Aint Funny unless “our kids” do it.

February08/ 2013

  “College humor” has always been a ticklish subject (pun intended) for responsible adults to discuss.  Because today’s “responsible adults” were IRresponsible smart-a** college students just a few decades ago.   IResponsible adults however have no problem blurting their asinine opinions on the appropriateness of college humor or on anything else.  “Something” happened in Cameron Indoor Stadium on Thursday night…..CamCrazz

I was not in attendance at the State v Duke BkB game Thursday night.  I watched bits and pieces on TV but with no interest other than watching a potential Duke rout get whittled down to an “interesting” final minute or so.  Oddly, exactly what happened with Carolina v State a week or so ago.

I first heard about “THE CRAZIES SAID _____?” on Friday morning from a BLSays reader wanting my opinion.

My 1st thought was:

DAMN!  IF they really did say THAT, that’s definitely over-the-line.  Coach K will no doubt be fired by noon and that vile hellhole bulldozed to rubble by 5:00 PM.

My 2nd thought about 15 seconds later was:

I betcha there’s at least three, possibly four, other versions of what may / may not have happened.  Assuming so, Coach K will likely still be employed at days end and Eddie Cameron’s esteemed ediface will still be standing.

Thought #2 prevailed.

If you are gainfully employed and “have a life” that does not involve “checking the monkey boards” every 30 minute you have no idea what might / might not have occurred Thursday night in Cameron.  If you were “there” last night, you may not have a clue either.

At issue is whether some/all/a few/none of the “Cameron Crazies” yelled jeers at State freshman guard Tyler Lewis about his grandmother who passed away recently.  If some/all/a few “did” I think that is way-over-the-line and shameful.  I’m not sure what the penalty for college students “doing really stoopid crap” should be.

I know a lot of well-to-do doctors, attorneys, engineers and tenured faculty who are glad that penalty does not involve dismemberment otherwise they would lack a few limbs from their own stoopidity during their college years.

In fact…. if you recall Animal House.  “Bluto” (John Belushi), the worst of all the Delta hell raisers, goes on to be a U.S. Senator.   Oh me…. Oh my.

NOTE:  Did John Swofford make a rule that there must be “at least one Tyler” in the ACC every year?  If so, why?

There is one Cardinal Rule about “stoopid behavior by college students”.  When “our students” do IT – “just kids letting off a little steam…. not big deal.”  If “their students” do the very same IT – “get a rope RIGHT NOW!”

Through the day I have read enough on-site eye(ear)witness reports from all along the partisan spectrum that say emphatically Yes / No / Maybe a taunt was / was not made about Tyler Lewis’ Grandmother.  So here we are.

The only “question” among rabid NC State partisans is whether this Unspeakable Crime by Duke surpasses UNC’s Great Unpleasantness meaning Cameron now gets bulldozed before Dean’s Dome.  The last vote totals I saw have it as “do it simultaneously – they are both very horrid places that must be destroyed.”

The usual raging bottom-feeders bunch on The Brickyard is convinced this was, of course, a labyrinthian conspiracy involving everyone ever involved with Duke University masterminded by “Rat Face” with Christian Laettner directly involved and probably JJ Reddick too.  Many State fans still hate Shavlick Randolph so lets dust for Shav’s DNA too.

My 4th or 5th thought came around to Saint Debbie Yow considered by some to be the penultimate Wonder Woman of Collegiate Athletics.  That the Divine “Frau” walks on water is a given…. according to some.  Why did I think of Frau?  Certainly she was not a conspirator in this.  No, of course not.   But Frau was “in charge of all things athletical” at The University of Maryland for well over a decade.

During her extended tour at College Park, “Maryland fans” gained the ignominious distinction as “worse than The Crazies”.   Say it ain’t so BobLee.  T’is so.   History records numerous incidents of the foulest of language and even “stuff thrown” at opposing players families, et al et al… YIKES!

Saint Debbie with all her magical powers could not control her own hellions over a decade of recorded HORRIBLE behavior but Duke AD Kevin White & Coach K should be able to do so?   If Saint Frau can’t control a student section, what hope is there for non-deified ADs?

One can only imagine BubbaTheRealAD, Ron Wellman and Terry Holland watching and saying “better them than us”.  And “there but for the Grace of God be us next week”.

Rampant Stoopidity lies just under the surface on every college campus in America.  Perhaps now more so than ever before but I can’t prove that.  It could and does erupt without warning and can create a helluva mess.  The level of mess that causes administrators and Trustees to dive under tables and curl into fetal positions.

There is a Murphy’s Law factor to these stoopidity eruptions.  They always tend to occur at the very worst timing for the institution.  For Duke this week….. the campus was already under siege from its sizable Asian contingent and its sympathizers.

No word yet on whether any privileged (and quite bigoted) Kappa Sig frat boys or any exchange students from Shanghai, Mombai or Kyoto were seen/heard taunting Tyler about his grandmother.  What is the Mandarin word for “grandmother”?

Refer to AgentPierce’s recent mini-opus on the above Duke stoopidity eruption.

How will “Grandmother-gate” be resolved?  Hopefully Duke will NOT summon Jim Martin to study the game tapes.  I think we can ALL agree that won’t help at all.

The N&O is sucking swamp water and hemorrhaging red ink like never before.  Another Triangle-area college sports scandal might sell a few papers.  Have the retiring Caulton “Toot” Tudor take this on as his swan song?

TV Mogul Jim “George Soros Jr” Goodmon is a graduate of Duke.  Will Jimmy tell his WRAL attack dogs to soft-pedal this?  We know for a fact that “the news” at WRAL is whatever Jim Goodmon wants it to be.  How can Jim blame this on Pat McCrory?

Me?  I figure maybe it’ll be worth one more column; a half column at least.  If Mike Nifong gets involved all bets are off.

PS:  Did “they” ever find the Wuff idiot that threw the coke at Bill Guthridge…. or the ones shooting the heated pennies at the Carolina players all those years….?   Just wondering……


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