Then the former Trustee said….

September29/ 2014

I received an email Sunday morning:  “BobLee, your and Art’s Good Sports’ pre-game show has become more entertaining than the games”.  Ouch!  Is that a version of the back-handed compliment re: “you sweat less than any other fat girl I’ve ever danced with…..” comparison?   I replied, “Thanks, I guess.”

If you missed this past Saturday’s show opting to watch Jacoby outplay Jameis (for at least a half), you missed Art’s recounting of an encounter he had last week along fabled Franklin Street with “a former UNC-CH Trustee”.   In which said former UNC-CH Trustee said…..

“Art, is it time to fire Fedora?  You can’t blame Butch any more.”

Art did not identify “the former UNC-CH Trustee” on-air.  The “who” is not that important despite your ravenous interest.   I will say that he was NOT a member of the infamous BOT3 who ramrodded the hiring of the afore-mentioned “Butcher of Kenan”.

The Trustee’s snarky comment indicated that “the former Trustee” still carries a torch for those halcyon days when the former “special consultant” for the Tampa Bay Bucs prowled the Kenan sidelines alongside John Blake, Marvin Austin, Greg Little, Micheal MacAdoo, et al.   If I recall, even the infamous Julius Nyang’oro had VIP access to those sidelines back then.

Those certainly were memorable days that definitely left their indelible mark upon the rolling deck of the now-embattled Flagship…. and provided the career zenith for investigative reporter Dan Kane.

“The former Trustee” is certainly not the only humanoid haunting Franklin Street that yearns for a return to those tumultuous times.  “Damn the consequences!” and “Damn the institutional indignities that won’t go away!”   All that ever mattered to this former Trustee’s ilk was “Coach, is this hurting recruiting?”   No…. this was NOT that former Trustee – Barbara Rosser-Hyde.

I won’t presume to speak for Art, but I never “blamed Butch” for what happened.   Sure, I thought his “I barely even knew John Blake” defense was hoot-erific, but, hey, it worked with his “eyes on the prize” disciples including this former Trustee, apparently.

Butch was told that if he accepted the BOT3’s generous offer to become Head Coach at UNC that he could recruit whichever players he needed to elevate this sleeping giant to Big Time College Football status.   He was promised that “we have a system in place” to ensure their admission and eligibility.   Was that “system in place” the mythical Carolina Way?

Butch Davis did what he was promised he could do.  Whether or not The BOT3 were speaking officially on behalf of the UNC-CH Administration remains unclear.  I guess we must wait for Ken Wainstein’s report to know that.  Huh?

Why Dan Kane, nor anyone else, has never bothered to interview The BOT3 also remains “a mystery”.  So is who killed Suellen Evans in the UNC Arboretum in 1964…. the whereabouts of DB Cooper…. and how the Druids lifted those Stonehenge stones in place.

As for speculation re: the on-going employment of Larry Fedora…. certainly that faction of The Franklin Street Freaks & Goobers who live to bemoan the status of UNC Athletics are in their element with the current dire straits of the Sons of Choo Choo.

This week’s firing of Charlie Weis at Kansas and the death watch on-going up in Ann Arbor will stoke the fires of Franklin Street’s motley mob.   When Madame Guillotine is unleashed she has a ravenous appetite for sure.   Will Musgrave is, wisely, shelving plans to replace the countertops in his Gainesville home.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST…. Lincoln Riley – ECU’s Boy Wonder OffCoor to Kansas ???  His Big12 background (TexasTech) and his point-a-minute offense would be ideal for Lawrence.  If not KU, then SMU?

NOTE:  Speaking of Ann Arbor….. our longtime amigo Phineas Teague now has a “Little Brown Jug” sitting on his AD desk in Golden Gopher Land.   Kudos to Norwood for going into The Big House on Saturday and emerging triumphant!

I will steadfastly continue my support for Coach Fedora.  Support based on (1) an understanding of the magnitude of his task in rebuilding his roster and (2) my steadfast desire to publicly oppose the asine mentality of at least one “former Trustee” and them what shares his bandwagon-jumping “Orange Bowl before I die” point-of-view.

That Larry Fedora inherited “a mess” is not an excuse.  It is simply the reality of what LOIC has wrought.  “Shooting the clean-up crew” does not absolve those who created the mess despite their deafening silence.

As this season moves into October and beyond, expect those who frantically seek vicarious validation of their self-worth via the fortunes of UNC Football to shift inexorably towards the lynch mob mindset.   An Escalade-load of big ol’ mean D-linemen ain’t gonna unload at the Kenan Football Center over the next two months.

The Good Sports will be there to chronicle that inexorable shift two hours before each week’s kick-off on WCHL 97.9 FM or via the WCHL app.  Art and I hope to “see ya” next week.

Meanwhile over at The Carter…..

The Curse of The Carter jumped all over Jimbo&Jameis in that first quarter.   College Football’s Cradle of Quarterbacks unveiled its latest protégé – Jacoby Brissett.   Ultimately a lot more “bigger, stronger, faster” bunch o’ Noles prevailed.   But an admirable showing by the locals for sure

Prompting two questions:   (1) how many Children of The Brickyard can correctly spell Brissett (no “e” on the end) and (2) will Roger Roger eventually declare that EVERY NFL team must start an NC State-bred QB?

TO’B doesn’t get much love on the Brickyard but what other maligned coach has developed THREE current NFL starting QBs?   THREE?  Yes, Russell….. Glennon…. and “Matty Ice” Ryan in Atlanta.   You forgot Matt didn’t you?

The Fighting Doerians did themselves proud against Jimbo&Jameis….. serving notice that they are indeed among the middle tier of respectable football programs in The ACC for 2014.  Is being a fixture among the  “middle tier of respectable football programs in The ACC” going to satisfy the ravenous appetite of Carter-loyalists.   It never has so likely it never will.   Mary Ann Fox promised them a Natty Championship back in 2000 and by golly that’s what they expect.   Ooooo-kay.

Does NC State have a deeper, more better roster this season than its hated rival just to the West?   That appears likely….. but neither Condi Rice nor Archie Manning are paying any attention to either one.   Since when has anyone within 50 miles of the intersection of I-40 and Miami Blvd cared what Condi and Archie and their “Selection Committee” pals thought anyhoo?

Come next February both Larry and Dave, and Duke’s Dave, will exalt over their recruiting “gets”; declaring, with straight faces, “we got every kid we really wanted and they are all outstanding young men…..”.   Desperate souls seeking vicarious validation will swoon once more in anticipation of sleeping giants awakening.  ….. and so it goes.

♦ ♦ ♦
As America adjusts to a Jeter Is Gone Sports World…. does Tim Duncan inherit the Jeter mantle of “Most Admired Sports Figure for doing a very fine job for almost 20 years…. winning a lot of rings…. and Never Being A Jackass”.  Allowing that San Antionio is a much easier place to live and play than Gotham On The Hudson.
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