form of jackass behavior.  Their own behavior being of that level.

I don’t know what Larry Fedora oughta do to with these latest Bad Boyz.   “Appearing to care a little bit more” would be a start.  I don’t know what he oughta have done with the aLoft Gang.  I wish he could STOP SUCH BAD BEHAVIOR.   I ain’t buying “boys being boys” crap every time we get this crap.  I don’t buy it with Jameis.  I don’t buy it with Tar Heel FB & BkBall players

But “Angels don’t play football, so we don’t recruit angels”.   Right Coach?

For TruBlues who are poo-pooing the Duke Vandalism…. IF State players should celebrate a victory in similar fashion in Kenan on Saturday, will you be as magnanimous?   I think not.

Diogenes roamed the land looking for an honest man.   If Diogenes was looking for a Responsible Adult he’d come up empty-handed around Chapel Hill.

NOOOOOO…. Its 7:30 PM on Monday.   I’m trying to get thru these piles o’ crap and Blondie walks in to my office holding her iPhone proclaiming:

Roy’s obligatory “Melvin Is An Outstanding Young Man” statement is scheduled for Tuesday noon.  This is apparently Melvin’s 3rd arrest.  Is Fats Thomas covering his bail?  Will Raymond Felton appear as a character witness?  So many questions.

So now we have a THREE Piles o’ Crap Week….. and we ain’t even to Tuesday yet.

Hark The Sound!  UNC is such A Trainwreck… and it ain’t even Tuesday yet.

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