Media Co-Conspirators “Find Religion”

June10/ 2013

Saul of Tarsus was, in 30 AD, the most renowned persecutor of post-Resurrection Christians – zealously demonizing Jesus of Nazareth. Following his “Damascus Road Experience”, Saul became Paul The Apostle, the 2nd most influential figure in The New Testament, spreading the glory of the same Messiah he had so ardently persecuted.

…. 2013 years later Orage Quarles and his N&O henchmen are now glorifying “religion in politics” that they so viciously demonized just nine months ago. The News&Observer has apparently had their own “Jones Street Experience”……

We often use collective synonyms like “McClatchy” or “The N&O” when referring to the ongoing political propagandizing and left-wing smear machine otherwise known as The Raleigh-based The News&Observer. That is a confusing error we intend to correct. We will put names and faces to McClatchy and The N&O. North Carolinians should know who these people are.

Orage Quarles is the Publisher of the McClatchy-owned News & Observer. John Drescher is the newspaper’s Executive Editor. Rob “ReilleWho” Christensen is their political reporter / political columnist / #1 attack dog. John Frank is “Little Rob”…. the paper’s junior political reporter / attack puppy. Barry “The Colonel” Saunders is the paper’s longtime token urban black dude / race-baiter columnist.

Quarles Drescher Christensen Frank, Saunders

Learn their names and their faces. PLEASE Do Not write them nasty emails or harass them in any way. Thats how “their side” behaves. But simply know that if you are a Conservative… a registered Republican or consider yourself anything other than an extreme left-wing Obamaite, then these pious individuals shown above are dedicated to marginalizing and overthrowing your way of life. They are doing so now with an overt aggressive zealotry unlike anything we have ever witnessed in the newspaper’s 100+ years of existence.

Newspapers in general are dinosaurs sinking not slowly into the tar pit of technologically-induced extinction. The N&O is certainly no longer as relevant as it once was. Decades of relentless demonizing of Conservatives have taken a toll on 60+% of its regional market. The paper is in severe financial trouble and has been for ten years. It has laid off and furloughed over half its employees.

Its top executives, Quarles and Drescher, continue to rake in very comfortable 6-figure salaries of course, while the termination of their worker bees has become a weekly ritual. …. BUT the paper is still the primary media voice for “The Triangle” and for much of Central / Eastern NC.

NOTE: “McClatchy” also owns / operates The Charlotte Observer which is also in deep financial “doo-do”…. and is likewise committed to demonizing all things NOT extreme Liberal.

They have elevated their journalistic bias into a blitzkrieg of daily slander and smear against all things Conservative WAAAAY beyond the old “News & Disturber” jokes. Long recognized, and joked about, as the local house organ for the Democratic party when formerly owned by the yellow-dog Democrat “Daniels Family”….. the paper’s political bias is no longer a joking matter. The News&Observer has Declared War on everyone not in lock-step to their extreme socio-cultural ideology.

Their avowed enemies include the primary readership of this column and of Carolina Plott Hound. That includes well-over 50+% of the North Carolina voters in last November’s general election. Ergo, that probably includes you….. it most certainly includes me.

The Winds of unCivil War are blowing today towards the North Carolina General Assembly (headquartered on Jones Street in downtown Raleigh). Quarles’ Gang are fanning those winds with an ever-increasing fervor.

What they want you to believe is nothing more than polite civil disobedience; has been carefully choreographed to soon erupt into the level of vicious street rioting seen so graphically several years ago in Madison, Wisconsin. The very same forces are behind these goings-on. Aggressively promoted by Quarles, Drescher et al.

If you follow The N&O directly or indirectly, you have read that it is all just a polite assembly of passive “religious leaders”….. moms and pops….. beleaguered seniors and other of “your friends and neighbors” frightened into passive protests by the machinations of the Eeeeeevil Republicans out to drag this state back to the halcyon days of Jim Crow, Bull Connors, Simon Legree, “the Klan”, and (fill in the blank with whatever incendiary imagery pushes your buttons).

FWIW: ANY gathering of a handful of Conservatives is referred to in N&O-speak as “an angry mob of Tea Party crazies”. But thats a whole ‘nother column.

A “cute” and overt tactic now being employed by The N&O – Quarles, Drescher, et al is exploiting “religious leaders”. Yes, the very same newspaper that so vilified and slandered Dr. Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham just nine months ago for their support of Conservative values is now PRAISING “religious leaders” who are front & center in the unlawful mobs led by Quarles’ good friend “Reverend” Bill Barber.

“Religious leaders” of the ilk of Obama’s religious mentor Rev Jeremiah Wright. It is accepted (by the media) that “religious leaders” can be outspoken rabble rousers for political causes IF those causes are in the extreme Liberal agenda…. and/or involve African-Americans.

“Religious leaders” who dare to speak out from a Conservative perspective, such as the Grahams, have been repeatedly viciously vilified and slandered in both editorial and news (!!) stories by N&O columnists such as Saunders and reporters Christensen and Frank.

The Bible, and teachings of Jesus Christ, can certainly be interpreted in various ways, and have been for two thousand years. As various socio-cultural issues have evolved in our society, both “real ordained” preachers from legitimate seminaries and self-ordained soap box preachers have expressed “divinely-inspired (??)” points of views all across the opinion spectrum. Every one of them, no matter how extreme, finds a flock who will follow him or her. Recall a reverend named Jim Jones and his Kool-Aid. And the afore-mentioned Jeremiah Wright enjoys a millionaire’s lifestyle in South Chicago financed by his obedient congregants.

Whatever happened to Flip Wilson’s Reverend LeRoy and his Church of The Whats Happenin’ Now ?? Howsabout I resign from the agency and become ReverendPierce? Whatchathink?

The primary leaders in the Civil Rights Movement….. King, Jackson, Sharpton, and local guy – Barber have always declared themselves “Reverends”. Interpretations of separation of Church & State are always waived by “the media” when it involves Black “Reverends”…… but vigorously vilified by a Liberal media when it involves Dr Billy Graham, or any religious leader who dares to express Conservative principles.

There certainly are “churches” in America that have adopted the extreme Liberal / Socialist agenda. Locally the primary extreme Liberal-agenda churches are Pullen Memorial and Olin T. Binkley. Pullen’s minister – Nancy Petty – holds extreme hard-line Liberal social views…. and, SURPRISE has long been a favorite darling of the N&O as was her predecessor W.W. Finlator.

Extreme Liberal Nancy Petty = A Good Minister
Conservative Dr Billy Graham = Eeeeevil Minister
….. according to Quarles, Drescher and The N&O.

You will be seeing The N&O give VERY heavy promotion of “ministers we agree with” in their on-going coverage of the rapidly escalating Jones Street Conflict.

Look! There are MINISTERS and “white people” and teachers and doctors and working people (aka Union Thugs mercenaries) and apparently “normal people” swelling their ranks. This is not just the usual Barber-ians that have nothing better to do than follow Bill Barber……. not just withered-up old hippies from Carrboro communes…..” …… will obediently report The News&Observer.

Look for carefully orchestrated and tightly cropped photos of “normal people” in the mobs. Expect sympathetic quotes from “moms with babes-in-arms” fearful that “those eeeeeevil Republicans” are Sooo Eeeeeevil. ….. and look for all manners of “N&O approved religious leaders” all properly adorned in their tribal raiment’s screaming how much they hate all Conservatives.

Orage Quarles, John Drescher and whats left of The N&O have now miraculously indeed “found religion”…… when it suits their extreme political agenda.

….. Amen.

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