Some Guy from WHERE named WHAT ???

December01/ 2012

Frau Yow went ahunting up in DeKalb, Illinois and bagged herself a Dave Dornan…. Dan Dorane…. Doug Doherty…. Dick Dohicky….  It’s Dave Doeren.  And he’s from Western Iowa…. Middle Indiana….. Central Southern Ohio – It’s Northern Illinois…… A good solid choice with plenty of upside to please real adult Wuffs…. and enough question marks to provide yadda yadda fodder for non-Wuffs. doeren

Ruggedly good-looking, high energy young guy (41) with fine football pedigree and strong, albeit short HC resume.  Remarkably similar career profile as Larry Fedora. Both fan bases will swear they got the better one.  ….. Flip the two men and both fan bases would still swear they got the better one.

….. Remember that little tidbit over the next few years.

His name is unusual so the over/under on how often it (Doeren) will be misspelled is – “at least 83% of the time for the first year”.  50% of the time thereafter.”

For sure Dan / Don / Doug was – “Frau’s first choice from Day One”.  ….. hehhehhe.  The meets with all the others were just to throw off the throng of international media who form Frau’s press corps. (?) Only five NC State fans had ever heard of Dan / Don / Dave nine days ago….. Now he’s THE SAVIOR! Yeeee Ha!

My first question would be – Why didn’t Purdue grab this guy ?? ….. regional recruiting ties and Big Ten pedigree???  Before any wuff says Purdue is stoopid, Chancellor Randy bleeds Boilermaker blood.

Q:  BobLee; does he “care about academics”?
A:  Sure…. EVERY coach “cares about academics” –  in his hiring press conference.  Then he “gets real” and does what he has to do to accumulate lots more Ws than Ls.  He’s hired to be a Football Coach…. not a Provost.

The Deification of Frau Yow is the most amusing sidebar to all of this.  Wuffs tend to make their ADs central characters in the on-going high drama of Lupine Sports.  They luv’em or they really really hate’em…. no middle ground.  Frau is still in the “Kay’s sister” beloved stage.  History says that stage will end some day…. sigh and alas.   28 miles to the west, ADs are viewed differently.  Of course, not having a “real one” for 16 years has something to do with that.  Bubba The Real AD is top-notch but purposely does not seek the spotlight.  He does not make every decision “about him”.  A wise decision in this observer’s opinion.

Further discussion of the many positives of “this new guy” & a few niggly negatives in the days to come.  No obvious downside other than lack of familiarity with ACC area….. which is (taa-da) similar to Fedora at this time last year.

All the stories about how he is THE GREATEST YOUNG COACHING MIND IN HISTORY (RealBobKennel?) are waaaay premature.

All the stories claiming HE ONCE JAYWALKED AND HIS GRANDFATHER WAS A SCOFFLAW (UNC loonie) are board monkey crap.

A special Red-ribbon committee to “Nickname The New Guy” has been assembled and is meeting as we speak in the Buckey Twins Room at Amedeo’s.  First one proposed was – “Davey D”.  Choice #2 was “DD”.  Choice #3 was “The Northern Illinoian”.  #4 was either DO’B or DaveTheChest because there are a lot of those left-over t-shirts already printed.  One will be chosen before the Intro Press Conf at 4 on Sunday.  Just the right nickname is critical to his success.  Wuffs are big on nicknames.

My initial sense is that this is a classy guy who will not roll around in the rivalry mud with the short bus faction of WuffWorld.  He will go about his business like its a business but with more pizzazz than TO’B had in him.  Maybe a modern day Dick Sheridan.  That would be nice, I think.

Let the yadda yadda and harumphing between rival “bottom-feeding goobers in tire swings” begin……

Dave Doeren is a very good solid selection.
We wish him lots of success.
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