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May21/ 2013

Balls bounce, pucks fly, horses run…. but the headlines are always What Who said about Who or What and What Who said about What Who said.  This week our sayers of note are a former UNC Chancellor..… an outgoing Chancellor (again)…. some SEC coaches….. an NBA superstar Moeserrrand a whozit coach…..  our weekly gay athlete, and, of course, Tiger and Sergio of course …….

Note: my lack of posting prolificness of late is due to a blurred vision issue that will be resolved by this week’s end.

The simple phrase “James Moeser said” should NOT generate whiplash among news readers.  But it did this week.   This cartoonish academic galoot was famed for (1) clapping like a gay seal – (2) having the world’s only Ph.D in organ… and (3) organizing candlelight vigils every week that contained a Tuesday.   OK, there were a few memorably painful press conferences where he and Dickie did Beavis & Butthead impressions.

So now – May 2013 – “J-Moe” decides to pontificate about The Great Unpleasantness.  WHY J-MOE WHY ????

J-Moe is in a snit claiming “the media” has over-covered this story because “the media” wants to tear down the banners from the D-Dome rafters…. Huh?

J-Moe’s Stoopid Comments – CLICK

J-Moe is confusing “the media” with “the ABC community”.   Sure, from the moment, three years ago that Marv hit SEND on his tweeter, the ABCers have fantasized that UNC@CH would be dealt ye olde death penalty and “the rafters”, along with the entire freakin’ building, would be bulldozed into rubble.   That’s no secret.

But “the media” (aka The N&O and the eeeeevil Dan Kane) have beat this Story of The Decade to a bloody pulp BECAUSE, like Rasputin, it has clowncarrefused to die.   Like that little car at the circus….  clowns keep climbing out of it !!!

Remember “the parking tickets”?   UNC loyalists muttered “OK, that’s it.  Now we have gotten to the bottom of this.  No more story.  Lets move on…..”   Who knew we were still three embarrassments away from the first time we all saw the word Nyang’oro.   Who can recall where you were when you first tried to pronounce his name, much less spell it properly?

Oh, and by the way, J-Moe….. Uncle Julius was running his AfAm scam the entire time YOU were organizing those silly vigils and claiming Mad Mohammed was NOT a terrorist…. and didn’t Julius Peppers matriculate during your administration ???  Huh?

Go suck an egg J-Moe.

PS: J-Moe also spews a lot of radical left-wing hate-rhetoric; but, all UNC Chancellors do that.   The Meez is soooo far out in left-field he thinks Gene Nichol listens to Rush.


I understood what he meant but it was still an unusual comparison.   In his latest “and one more thing before I go” interview, Holden Thorp mused that watching Friday Night Lights might have given him a better perspective on the importance of sports in many peoples’ lives.   He was referring to the book/movie /TV series about high school football in a mythical West Texas town….. not anything to do with (Kindly Ol’) Bill “Friday”‘s nocturnal illuminations..

He did not go into detail about how that might have broadened his perspective on the size and ferocity of the snapping turtle that bit him on his butt three years ago and would not let go.

I’m assuming most of youans are familiar with the premise of FNL – the TV series.   It takes place in mythical Dillon, Texas and centers around the local high school football team – The Dillon Panthers.   The central characters are Coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tami (YIKES…. a coach’s wife named “Tami”.  Could THAT be the link?).

The theme that I suspect Holden eludes to is how “too important” the success of the local team is to the citizenry of Dillon…. and the pressure to “win regardless of the cost” that consumes the local “fat cats”.    The primo local fat cat is car dealer Buddy Garrity who, I reckon, would be BOTBob Winston in Holden’s adaptation.

There is no spineless, clueless AD / principal played by PeeWee Herman who would be “you know who” in Holden’s version.

In FNL, Coach Taylor is most definitely “a good guy” who stands firm against the demands of the fat cats to “win at any costs” including playing ineligible / injured players.   He is eventually run out of town for his boy scout-itis.

There is the star QB, the teen queen / cheerleader, the school skank, the “bad boy” and pretty much all the usual stereotypes one would find in a small town high school.  Yes, there are “racial issues” OF COURSE but I don’t recall any gay storylines.

Finding parallels to the Great Unpleasantnesses’ motley cast ‘o characters could be achieved with some stretching here and there.  It is not a Dead Solid Perfect comparison but, heck, I’m surprised Holden even knows about the show.

Wonder if he knows that Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) is now Rayna James on Nashville?


Staying in Texas for a second….. recent “Hey I’m Gay” she-thlete Britany Griner is thanking Baylor for her four years there by claiming the Baylor coach ordered her to “stay in the closet” so her overt gayness would not reflect negatively on the Baptist-affiliated school’s less-than-positive views on homosexuality.

Griner claims she’s been gay since she was 14 (??) and her sexual preference was well-known by the Baylor coach when she was recruited.  The Baylor coach / the school has not replied to Griner’s charges.

At 6’7”, Griner was heavily recruited and could have gone to any girls’ basketball power – Uconn, Tennessee, et al – where homosexuality is more “accepted” by the institution.   Why she chose Baylor under that restriction is a question due an answer.

What is important is that we have our weekly national story about a gay athlete.  Can’t let a week go by without one.

Also in the realm of College She-Basketball, Notre Dame star Skylar Diggens held a press conference to announce she has a BOY FRIEND …… YIKES!    Hopefully Skylar’s heterosexuality will not create issues in WNBA locker-rooms.


A Univ of Florida assistant football coach compared Nick Saban to Satan at a Gator booster gathering.  The laughter and applause from the Gator faithful had not subsided before ‘Bama faithful were twittering profane insults at the Gator coach’s mamma and sending a covert ops squad of board monkey nutjobs to poison any/all famous trees in Gainesville.  Are there any famous trees in Gainesville?

I saw the comments – of course – and immediately knew the Asst Coach was speaking tongue-in-cheek as both he and his Head Coach – Will Muschamp – had served on Saban staffs.   The Saban-Satan comparison was a guy-talk jibe at how powerful a figure Nick Saban has become in college football.

But in the mythical world of board monkeys there is no such thing as “just kidding”.  The Florida coach woulda been safer to have donned a Klan robe and advocated cancer as a convenient way to cull the human herd.

Coach Saban’s knee also jerked.  Nick not being known as a “just kidding” kinda guy.

Sports Talk shows and the blogosphere which lives to exploit the goggle-eyed nutjob market went en fuego too.


For want of a “just”….. in the NBA, Pacer coach Whozit said “the Heat are the next team in our path to an NBA Championship”.   But somehow a “just” got stuck in front of the “the next” and Lebron went ballistic.   Coach Whozit never said “just”.

Now every Heat nutjob fan including that bimbo from our last column will all be ready to hate Coach Who for what he never said.   Yee haaaaa…..

Does Lebron’s jerking knee outjerk the Saban-Satan thingy?   We need a national register for such insanity.

Meanwhile Muslim terrorists and the IRS are plotting the overthrow of America…. but hey, we got our real priorities to deal with first……


Hey BobLee, what about Tiger v Sergio?   I’m sorry but any public support Sergio wanted for outing Tiger as a jerk was drowned in a lake in Ponte Vedra.

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