EeeCeeTeeCee… Aaarrgghh!

September11/ 2013

They are doomed to be George Harrison or the 3rd Manning Brother or any of Robin Hood’s Merry Men not named “Little John”.  They know that.  They don’t like that.  But they know that.   West of I-95 they are derided and poo-poohed by their fellow UNC System “snobs”.   But Downeast they RULE!  “They” are the progeny of Dr Leo Jenkins and Clarence Stasavich.  “They” are The Purple People of ECU….. AAarrgghhh! …….

Catamounts from Culhowee might envy its UNC System sister institution in Greenville for all the attention they DO get.   Fame is relative.  The UNC System is, alas, somewhat like a sled dog team.   Unless you are The Flagship, the view is the same for everyone else.

Many embattled Sons & Daughter of Ye Olde Well can tell you that attention and fame comes with a price.

Would “UNC’s Bonnie & Clyde”, aka Jennifer & Greg, be as notorious if they had pulled their capers in Pitt County?  …….. Would PackPride have a special webpage devoted to “Countdown To The Implosion of Minges Coliseum”?  ……..  Has Dirty Dan Kane ever driven down Evans Street looking for a confidential informant?  No, No and No.

I grew up 25 miles from G-vegas long before it was G-vegas.  There is a Downeast rumor that my hommies had first choice between “a state institution for the mentally retarded” and “a teacher’s college”.   Some local politician, no doubt drunk as a coot from local ‘shine, said “we’ll take the crazy house”.

His ancestors still argue that, of course, he was referring to ECU or ECTC as it was first called.   Alas, we got Caswell Training School and Greenville got ECTC.  On many a Saturday since, “the crazy house” would be Dowdy-Ficklin Stadium.

Even when their UNC System brethren do “praise” ECU it usually contains a fishhook buried in that praise.   That ECU has “THE finest crop of purty little ol’ coeds east of Ol’ Miss” is universally accepted….. then a caveat has to be tacked on relative to their marginal intellect and virtue.   Ouch.

Being the “purple-haired stepchild” versus the two Triangle-area Bullies is simply how it is….. and forever will be.  No one ever said Life is fair.

The regional newspaper – The N&O – is operating hand-to-mouth and can’t afford even a volunteer “stringer” to send in ECU news-bits.    A couple of nubile ECU cheerleaders hanging over an I-95 overpass waving “ECU is a cool school” might work.   Maybe Sandra Bullock could “wear purple” in Blindside II?

Despite it all….. “they” draw packed houses on Fall Saturdays to play anonymous schools from faraway places week after week.  They do get the occasional VaTech, WVA and, every other decade, a Triangle bully has to “go slumming” and come to Greenville….. yet they keep filling and expanding their ball yard.  God bless’em.

Jeff Lebo might be “the next Brad Stephens and Butler” and have his Pirate hoopsters as a March Cinderella.   If he does, all the ESPN chatter will be Lebo’s Tar Heel heritage….. ouch.

UNC and NCSU home football games this season with ECU will create A LOT more “buzz” and sell bunches more seats than LouisianaWho and MiddleWhat?  Duh.

Bubba and Frau should sign long term deals with whoever replaced Terry Holland right now.  Come up with “fair” home-home deals and “book it Dano”.   It’s 2013 and the Sell Seats game in college football has new rules.

Yes, nitwit board monkeys w/ both NCSU and UNC whine “if we lose to ECU it will hamper our recruiting efforts in-state….. blah, blah, blah.  Why should we elevate their program?”   Simple solution you muddle-headed mo-rons….. don’t lose.  When/If ECU ever gets “afraid” to play a Big Four school, they will let it be known.

State doesn’t play Duke and UNC doesn’t play Wake except once a decade under Swofford’s new ACC.  That sucks!   Duke and Wake both should play ECU regularly too.   Frau won’t have to “deep discount” her tickets for ECU like she does for these other whozit games.   Bubba won’t see “aluminum” when ECU comes to town in three weeks.

Coach Ruff is a stand-up guy.   So are Larry and Dave.   Let’em play on a regular basis.   Are all three schools likely to always be stepping-stone programs for Big Time Top Ten gigs?   Maybe….. maybe not.

But but but BobLee….. ECU players are always “getting into trouble”!
Hey “glass house guys”….. put down your stone.
Wuffnuts and UNCloonies who whine about ECCrazies need to look in a mirror.

The rank&file alumni and fans of ECU, NCSU and UNCCH are interchangeable.  They are the “good people” who populate the towns, cities and metro areas from Murphy To Manteo.  Sure…. each school has their genetic misfires which they should, by law, keep chained up in the basement.  Their human hairball factions are, alas, also interchangeable.

There are a lot of “good kids” at ECU and AppyState and UNC-W too.   Especially good “boys”.  UNCCH has decreed “we don’t want in-state boys regardless of how impressive their grades and character might be”.   That’s incredibly stoopid.   UNCCH is prone to fits of “incredibly stoopid”…. if you haven’t noticed.

At State….. not nearly so stoopid, but ECU (and Appy and UNC-W) offer a broader mainstream curriculum than State does.   Downeast needs more occupational generalists than State can produce…. or than UNCCH cares to produce.

Will this nice positive piece about ECU attract 10s of 1,000s of Boneyard loonies to this site?   A bunch of meth-heads from Chocowinity invading BobLeeSays ??   Aaaaarrggghh!  ☺

Not to worry.   I have control of the comment zapper.   Folks with functioning brains are always welcome; and, of course, “purty little gals”…… regardless of their intellect or virtue.


There is a NEW Jack Reacher available – Never Go Back.  Literature’s favorite iconic lone wolf / white knight errant (with his toothbrush) does battle with sinister evil-doers while protecting a fair damsel, of course.  It’s a good’un.   I’m ¾ thru it….. Reacher is about to kick major butt.  Get’em Reacher.


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