71 Dancing Fan Bases All Agree That…..

March17/ 2013

  71 fan bases across America all agree that….. “we got jobbed by those damned NCAA selection guys”.   They each have a mathematical opportunity to be 2013 National Champions, but will squander that joy by whining “we got put in the hardest bracket – UNFAIR whaaaa !” ….. & BobLee on relocating the ACC Tournament…. & a PS to AgentPierce’s phenomenal piece on Duke being “Too White”. ……MMadn

I have this image of the NCAA Selection guys having 71 different debates involving “how can we really really p*ss off those paranoid goobers at _______ ?”  Someone in that hermetically sealed room “has it in for” – New Mexico St? – Albany? – Belmont? – Montana ???  Really?  Sure, it’s a given that WuffWorld gets screwed….. and UNC and Duke for reasons annually dredged up from assorted conspiratorial sub-basements.

Imagine the Commonwealth of Kentucky today.  One of their two major schools is #1…. and that other one is “none & done”.  Ouch!

All four of the incoming ACC newbees are in.  Uh oh.

To assign every team to “by far the hardest bracket” takes some real doing…. but by golly “they” do it every year.

I have not been in a March Madness pool for the past two years and will stretch that to three this year.  Nothing against that American tradition at all.  I simply prefer to be THE ONLY guy you know who isn’t doing it.  Good Luck to all of you “poolers”.

Yes, whatshername in Accounts Receivable will win because “a whatshername” always wins.


Enough already with this Bye Bye Madison Square Garden boo-hoo crap.   Burying Princess Di didn’t elicit as much weepin’ and moanin’ as “the last Real Big East Tournament in The World’s Greatest Sports Arena”.

And then – “If the ACC wants to be relevant they HAVE to move their Tournament to MSG”.  Excuse me.

•    Every sportswriter on Earth who has pubic hair can spell “Krzyzewski”.
•    The CEO of ESPN is a UNC alum.
•    The Duke v UNC Bkb rivalry is called THE GREATEST Sports Rivalry on Earth.
•    If UNC or Duke has a less than incredible season the pundits bemoan “death of a dynasty”.
•    The ACC invented the concept of a post-season tournament.
•    Any list of the Top Five College Bkb programs of the past 25 years includes UNC and Duke.

With all due respect to The Catholic Seven, The MountainWest and The Atlantic Ten; I think Little Johnny Swofford’s Gang is pretty freakin’ “relevant” with out the holy temple above Penn Station.

I have not attended an ACC Tourney game in 40 years and don’t plan on attending one in my remaining years.   Nothing against those who do so religiously, I simply prefer doing it “my way” – at home.   I see teams running up / down on a hardwood with a logo in the middle of it.   Where that court is located is irrelevant to me.

With due respect for the recent successes of the ACC’s two Florida teams, the best bets for “better programs with more rabid fan bases” remains on Tobacco Road.  The geographical mid point twixt Miami and Syracuse is a 7-11 outside Roanoke Rapids NC.  If you triangulate with Notre Dame it becomes a Lowe’s parking lot in North Wilkesboro.  So keeping the event’s rotating home base in Greensboro or Charlotte is a no-brainer.

I appreciate that any ACC school’s boosters with enough “clout” to qualify for ACC Tourn ducats have the disposable $$$ to travel when/where they please.

I am not opposed to the occasional foray to an MSG or Atlanta (forget DC with Maryland out).  I appreciate the rabid fans of Syracuse and Louisville and Notre Dame’s following in NYC.   Both UNC and Duke would likewise have plenty of support from strong alumni bases in NYC.  An MSG ACC Tourn would be a well-attended sold-out weekend.

The current crop of HoF coaches in the New ACC will be turning over the next 5-8 years – K, Roy, Boeheim, Rick will all be hanging up their whistles.  Will their programs reload or mediocritize?  Will GaTech or Clemson or VaTech ever escape sub .500 in our lifetime.  Will the Florida juggernauts fade fast?  Will Coach Bzzzz at Wake ever buy some vowels?

The likely bleat that it “would help recruiting” by being in MSG is horse pukey.  Wanna “help recruiting” (does ACC recruiting “need” help ???) then have it in The Staples Center or on South Beach.   Today’s 18 y/os with hop, lots of tatts, and unimpressive SAT scores don’t get all jazzed about Willis Reed and Lou Carnesecca’s sweaters.

Again, I really don’t care; but I do have the perfect way for Little Johnny Swofford to decide this matter.   Swoffy should go on PackPride and StateFanNation for 48 hours and see how the Wuff-loonies are trending on the subject…… then decide exactly opposite.   In other words….. p*ss off the Wuffs as much as possible….. as usual.


A PS to AgentPierce’s pretty darn incredible treatise on Duke’s “Too Whiteness”.  If you haven’t read it, shame on you….. the link is down yonder on the bottom.

A lot is made about certain former “really white” Duke players being “mouthy” and overtly obnoxious in their court behavior and overall deportment.  Most notably such “caustic Caucasians” as Laettner – Hurley – Collins – Wojo – Redick.  Actually Bob Verga and Art Heyman were probably more so than any of those young pups but too long ago for many of you.

A rhetorical question…… what is termed “mouthy” in a white player is just “trash talking” when it comes from a non-Cauc from an “urban upbringing”.  Popping one’s jersey…. having a torso covered in tatts….. and other overtly trendy manifestations of “street ballers” are considered “cultural elements” and not criticized by those of the PC-persuasion.   Why come Dat???

If a white Duke player acts “like a black player” he incurs the eternal wrath of rival fans.   If those same rival fans’ own “black players” act the same way….. nobody says nuthin’ ???  How come?  I’m serious…. help me figger this out.

It should be noted that several of Duke’s more prominent un-Caucasians came from quite well-to-do upbringings – Grant Hill, Sean Battier, Austin Rivers and Kyrie Irving to name four.  Does a well-to-do black player count as “half-white” when it comes to why we hate Duke?  Who makes these rules anyway?

The Link To AgentPierce’s column “America Hates Duke Because It is Too ______ “

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