The Butcher’s Dilemma ???

December29/ 2012

Add another bizarro chapter to Butcher & Carolina Go Round & Round.  As we noted several weeks The Coach Formally Known As The Pale Rider seemed all squared away to be the new HFC of Florida International University aka FIU.   Yet another of the seemingly endless “former associates of Butch Davis” is the AD at FIU.  AD Pete Garcia (a Butcher buddy from his “Butch @ The U Days”) abruptly fired his other coach seemingly to create a position for his old pal Butch….. then it all started to muck up…… somehow it always does with Butch? Butch-nose

If you are still staring at your flat-screen wondering how the heck Duke “blew it” @ The Belk Bowl you mighta missed The Latest Butcher News.  Yep, our favorite self-declared videoing victim is in the news again.   A modern day twist on Aesop’s Fox & The Grapes dilemma……

First of all….. we’re offering a Black Santa bobble head doll to anyone who can locate FIU on a map other than “I think its in Florida somewhere”.   We’ll throw in an official Marvin Austin “tweeter” if you can name one alumnus and/or campus landmark.   FIU ???  Really Butch, was Killian High School not willing to pay Jimma Sexton’s commission?

Yes, we did tell you several weeks ago that The Butcher of Kenan was all set to re-whistle-up and “coach again”…. subject to him also cashing a “sizable amount” of buy-out bucks reportedly due him from UNC.  Our first source said $900,000 but that seems to be $400,000 too much.  Reports now have the in-dispute “you owe me – not if you coach again, we don’t” amount to be $590.000.

The January installement is/was an annual pay-out of the original $2.7 Mill…. $1.8 of that 2.7 remains due ….. IF Butch isn’t “a coach” again…. or so UNC says.

We don’t have a copy of the buy-out pay-out agreement so it’s Butch’s attorney’s word versus “UNC’s”.  Hopefully BobLee’s BFF & frequent BLSays commentor  Jon Sasser will enlighten us.   If the UNC spokeman turns out to be Dickie The Putz we’re going with Attorney Sasser on this one.

NOTE: Don’t get the big head, Jon.  We’d go with Charles Manson vs Dickie The Putz.

Apparently FIU wants to pay Butch $500,000/year to coach the FIU Fighting Whatevers (Manatees maybe….. Drug Mules maybe….. ??) but if Butch inks that deal he loses $500,000 he says is due him from UNC.   His intense teeth-grinding hatred for UNC administration dictates he grab every penny he can squeeze outta UNC. ….. We understand that Butch has demonstrated so much toxic hate towards UNC that PackPride has offered him a free lifetime subscription to their Premium board.  THAT’s a lotta toxic hate!

FoxSports’ Story re: Butch & FIU & UNC…..

Nothing is ever simple in the never-ending Butch & Carolina Go-Round & Round.

Maybe a compromise would be UNC sending Dickie down to Florida once/month to give Butch’s car a full wash/wax?  Can I get BOTBob’s name int this somehow.  Hey, I just did !!!

Ardent followers of “Whats going on with Butch now” will recall his semantical game of a year ago when he sidestepped the “not hired to be a coach” clause by being “a special assistant” to ANOTHER former associate – Greg Schiano @ Tampa Bay.  That seems to have validated the existence of the pesky “we don’t owe you any $$$ if you take another coaching job” clause in his “just go-away Butch” agreement.

So maybe this “former associate” hires Butch as Provost of FIU rather than Head Coach ???  Do glorified community colleges “somewhere in Florida” have provosts?

UNCONFIRMED RUMOR: …. that Dos Equis is negotiating w/ Butch about a new ad campaign – “Butch – The Most Innocent Man In The World”.

With Butch its never cut&dried except of course Butch’s imminent deification as the first NFL “special assistant” to be named “Eagle Scout” for not being mentioned by name in the recent The Martin Report.   I wasn’t named either so can I be deified as an Eagle Scout too? …… I guess we’ll have to wait for Marvin’s next tweet to know, huh?

I have, on occasion, been accused of being anti-Butch.  Moi?  I, BobLee, am ardently pro-Sports Ridiculum – so long as Butcher contributes to the never-ending ridiculousity of Sports -I am quite pro-Butch.  Otherwise I have to write about Tim Tebow or Larry Fedora Non-interviews or Roy Said WHAT or Ugly Betty or……

Do Meadowmont real estate salesmen still point to Butch’s penthouse condo and say “Former UNC Football Coach Butch Davis might still be living up there…..”?

Butch Davis – Head Football Coach of the Florida International University Fighting Drug Mules ….. Look out Nick Saban.  There’s a new sheriff of BCS Town….. maybe.

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