Richie Incognito = Dewey Crowe’s Cuzzin !!

February15/ 2014

For months AgentPierce has had an on-going storyline about a certain Religio-Political “bully”.  Well now we got ourselves a bully in sports.  “The Report” is in – Dolphin bad boy Richie Incognito is even more of a sorry tub o’ thug than anyone figured.

Allowing that goofy ol’ Gov. Jim Martin was NOT involved with this “independent report” we have no reason to dismiss it with giggles.   …. and Richie came across as such a choir boy.  NOT!

I was around sports locker rooms for many years and saw “stuff” that one would never find in a corporate prairie dog village; but what is being reported from Miami ain’t like anything I ever witnessed.

I was never in the military nor ever in “gen pop” of an incarceration facility.  I regret not having the former experience.  I am most thankful to have missed out on the latter experience.  The uniqueness of those environment are also likely not what regular folks could ever understand.

Of course I’ve never been in a girl’s PE locker room either.   I hear “what goes on in there” can get quite “you don’t wanna know” too.  The movie “Mean Girls” was not fictional.  Bullying is not gender specific.

Flub-A-Dubs on monkey boards will be poo-pooing Jonathan Martin’s “toughness” because board monkey “flub-a-dubs” are mo-rons.  I don’t know Martin any more than you do and I suspect he might have been more susceptible to an extreme reaction to what he encountered in Miami than others might be, but I don’t question its effect.

For Fans of Justified… I’m convinced Richie is Dewey, Darrel & Dickie Crowe’s cuzzin.dewey

We’ve all likely seen “bullying” of some sort.  Put a dozen or so random humanoids together on a daily basis and some version of “Animal Farm” hierarchy evolves.  It’s guaranteed.   Some people are predators.  Some people are prey.   Most people probably have a bit of both in’em but not enough of either to become either.

Ever go to “summer camp”?  Most summer camps don’t have Jason Voorhees in a hockey mask and a machete but most camps have predators and prey.

Were you predator or prey…. or the ones that looked the other way?

Was Central Casting called in to find “a Richie”?  They did a terrific job.   The guy they got “to play Richie” nailed the character.   For that matter the guy that plays Martin has that Baby Huey-look that sells his personality.

Admit it.  You knew “Richie did it” the first time you saw his fat-faced mugshot last Fall.  Then you read about all his “priors”.   Holy Cow….. this goon was too bad to be true.  A Crowe cuzzin for sure.

To paraphrase BobLee Buddy Jon Ham…. “he’s given the term “offensive lineman” a whole new meaning.”

How many times have we heard “It’s not the crime, but the cover-up” that really causes the trainwreck?   Looks like we got another of those here.   The OL Coach – Jim Turner – ain’t gonna survive too long.   Color Jim “unemployed” and unemployable very soon.  Turner and Richie’s football careers are likely kaput.

“OK everybody.  Lets get our stories straight and everybody stick to the script.  We’ll beat this rap.” …… Whats that line on BlueBloods?  “The first one who talks will be the only one who walks”.

All it takes is one guy to melt under interrogation and the whole mess comes unglued.  How they thought an entire locker room would “dummy up” is pretty incredible.

Unfortunately for all NFL teams the sensitivity police will be coming in now.   Any time “sports” has to play by “real world” rules, things are going to get messy all around the league.

And, of course, the nitwit fan bases will all SWEAR that “something like this would never happen” with “our team”.  As if they knew anything about “their team” beyond memorizing the team’s media guide and the “my favorite things” of the team’s cheerleaders.  It could happen anywhere.  The combustible elements are there.

Dickie Baddour was totally clueless about anything connected to Butch Davis’ football operations.   Heck, if you believe Butch, he was pretty clueless too.

“Plausible deniability” is OK in making Brunswick Stew and when curious about your spouse’s romantical life prior to you.   I strongly recommend “not wanting to know” in both those cases…. but a Head Coach, GM, Owner better not go that route.


BREAKING NEWS!!!…. The Russian KGB has dispatched their most ruthless assassins “to get” the individual responsible for questionable calls in their hockey team’s upset loss to USA.  The individual is described as “some fellow named John Swofford”.

ACC Conference officials deny that the much-maligned Commish was anywhere near Sochi.  The press release stated:  “Commish Swofford was in Syracuse…. arranging for last second destruction of The Wolfpack in The Carrier Dome.”  …. Oops!


Are you a House Of Cards addict…. yet?   Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy….. Season 2 is out and Blondie pulled an all-nighter watching all 14 hours.   I watched Episode One of Season 2 – YIKES! …… LOOK OUT Zoe !!!

If you are NOT a House Of Cards addict, you should be.   If you like Justified or “24” you will love House Of Cards.   I remember watching the first two seasons of “24” over a 3-day weekend.  This has that same sort of “can’t stop watching” appeal.

It is unique in that it is ONLY on Netflix.  You have to have a Netflix account to watch it but that is only $8/month and you can watch both seasons in two days, then cancel if you want to.

You watch it on your computer monitor but can see it on your TV with an HTMI hook-up.

It is a “political intrique” drama but is totally non-partisan.  There is the occasional mention of parties but EVERYBODY is a crooked weasel.   Kevin Spacey is “Congressman Frank Underwood” Weasel Numero Uno.  His hottie wife, Claire, is a conniving weasel.   The media are weasels…. it’s all about human weasels running all around Washington.

Is it realistic?  I don’t think so because I don’t give real politicians credit for being as “smart” as these weasels.   Maybe Bill Clinton could pull this off.

Great acting…. great dialogue….. great production.   Hell the whole thing is just awesome.  But you GOT TO WATCH SEASON ONE first.   You can get both on Netflix.

Not as much blood & guts & scary Deliverance goons as in Justified…. but it appeals to the same mindset.

House Of Cards….. Six Stars on the BobLee Gotta Watch-ometer.

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