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August21/ 2014

No, I have NOT done “the ice bucket thing” but I DO support the eradication of bad diseases.  …. speaking of Browns’ QBs, does Milt Plum still live in Raleigh? ….. Now that we have a girl in the LLWS, how long before “they” go ga-ga over a 12 y/o gay kid?  I give it two years.

Everyone wants to know what I think about Notre Dame’s version of TGU.   I think Jim Grobe explained it. …… Oh, and am I OK?  Yep.

It’s been a week now and Touchdown Jesus is still mosaically poised over The House That Knute Built.   ABND is a lot bigger mob than ABC by A LOT.   So far The Great Notre Dame Scandal could be just four guys who cheated on a paper….. or a disaster to equal The Irish Potato Famine of 1850.

I’m sure you all noted how quickly Brian Kelly went into Sgt Schultz mode.   It took him 26 seconds by my count.  “They” teach “Sgt Schultz mode” Shockedin every So You Wanna Be a Big Time Coach class these days.   Jimma Sexton requires all his coach clients to always answer their phone with “I didn’t know nuthin’ about nuthin….. ”  Jimma even has them practice their “I’M SHOCKED!” face in the mirror.

While a slobbering ABND mob fashions a noose for The Gipper and roast little leprechaun-shaped marshmallows over bonfires, Kindly Old Jim Grobe (KOJG) quietly summed up the bottom line of the whole mess.

Kindly Old Unemployed Jim Grobe was attending Swoffy’s Pre-Season ACC FB Media Extravaganza.   KOJG now has some broadcasting gig for somebody not named ESPN or Fox.   I’ve always liked KOJG a lot.  I wish him all the best.

In a candid conversation, Grobe hit a homer in describing the beginning of the end of his tenure at Wake Forest.

“We kind of got away from that dynamic (“coaching up” good kids) and started recruiting a little bit better player who probably doesn’t have a good enough love for the game,” Grobe said. “Quite frankly, I ended up spending a lot of time last year with five knotheads who were always missing class, missing study hall, missing tutoring, late to meetings, late to practices, and ultimately I just wouldn’t play them. They were very talented kids who could have helped us win games. There’s no question I could have done a better job……..”

After catching lightning in a bottle in 2007 winning The ACC and going to The Orange Bowl, with lucky bounces and a hearty band of over-achievers.   Grobe got giddy and dreamed how well they could do with more for-real skilled players.   It is a common fantasy among 2nd, 3rd, 4th tier programs.

Alas, across America there are only a very limited number of for-real skilled players who are not loose hand grenades either academically or psychologically or both.   Experienced recruiters can spot those loose hand grenades the first time they look’em in the eye.

Experienced recruiter reports to Hot-Seated Head Coach – “Yes, he’s a helluva talent and will probably win us a few games but he WILL “go boom” at some point.    Do we want to roll the dice and hope he waits to “go boom” after he “goes pro”?”   Once Hot-Seated Head Coach says “lets risk it” one time; the next 4-5 times gets easier.   Get a dozen or so and KABOOM is just a matter of when.

It happened in West Raleigh when Chuck Amato opened his halfway-house for South Florida Thug-aletes.  As Chuck and The Butcher and even Jim Grobe learned….. recruiting loose hand grenades and semi-literates is like eating Pringles.  No one ever stops at “just one”.

NOTE:  We have deleted a reference to Killian High based on reader Stephen’s assurance that Killian only produces very fine young men like Steve Tulloch.

First thing ya know there’s a tweet from a South Beach pool party and….. WHAMMO!

It is easy to surmise that Notre Dame MIGHT have an iceberg of TGU proportions.   ND, like UNC, is a “selective admission” school.    FWIW most schools in Big Time Sports are “open admission”.   Schools like ND and UNC brag about how selective they are relative to academic prowess of their admittees.   They don’t even offer “remedial classes” because their academically-upscale admittees don’t need’em….

So when they do somehow let in less academically inclined youngsters, they have no place to put’em.   Mainstreaming them in real college classes won’t work because, well because these kids weren’t even mainstreamed in real high school classes.

It is “try to squeeze another year or so out of a totally corrupt system” that starts as early as 4th or 5th grade and is well-oiled by Jr High.   Ergo such kids NEVER get an education, but who really cares….. RAH RAH SIS BOOM BA!

So such institutions either (1) hide them in silly “eligibility majors” with guaranteed A’s…. or (2) they have to get really creative to stay eligible in “real classes”.    There is a (3) whereby said kids are assigned a steady stream of “boat electives” (ones they can “sail thru”) but don’t lead to any degree at all.  Since “a degree” was never the goal anyway, this is a popular scheme.

MOST large public lib arts schools across the country are “open admission” (just a high school diploma and a minimum SAT score) and DO offer “General Studies” and remedial courses.   UNC and ND, among others, do not.

Am I saying that TGU could have been avoided if UNC offered a glorified GED program?  No, but the Julius paper class crap would have been unnecessary.  The stoopid crap Marvin, Little, PJ all did is epidemic in BTCS.

You rarely hear of “flunk outs” or there being “academic scandals” in such open-admission schools.   Instead their loose hand grenades beat-up girl friends, steal stuff and “do drugs”…. but don’t have to resort to creative eligibility schemes.   “Selective admission” schools, of course, also have “beat-up girl friends”, steal stuff and “do drugs”… as well as academic scandals.

It’s all tied-in to the Gladiators & Spectators Paradigm.   Those gladiators are fine on Fall Saturdays, but don’t assimilate too well those other six days of the week.  Recruit enough loose hand grenades and you WILL win some big games….. and you WILL have embarrassing trainwrecks on a pretty regular basis.

Barry Switzer always said “going on probation every five years is worth it for a couple of NatChmps in-between….”.  Boomer Sooner !!!

“Cost of attendance” payments will have Zero Effect on these loose hand grenade-types going BOOM…. in case you were wondering.

Is anyone doing anything about any of this?   Recent attempts to even discuss it in elite academia have not been very successful….. but you already knew that.

♦ ♦ ♦

Oh…. and I’m fine.   Been doing some semi-serious cogitating about “stuff”.   Further discussion will be forth coming.

Oh…. and I just passed 2,000 miles in my “BobLee walks across America” program.   I’ve given up on Saving America but I have figuratively walked to Salt Lake City over the past two years.

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