Nicole Speaks…. and You should listen.

May15/ 2014

You’ve heard me brag for several years about my two All-Time Favorite UNC Coeds – The Fabulous Comparato Twins – Nicole & Paige.  Nicole just completed her year-long reign as Daily Tar Heel Editor.

While an unabashed “Tar Heel” Nicole ain’t a Carolina Way – Call me Dickie – Kool-Aid drinking girl  AT ALL.   Her reflections on The Great Unpleasantness et al will “rankle” some. One of many reasons The Fabulous Comparato Twins are my All-Time Favorite “Carolina Girls” …….

My favorite Me & Nicole Moment (of many) was sitting next to her at The Infamous Martin Report.   When poor ol’ GuvJim mumbled “…. well, I never talked to Coach Williams over the four months. I kinda figured he was too busy…”

Nicole and I looked at each other wide-eyed and both mouthed – “OMG” ….. !

That was quickly followed by a Trustee asking: “Who did Julius Nyang’oro report to?   Who supervised him?” . Governor Martin shrugged his shoulders clueless.   After an awkwardly pregnant pause Holden Thorp answered for him:

“Uh, no one.  At UNC, Department Heads have complete autonomy; answerable to no one.”
(NOTE:  Absolutely TRUE…. not kidding…. Believe It or Not!)

If memory serves, I whispered in Nicole’s ear – “Yee Haaa” to which she whispered in reply – “Reeeally!”.   Since then, it’s all gotten kinda silly.   🙂

Attached is a 12 minute radio interview Nicole did this AM (Thursday) with Ran Northam and Ron Stutts at WCHL.   Its worth a listen for TruBlus and ABCers alike.

Nicole and Paige received their diplomas this past weekend so there really isn’t anything Charming Little Carol (From Dartmouth) can do to her.  NOW I know you’ll listen to the interview.  The audiocast is at the bottom of the WCHL webpage.

Oh…. and since Nicole’s DTH Editor days are over too; it can now be told that Nicole Comparato is AgentPierce’s Dream Girl –  (1) Pretty as a speckled pup AND (2) maybe further right-wing than Ann Coulter.

The UNC J-School Dean – Susan King – is, no surprise, an extreme left-wing loon-ette.   We’re talking google-eyed spittle-spewing Left-wing broomstick-riding Hillary-lovin’ type…. and Right-Wing Nicole Comparato was the J-school Superstar.   Is THAT a hoot or what!  Bwahahaha!

Tru-Blues and ABCers will all learn something from “Nicole Speaks…..”
Both Nicole and twin dynamo – Paige – will be entering U of Miami Law School next Fall.


Oh Oh…. Kid gets her Masters in Christian Counseling this week from Covenant Theological Seminary in St Louis.   We just got the news that – Taaa Daa – she is graduating Magna Cum Laude.   Cool, huh?  ALL the women in my world ROCK !!!!

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