Frau First Wuff AD To Ever……

March28/ 2013

Roy Clogston never did “it”.  Willis Casey, Jimmy V, Toddy, Les, even Uncle Jed never did “it”.  On Tuesday, Kay Yow’s sister Frau became the FIRST NC State Athletics Director to ever fire a women’s basketball coach.  Yes….. Kellie Harper is now “that pretty blond lady that FrauPicused to coach the Lady Wuff basketball team”….. But Kellie may not be the only Wuff cage coach to be leaving West Raleigh….. and over in Derm, Chrissie Collins heads home to ChicagoLand…..

I have nothing against Title IX.   Or Titles VIII, VII, VI for that matter.  Can any one name a “Title” other IX?  ….. I didn’t think so.   Why are “Titles” and Super Bowls expressed in Roman numerals?  Who decides stuff like that?

I am a fan of Danica Patrick.   I would be a fan of that Rouser chick if I cared about Ultimate Fighting.   I think Women’s Soccer is fine.  If it wasn’t for the LPGA what would 1,000s of Korean girls named “Kim” be doing?  Every gal from “a communist bloc country “ grows up to either be a SI swimsuit model or a professional tennis player.  Women playing sports is fine just like men being “cooks” is fine.  But……

If Doctor Naismith had intended for women to play competitive basketball (and spectators actually pay cash money to watch’em do it) he would have set the basket at 8’ and made the court a lot smaller.   He didn’t….. for a good reason.

A famous Internet Legend once said:  “Watching girls play basketball is like watching boys knit”.    The WNBA exists so femi-nazis and the LGBTs wouldn’t sue the NBA.  The Lingerie Football League exists because…. well, you know why.

All that silliness aside….. Kay’s sister Frau continues her canning of “coaches she didn’t hire”….. as Frau critics predicted she would.  Elliot Avent might not want to schedule any major home improvements.

NEVER in the long storied history of Wolfpack sports has a Women’s Basketball coach ever been fired.  Of course in the long storied history of Wolfpack sports before Kellie Harper, there had never been a women’s basketball coach who was not Debbie Yow’s sister.   Kellie Harper was also the first blond to ever have that job and to be known as “that really pretty gal that coaches something or other over at State”.

At the Official Fire Kellie Ceremony, Frau wished Kellie “rotsa ruck in her future endeavors”….. and did that little wuff finger thingy.  Pretty much how she canned TO’B in December…. and Sidney… and the others.

Kellie’s four year W-L record was decidedly unremarkable which may have been a contributing factor along with “Lee Fowler hired her” and the aforementioned “she was really pretty”.   To Frau’s credit, she hired a pretty blond gal to coach Women’s Basketball when she was at Maryland.  That blond gal won a national championship in 2006.

The Maryland SID Dept describes Brenda Frese as “one of the first coaches in NCAA history to win a national championship and be a parent” (???) which really is a very strange thing to write about anyone.

More people will comment about Frau firing Kellie than actually give a darn about Wuff Women Basketball.  (including me) Which is what happened when “Uncle Jed” Fowler hired Kellie instead of some woman that Frau’s late sister, Kay, wanted to succeed her.  Critics then just hated Fowler regardless.   If Fowler had hired Rick Barnes to coach the Lady Wuffs, they woulda bitched.  Of course, Rick said he was not interested in coming to Raleigh as he always does.

Other than at a handful of schools in America….. Women’s Basketball has a cult following of family, friends, local lesbians and die-hards like WataugaBob Kennel who show up for every sports event their alma mater ever has.   If Kellie was not pretty her firing would be about as newsworthy as “NC State hiring a former governor’s wife to run their speakers’ bureau”….. oops, bad example.


Meanwhile down the hall at The Gottfather’s compound speculation is rampant.  Will “Moses Gott” be summoned to lead yet another lost “sleeping giant” program back to the Promised Land ergo The University of California @ Los Angeles @ Westwood.

In the first 24 hours that speculation was officially “rampant”, Coach Gott HAS issued a wishy-washy tweet sorta kinda reconfirming his undying loyalty to WuffNation…… (until my agent has a firm offer in hand).   Wishy washy tweets are worth about as much as “an anonymous source said…..”.   If Mark does not cry on camera while hugging Chris Corchiani we can expect Lupine Loonies to start cursing him and demanding that Frau should contact Phil Jackson ASAP….. AFTER Rick Barnes says “no” of course.

Shaka has already re-reconfirmed the Smart Family’s love for Richmond and good ol’ VCU; leaving only Brad Stephens doing so for Bradley’s (oops Butler’s) Hinkle Field House to open the speculation floodgates.

Will Mark stay or will Mark go…. and if so will Mrs Gott go with him?  This tea pot should tempest for about another 24-36 hours max before the Internet mob refocuses on something else.


Still MORE coaching moves…… The Coach K Coaching Tree expands to another “academically-oriented campus”.  Chrissy Collins going to Northwestern.   Am I the first one to notice that Coach K’s protégés will now be at Harvard, Stanford and Northwestern.   YIKES !!!   Holy Rhodes Scholars Batman!  Also at Notre Dame and Buffalo (??).

So now the #1 Question in Big Time College Basketball is “Does Anyone Want Wojo?”   Where can Wojo go….. Wharton, Carniege-Mellon, Yale?   Will Holden put in a good word for Wojo at Wash U?  Probably not.

Meanwhile over in DeaconLand…. Ron Wellman has reconfrmed his support for Bzzzzz as angry DeaconLoonies reconfirm their dwindling support of Ron Wellman.

As predicted….. the FGCU’s coach’s wife HAS replaced Katherine Webb as “most googled WAG in sports not named Lindsey Vonn….. this week”


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