Then Rashad might say ______!

June05/ 2014

I try to stay away from rumors even ones from multiple reliable inside sources.   When the subject is Ye Olde Great Unpleasantness that spaceship left Planet Sanity a looong time ago.   What rumor hasn’t been floated, digested and carved in stone by one or more partisan factions.   Try THIS ONE on for size…..

The Buncombe County Bad Boy – Rashad McCants has struck a deal with ESPN to go on Outside The Lines and “tell all”.  Could Rashad be the Tru-Blue AntiChrist that ABCers have been waiting so impatiently for?   Could be.

OTL on ESPN w/ Rashad = 3:00 PM Friday

Since about seven minutes after Young Marvin hit SEND four years ago, many someones in the mini-universe of UNC / ABC have pondered will a former UNC student-athlete of note break ranks, come forward and tell-all?   That assumes, of course, that the “all” he tells will be an iceberg-size “all” that will send the Haughty C-Blue Leviathan to a dark and watery grave with the Pep Band playing Nearer My Choo Choo To Thee.

……. meanwhile the mighty Flagship has sailed on thru perilous seas awash with assorted perils for sure but nothing of such danrasahad2gerous proportions to sound the claxon and make the dreaded announcement:  “All Tar Heels to the lifeboats! Our alma mammy is agoin’ down!” …… glub, glub, glub.

Might “Diamond Sign” Rashad be that dreaded fatal peril?

I have not seen nor heard any outline of what Rashad intends to say to Bob Ley (no relation) on OTL.   I have heard that Rashad is pretty pissed off with his life and willing to blame pretty much anyone for a price or for revenge or both.   No clue if or how much he might be getting paid for telling “all”.

After several years as a 3rd tier NBAer at a good but not gianormous salary, Rashad’s NBA candle burned out.   He then went the D-League route and ultimately to a series of faraway exotic places with strange-sounding names at latitudes and longitudes far distant from Franklin Street.Khloee

Oh…. have I mentioned that Rashad also “dated” (wink wink) a Kardashian for a spell as his NBA career wore down.   His K-girl was Khloe – the largest one, who would move on to Lamar Odum and eventually move on from him too…. as his (Lamar’s) NBA career likewise wore down.

UPDATE:  May 2015 – Rumored that former UNCer Rick Fox is now “dating” KhloeK.  From Vanessa Williams to Rashad McCants “ex”….. Rick, Rick, Rick…. !!

In the course of sinking into the quicksand of pro hoop obscurity, Rashad got involved in the Hip Hop / Rap scene.    Dreams of being the next Jay-Z or PDiddy as a promoter of Hip Hop artists quickly burned through what few dollars Rashad still had from his NBA paychecks.

Being a shooting guard for the Manila Folders of the Filipino Basketball League is not as lucrative as you might think.

Whatever champagne wishes & caviar dreams a young Rashad envisioned way back when Matt Doherty offered him a UNC-CH learning and living experience in exchange for his basketball talents had dissolved.

Further reports have it that a destitute Rashad turned to his old teammates for financial aid which, apparently was not forthcoming.   No clue whether a destitute Rashad contacted anyone formerly or currently employed by UNC-CH for assistance.

In short there is no reason to believe that Rashad McCants circa 2014 has any abiding love nor loyalty for his alma mater.   I don’t know if he graduated or with what degree, but UNC is still his alma mater.TikiGirls1

Oh, did I mention that during his final year playing for Ol’ Roy, Rashad “dated” (wink wink) one of NC State’s notorious Tiki Girls.   The brunette one I think.   That’s all I know about the dating history of Rashad McCants.  Where else ya gonna get that kinda cool info?

Rashad’s career at UNC was tumultuous to say the least.   In the end he did make a solid contribution to the Heels’ March to St Louis and net-cutting vs Illinois.   But prior to that he had on-going issues both with Matt and with Roy.   Flashing his infamous Diamond (gang) Sign as he ran the DDome Court caused more than a few cases of da vapors among the lower level’s more genteel constituency.

Should it indeed be Rashad McCants who delivers the fatal blow will not be a complete surprise.   What a disenchanted and destitute Rashad might say with enough credibility to matter is to be determined.

Coach Roy Williams has been notified of Rashad’s scheduled national TV appearance and, as might be guessed, ain’t very happy about it.   A not-very-happy Ol’ Roy is truly a very loose cannon on a rolling deck to continue our nautical theme.

Whatever Rashad says could easily be trumped by whatever verbal retort erupts from the notoriously combustible Hall of Fame coach.   Another report has Senior Athletic Director For Keeping A Lid On Roy – Steve Kirschner – preparing an elephant-sized tranquilizer dart to be fired into RW’s backside if he gets within 50’ of a live mic.

Who will get the assignment of rebutting Rashad has not been leaked yet.   For sheer Hoot Factor I am hoping for “Call me Dickie”.   I hope its not BubbaTheRealAD despite him being near’bout the only one on campus with a lick o’ sense.   Anyone other than Bubba and all bets are off how much carnage could insue.

Speaking of “lick o’ sense”…… Frau Yow’s whizbang marketing elves have formally and officially deleted the ill-fated “This Is Our State” marketing campaign from every computer on the NC State campus.  In what I do believe are THE funniest two lines EVER to appear in the N&O I offer:”

RALEIGH — N.C. State is retiring the marketing tagline it liberally borrowed from a neighboring school that turned into a punchline.

The “This is Our State” campaign joins the unitard in Wolfpack infamy and will be replaced with a new slogan before the football season, N.C. State athletic director Debbie Yow said Thursday.

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for any mention of the unitard.  I wasn’t there but I bet Frau even kept a straight face when making this historic announcement.   I understand that 42,000 unused “This Is Our State” bumperstickers will be stored in the garage, basement and attic of a certain die-hard Super Wuff in Holly Springs.

OTL on ESPN w/ Rashad = 3:00 PM Friday (Today)
I’m pretty sure Amedeo’s and every other sports bar within five miles of The Brickyard will be hosting “watch Rashad parties”.


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