re: Chicken Pot Pie & Beyonce Thighs !!

February04/ 2013

I lied.  Blondie and I did NOT watch a Bond-athon as our pre-SB47 ritual.  Instead she did a TurnerClassic Movie-athon including “A Nun’s Story” featuring Audrey Hepburn.  Audrey and Beyonce on the same HDTV screen on the same day – YIKES!
…… As predicted we did not go to SB47 coverage until 6:15…. and did not miss a thing of the slightest significance…. MORE

It was a legitimate nail-biter of a game but “watch one football game per year” critics will continue to carp that Super Bowl games are “always blowouts”.  No, they aren’t.  Of the most recent dozen or so, most have been very competitive.

Re: Commercials….. The Salute To Farmers was far&away #1.   I think it was a Dodge truck ad but who knows…..   I warned you in advance about “Bar kisses the Go-Daddy geek” so no apologies for you being grossed out.  I read it took 46 “takes”……  Blondie loves anything involving Clydesdales….. I have no clue what many of the commercials were promoting.  Is “really confuse any potential consumers” the latest trend on Madison Avenue?  Apparently.

Eschewing all the “waaaay beyond over-kill” pre-game hype is really the way to go.  Neither of the teams are well-known “national teams” meaning most of the wimmen at Super Bowl parties looking for a Manning or Tony Romo were confused….. “Why does Brett Favre spell his name that way?  Shouldn’t it be Farve?

Both of the ubiquitous sideline reporters were “guys” ??? Isn’t there some version of The Rooney Rule that says at least one sideline reporter has to be a gal?   Was Leslie Visser not available….. Phyllis George….. Jayne Kennedy ???

Blondie and I tried to recall the last Super Bowl Party we went to.  I think it was the same year we went to “a New Year’s Eve Party”.   One of “the Bushes” was POTUS.  I think it was Daddy Bush.  We are NOT the social butterflies you might imagine we are….. by choice (I think).

I thought Beyonce’s half-time extravaganza was appropriate to the occasion.  Maybe I’ve grown numb to “can ‘they’ actually show THAT on network TV with kids watching” type of spectacles.   I can honestly say I could not understand one word that woman sang.  Not one word.  She beyonnn2certainly has incredible cardio-vascular fitness to strut around like that while screaming and shaking her hair.  As noted in today’s title….. LORDY! That gal’s combination of quadriceps and hamstrings is certainly impressive….. INDEED! …..more impressive pair o’  thighs than the fullbacks on either team, I bet.

Acknowledging the obvious titillation aspect of her performance, I don’t think she was advocating “kill all the white folks” or anything about “bitches” but, again, I couldn’t really tell.  Somewhere Tina Turner was yelling “You Go Girl!”
We’ve sure come a long way from Kate Smith singing God Bless America.  Kate’s thighs may have been as large but likely not as “toned”. Did Kate ever wear a leather bustier and boots?

Blondie made a chicken pot pie in the crock-pot and we had some chips, salsa and guacamole.  We were content with our SB47 fare….. I hope you were too.

Re: The Power Outage….. will SB47 be remembered for the “lights went out”?   Did anyone in the room with you quote Don Meredith at any time during the 30-minute delay?   I did wonder if “Mayor Nagin” was still around NOLA.  He’s not.  That two-bit gangsta is headed to a Graybar Hilton.  I was wondering if CBS would show old footage of all those school buses under water.
I bet we will never really know what happened which means liberal bureaucrats were responsible.   Just another – “What difference does it make?”  I know for a fact that Rush Limbaugh was NOT there.
NOLA is controlled by The Landrieu Mob.  Best guess is that Roger Goodell did not make his “contribution” to a certain political campaign.

Is Ray Lewis 24/7 officially over now?  I never have figured out the legitimacy of his “I’ve seen the error of my wicked wicked ways” campaign.  He seemed to be trying waaaay too hard to convince us he had had some Road To Damascus conversion.  I certainly believe in such experiences but Ray is trying waaaaay too hard.
FWIW….. HGTV did not get on-board the “lets talk about Ray Lewis some more” bandwagon.  All the more reason to stick with HGTV or History2.

All the SB47 mega-hype obscured what was quite a miserable week for Watson Brown’s brother Mack down in Austin.   Major Applewhite’s dalliance with a coed was uncovered and a red-shirt QB got busted on a DWI with a bad license.   The Aggies over in College Station are laughing so hard you’d think Uncle Julius had joined the UT faculty.  Maybe Mack should hire Butch as “a special consultant”.

Re: The Harbaughs….. I think I like John the best.  Jim is simply too manic.   Yes, there was probably pass interference on that last drive and yes, that was critical but……   Some one needs to tell Jim Harbaugh that “crooked refs” only work NC State games.  I thought everyone knew that.

Colin Kaepernick’s eyes are really close together.  I’m sure he’s a fine fellow….. I’m just saying……

It took Alicia Keyes longer to sing the SSB than it took Francis Scott Key to write the darn thing.   Which was longer – her rendition or the black-out?


A Thank You shout-out to the Greater Wilmington Sports Club.  With the Battleship North Carolina as a back-drop, I regaled New Hanoverians last Friday with some incredibly clever repartee.  Remember folks, it’s “….in the tennis shop at Hope Valley Country Club”…. and “board monkeys”.   🙂

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