Reduced to Johnny Dawkins or…. OUCH!

March24/ 2014

The first weekend of March Madness is over and fabled Tobacco Road is reduced to pulling for legacies Johnny Dawkins or Archie Miller.  OUCH!

Sure, Swofford can pull for Virginia (and I REALLY like Tony Bennett too!) but otherwise The ACC is shutting down its vaunted basketball operation and heading over to the ball diamonds.    Franklin Street stooges are “bragging” at least WE lost to a Power Conference school SO you know….. we’ve all been whupped like rented mules.

I said back in November that my apathy for local college Bkball was at a fevered pitch.  With the exception of maybe 1-2 moments over the past five months, my apathy level remained at CODE BEIGE.

Did not see a second of Duke – Mercer and only glimpses of UNC – Providence.  Caught the last half of “ObamaRoy’s” Boyz vs IowaState. ….. aka “Chris Webber’s Revenge”.   🙂

Watching Ol’ Deputy Dawg snarl and gesticulate and fume and pace and grimace, alls I could think of was “…. y’all all go sign up fer dat dere Obamycare now, ya here.”  Geezz…. What A Dope!

Again…. Roy is not “a dope” for thinking ObamaCare is a good thing, if indeed he really has an opinion.   That’s certainly his right.   Ol’ Fire-Ready-Aim Roy is “a dope” for going out of his way to needlessly piss-off a LOT of UNC fans.   Another “Jayhawk Sticker” moment.

Those Spring Rams Club Rallies might get “interesting”.   Wanna bet his commercial didn’t generate a dozen sign-ups….. but generated quite a few HOT letters to Bubba and Charming Little Carol.

The second I saw that first camera shot of the little Kansas kid crying I KNEW the CBS TV jerks would exploit him.   What jackasses!

I was hoping Kentucky would fall so all the Major One & Dones Programs would be deader than doornails.    Hopefully they get zapped next week.   UNC and Kansas share another experience.

It seemingly is a proven fact now that “good” Juniors & Seniors will usually beat “great” One & Dones; but the board monkey bozos will still yap and squawk on “signing day”.   Board monkeys never learn…. and will never change.

Three ACC cage coaches canned so far.   The BC coach was gone before I knew his name.  Maybe some day BC will be gone too?   Maybe they already are and I never noticed.


That aforementioned 50th Basketball State Champs Reunion was AWESOME.   A reminder of everything sports used to be but likely will never be again.   More details to come on observations gleaned from the weekend.

Bill Bunting agreed with 58WolfKennel.  He (Bill) was just “not a State kinda guy”.  Whatever that means is left to individual interpretation.

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