Two Stadii: “almost the worst of times.”

September08/ 2013

I did the ol’ Triangle Two-Game on Saturday – Amid The Lofty Pines o’ Kenan @ 12:30 then The Carter @ The Fairgrounds at 6:30.  I Kenannnhad a most very fine time all day long.  Started my fine day with The Fabulous Comparato Twins and, ten hours later, concluded it watching The Immortal sweat bullets as his beloved Wuffs barely dodged a fatal spider’s bite.

As Charles Dickens’ said about his “Tale of Two …….. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, …..”

I’m not sure I would go so far as Dicken’s Syndey Carton did as he addressed Madame Guillotine – “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.” ….. But it was pretty darn good.Carter-Fin-Stad

Our Good Sports’ interview with The Fabulous Comparato Twins – Nicole & Paige established a new lofty benchmark for Darn Incredible Pre-Game Show Interviews.

NOTE: Herbie & Musberger trying to get a single sane comment out of “rapper” Eminem was not “pre-game”.  That was a half-time (ND v Michigan) fiasco.

That Fabs interview is available HERE – CLICK.

Where else ya gonna learn:
(1)    Why there’s no confirmed picture of Jennifer The Tutor and
(2)    Why Skye Bolt is more of a UNC BMOC than Bryn Renner….. or PJ.
(3)     ….. and other really cool stuff too.

The Fabs were MAH-velous as I knew they would be.  I did lose my over-under bet with WCHL Legend Ron Stutts though.  I bet Stutts we would get “at least a dozen” irate listener complaints that Chansky & I were sexist pigs.   Only five….. so far.   One counts double since it came from a quite indignant UNC Journo-School professor-ette.

“Professor-ette” …. Uh oh!  You wanna talk “sexist” woman?  I’ll show you “sexist” by golly…..  I turned that one over to AgentPierce.  He’s going to invite the she-professor to Waffle House and trick her into believing he’s a talent scout for Roger Ailes at FoxNews.   Good luck with that, Pierce.

Nicole & Paige were Terrif…. and Chansky managed to set fire to the loonies on InsideCarolina.   Art referred to the NCAA as “a billion dollar joke” as regards Manziel Mess et al.

The IC goobers somehow thought he was slamming The Butcher (?) and the carnage commenced.   I had to remind Art that “quelling a blood-fest on a fan monkey board is like trying to blow out a flare.”   Just leave it alone until it burns out of fuel.  Ignorant b*****ds.

I was, as always, the calming voice of reason…… comparing PJ to one of Eve Carson’s killers’ excuses.  “Hey, nobody’s perfect.”   THAT one moved the needle.

The Fighting Fedorians kicked Middle Something’s butt 40-20 as predicted.  The unis were “sucky” for the second game in a row.   Larry really needs to consult with me on that.

A number of incredibly rabid Tar Heels fans wore their aluminum suits and fooled all the curious ABCers watching on TV.   Works every time….. hehehehehe.

There were NO confirmed sightings of JenniferTheTutor.  Nor has there been for 3+ years now not that anyone would know.

The ChooChoo Lounge was THE place to be @ Kenan as it has become over the past few years.   #23 From Garden City and “Dashing Danny The Rocky Mount Rocket” debated the assorted myths involving Larry Miller.   I flitted about being told how much everyone enjoys these incredible columns.   Never tire from that.

BubbaTheRealAD popped in secretly admitting the CCLounge is a waaaay cooler place to be than up in the rarified “fat cat” suites.  He’s right, of course.

The Fabs were on-hand receiving multi-kudos for their incredible radio interview.   Look out for a possible DTH story on Morehead Scholar Turns Porn Star.   Whoever could have passed along that tidbit….. huuuumm.

Then On To The Carter…..

I met The Immortal at the U-Club and was chauffered over to his really really really close parking spot.  From car seat to 45 yd line East-side lower-level stadium seat was “maybe” 100 yards….. closer to 50.   Hommies Porgie & Mary Ella came by and we double-teamed New Bern-born TRBK.

NOTE:  At game end 00:00…. it took less than 15 minutes before I was motoring at 50mph on 440.   What game traffic?

True to his word, TRBK had dispatched the jackasses four rows down who used to stand-up all game and dare someone to say anything.   The presence of THE Terry Harvey musta intimidated the jackasses.  Whyever…. they weren’t there.

For all the games I’ve seen in The Carter, it dawned on me the positive difference of NOT having a track between the playing field and the stands.   That 20-30’ really enhances the closeness of fans to the action.   Duke is renovating The Wally to remove their track.   Probably impractical “Amid The Pines” but it would be nice.

Some State AD (They change ADs like most folks change socks) had the VERY smart idea of painting the seats in The Carter the same color as the shirts most Wuffs wear to the games ergo, it’s much harder to make out the empty seats.

A certain other area school might adopt that successful camouflage technique…. Bubba !!

Oh, they had’em (empty seats) especially during the first half of Quarter #3…. despite what their goobers will say.  Take THAT Coach Dave!

It was a PERFECT weather night for watching a football game.   Could not have been more perfect.  Delightfully tepid.  It was a very solid enthusiastic crowd, and quite well-behaved at least all the ones I saw.  I avoid “where the crazies go to play”.

The Wuffs pulled it out 23-21 on a buzzer-beater FG with :30 to go.   But not before some human hairball near us had pulled out a t-shirt printing machine and was churning out Dump Doeren tees.   The Bring Back Tom Reed Club was about to call an emergency meeting.   Tough crowd!

A loss to the Spiders woulda meant a rough few days for Frau.   How would she blame Swofford for a humiliating loss to a “small college”?

As it turned out Coach Dave is now THE ONLY undefeated coach in Wuff FB history.  Coach Dave and Coach David at Duke are both undefeated this season.  YOWsaaaa.  Oh, and so are my Mizzou Tigers so far.

Will Muschamp, Steve Spurrier, Mark Reicht, Brian Kelly and Lane Kiffin are NOT undefeated.    Meanwhile in the foothills of the Wausach Mountains in Provo….. Mack Brown looked like a 63 yr old man with encroaching Alzheimers and knowing there’s nothing he can do about it.

If JohnnyPunk does somehow beat ‘Bama, the Aggies might just buy out the Teasippers in Austin and turn Darrel Royal Stadium into long term parking for Kyle Field.   Ouch.

No games at Kenan or The Carter next weekend.   Then its Big Boy Football time.

… was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”

Now go listen to that interview with the Fabs!


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