Our New Leader In The Clubhouse IS …..

May30/ 2013

We have a new leader in the clubhouse for latest “really really stoopid university administrators who are soooo inept they could screw up a one-car funeral”.   Meet the heavily-degreed (but so very “intellectual” ???) stooges in charge of Rutgers.   Is there ANYONE running a state liberal arts institution in America that has the good sense God gave a gopher? ……

Holden Thorp recommends every Chancellor watch Friday Night Lights.   The nitwits in Piscataway are apparently fans of The Office.  They are running “The State University of New Jersey” like it was Duffin Miflin’s regional office in Scranton.

“Michael” is the President and “Dwight” is the Provost.  The brand new Rutgers Athletic Director (for the time being) is an evil-eyed she-bitch named Julie Hermann who has a stinkier “permanent record” than Lizzie Borden, Typhoid Mary and Hillary Clinton combined.

You know the “They did WHAT!” story of Rutgers.   They had a basketball coach who was a frustrated Parris Island DI on steroids.  The former AD (before the evil-eyed she-bitch) knew about his psycho coach but didn’t do nuthin’…… until the “coach goes nutz” video had several million views.   He then fired the psycho just before he was fired by the nitwit President who couldn’t recall if he knew about it or not.

Then “they” hired a former Rutgers player to replace the fired psycho.   The new coach was “an alum” which most folks interpret as “a graduate of” but not so with this guy.   He never got around to a complete matriculation but folks said he is “a very nice fellow and a heck of a coach”…… but NOT “a college graduate” which a university employee at his level is suppose to be.   The technical term for this SNAFU is “a Sidney”.  Oops.    Unfortunately for Eddie Jordan, St Pauls College which granted Sidney Lowe his degree over a weekend no longer exists.

While Rutgers was pondering that mess….. they proceeded to hire a new AD.   They hired a “search firm” because EVERYBODY “hires search firms” these days.    Pay a search firm $75-100,000 for “searching” then hire the assistant or the Chancellor’s nephew or some evil-eyed she-bitch with a closet full of more horrors than Jason Voorhees and Freddie Krueger.

Supposedly you hire a search firm because “they” can do all the due diligence that prospective employers cannot do because “knowing all the really scary crap” that a candidate has done might cause you not to hire them (especially if you are hiring a lesbian who makes Pat Summit look like Little Bo Peep!).   If this is all making any sense to you, I bet I know your voter registration.

So The Jersey Boys pay a search firm $75,000 then hired someone NOT on their short list who turns out to be Lizzie-Mary-Hillary…… and the sports world IS SHOCKED ….. SHOCKED I SAY!

This evil-eyed she-bitch’s resume has more bodies buried in it than John Wayne Gacy’s basement…. or Hannibal Lechter’s picnic basket…. or Jeffrey Dahmer’s refrigerator.

As of her latest “hastily called press conference” the evil-eyed she-bitch does not recall “the letter” …… “the video”…. “the conference”….. “the deposition”…… or the assorted “sworn statements” of the ever-mounting mountain of mischief she has committed over the past 15 years at Tennessee and Louisville (and maybe Bengazi and Fort Marcy Park too).

Before its over I bet they pin Vince Foster’s death on her too.

I slipped in a “lesbian” reference above.  Why did I do that?   Because it’s a new law that there has to be a “Sports Gay” story every week from now until The Rapture.   If Julie Hermann is NOT a card-carrying Sister of Sappho I’ll kiss Brittany Griner’s adam’s apple.   Julie is most definitely “a razor-totin’ woman”.

How is this all going to end?   Who cares?   It is just more high academic administrative tomfoolery.   No one really expects LibArts administrators to have a clue…… and so far, none have had.   Having a clue and “being intellectual” are apparently an either / or / but never both option….. and “being intellectual” is more highly valued “on campus”.

Meanwhile New Jersey Guvner Fatty Arbuckle flatulated something but no one much cared so he ate Hoboken and tweeted “hang in there buddy” to Barack.

I’m hoping Rutgers will hire Dickie and Uncle Jed to be co-interim AD after they pop the evil-eyed she-bitch with a tranquilizer dart and bury her sorry butt next to Jimmy Hoffa in The Meadowlands.  It may take two darts.  She’s a nasty one.

Wonder if John Blake will apply for that gig?   No one checked his resume before his last job.  Why assume they would check this time.

The clueless nitwit Rutgers Prezzy is likely to go MIA really soon too.   Maybe J-Moe the gay seal-clapping organ player can fill in for him? Allow me to take one more opportunity to proclaim that James Moeser Is A Supercilious Sanctimonious Twit.

Speaking of twits and nitwits….. Move over “Bozo Joe” Biden.  Ohio State Prez Gordon Gee does it again (CLICK).  Tickle this Elmo and he says “I’m sorry I said that”…. I’m sorry I said that too….. and that…. and that too.


FWIW Dept…… I have spoken with “many” UNC sports fans and EVERYONE of’em thinks NC State was “hosed” by not getting a seed for a Super Regional.   If UNC is #1 and only one run better than the Wuffs and the Wuffs got left out of the eight seeds….. that’s a crime.

I didn’t say all those UNC fans were necessarily “distraught” at State’s misfortune.  They were not.  But they all agree it was “not right”.

Keep in mind that I “speak with” a quite high-grade of UNC fans.  I carefully avoid the goggle-eyed nutjobs locked in the sub-basement of The Rat.

I hope Carlos & Company join Fox’s Moochies in Omaha in two weeks.


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