David – Philip – Russell – “Carlos”?

June17/ 2013

Has Carlos Rodon already elevated himself to the rarified pantheon of  One-Name Lupine Legend? Does laboring in the relative obscurity of Doak Field hamper his fame among The Good – The Bad & The Terminally Paranoid of WuffNation?…… If you look up Golf Dork in a dictionary, is there a picture of Hunter Mahan?….. PJ is “honored”….. so many questions today……

Heels Fog The Mirror ….. Yippee !!!!
Oh MY!…. Here We Go AGAIN!!!
Game of The Century Redux – Thursday 8 PM
Use Carlos ….. Save Carlos ….. ?????

I say Yes.   “Carlos” has already qualified for elevation as a Brickyard Immortal.  Does he still need “a ring” to do so?  Neither Philip nor Russell “have rings”. (“Lo & Co” have rings.  Are they one-name Brickyard Immortals?)  Carlos may get a ring over the next week but as a “only every 4-5 days” pitcher, he may be reduced to a dugout spectator when it’s all on-the-line.

Carlos Rodon certainly has the Boy Scout persona that David, Philip and Russell exuded.  Yes, I know David had “issues” during his NBA career but no smears as a Wuff.   Russell had his unfortunate dust-up with TO’B but, some will say, without his detour to Wiscy, he might never have become a legitimate NFL Young Gun.  Philip has been “really good” as a Charger but not “great” and time is running out for “great”.   Regardless….. David, Philip and Russell each brought thrills aplenty to The Brickyard Twixt Hillsborough St and Western Blvd.

Don’t they each have their signature veal dish at Amedeo’s?

Even within his own sport….. a shut-down pitcher will never be acclaimed as much as a home-run hitting slugger.  Among purists certainly; but purists represent 1% of 1% of sports.

Allowing for the current bandwagon boost effect, no baseballer is going to become a household name in any college fan base.  Even Sunday’s outstanding performance on his sports’s grandest stage…. did not send ripples across ESPNWorld.  A high % of TV eyes among two regional fan bases may have been glued to ESPN2 Sunday afternoon; but no more than saw Gio’s punt return last October.   Does that matter when it comes to being “A One-Name Legend”?

I’ll wager far more “sports fans” across the fruited plain watched Phil & The Whozits @ Merion on Sunday than watched Carlos carve up The Moochies.  Does that matter?  More will watch “Danny & The Spurs” on Tuesday.

Maybe we revisit this question “after Omaha” however that evolves.  Regardless, there is a next year for “Carlos” in Red&White.   Carlos has, thus far, been quite durable so his establishing impressive pitching records for NCSU and ACC and maybe even NCAA are likely.  Is that enough?

My vote will not matter nor be cast, nor should it be.  But if it were….. I say “Carlos” IS already “a one-name Lupine Legend”.  Opinions of Wuff readers are welcome.


The LPGA has been reduced to sub-zero coverage.  They no longer even bother telling us which South Korean won their latest event.   Even the freakin’ WNBA gets more pub than the LPGA.

The Senior PGA / Champions Tour is as woeful as The LPGA.  Is Hale Irwin still winning every other week?  What happened to Lee Trevino’s really fat caddy?  “Poker” gets better ratings than The Champions Tour.

And even The PGA has reached the point it is “what did Tiger shoot…. and who are those guys?”   Other than “a major” does anyone watch a weekly PGA tour event….. or a weekly NASCAR race?   With NASCAR it’s “how did Danica do?” like PGA is “Tiger did what?”

Blondie tried to watch Sunday’s US Open and finally gave up.   She knew “Phil” and recalled that local home boy – Webb Simpson – won this last year.   She knew there was some guy named “Bubba” and that’s it.

I had “heard of” most of the Top Ten at Merion but would be hard-pressed to recognize any of’em other than “Phil” in a line-up.  But I was fascinated by Hunter Mahan.

I’ve heard of Hunter Mahan for the past 5-6 years as he has become a consistent Top Ten player, for what that’s worth in terms of “sports celebrity”.  But yesterday I was awed by his utter “dorkiness”.

Really….. it was as if some wardrobe guy created the ultimate “golf dork”.   From the top of his dorky ball cap….. his porn-tache….. his ill-fitting WalMart shirt/slacks ensemble…. and even his day-glo PayLess golf “sneakers”.  Happy Gilmore looked like Arnie compared to Hunter Mahan.

Go out to your local driving range on a Wednesday afternoon and you’ll find three jamokes named Moe flailing away that look more like a PGA HunterWifeTour golfer than Hunter Mahan.   The Country Club of North Carolina would not allow Hunter Mahan in their parking lot

Oh…. I suppose I should mention his wife – Kandi- is a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader !!!.


Speaking of PJ Hairston…. (which No One in Chapel Hill seems to be doing these days)….. Ol’ PJ has achieved the ultimate in celebrity notoriety….. his very own “in Hitler’s Bunker” YouTube.   I figure I’ve seen 20-30 of these celebrating all manner of human foolishness….. and EVERY ONE makes me laugh.  Congrats to PJ!!  All his buddies on Holloway Street in Durham must be proud.

Is “PJ” already a two-letter Tar Heel celebrity?   OUCH!

Yes, I’ve seen the Roy’s Camp staff picture but have not confirmed it is current or not….. but it very well may be.  NOTHING surprises me any more as regards The Great Unpleasantness.  Will Julius emerge as Charming Little Carol’s (from The Ivy League dontchaknow) Executive Vice Dean / Provost?  Sure, why not.

My favorite line in PJ’s Hitler YouTube is…… “Damn it…. I’m running out of ex-Governors to cover up this s***.”


Out of the Stygian darkness that is UNC sports right now emerges DANNY GREEN.  He could very well be NBA Finals MVP!  Holy Cow….. go figger! Its Danny Green, Matt Harvey…. or Chick Lacrosse….. OUCH!


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