Rimshots: 07/26/12

July26/ 2012


……. What Would Walter Byers Do ???  Is NCAA Czar de-jour Mark Emmert “the long-awaited messiah with a big stick” or “just a bully playing to a mob”?  You can find proponents of both and in-between.  Will “burning down the barn after the horses are all gone” prevent horses from other barns from covering up the next evil doings?

Walter Byers was the for-real iron-fisted straw boss of the NCAA in its early days through the late 70s.  He was the NCAA’s Avery Brundage.  Brundage was the for-real iron-fisted straw boss of the IOC during the same time period.  Walter and Avery had staffs and committees but they were primarily for show.  The NCAA and the IOC were extensions of their personal POV.  Neither was known for their compassion or their concerns for consensus building.

I think Czar Emmert went too far in putting Happy Valley to the torch.  If he was sending a message – “Don’t hide child molesters among your assistant coaches” – I guess he made his point.

What about “hiding illiterate knuckle-dragging thugs on BCS campuses”?  What about THAT Mark?

As AgentPierce said in his recent definitive piece on this situation – what mistakes did the Penn State rank & file alumni/fans make that bazillions of overly passionate alums/fans across the BCS/Final Four country aren’t still making.

They drank the Nittany Kool-Aid and believed their sainted coach and his sainted program were “sainted”.  Let he who has not kissed that papal ring throw the first stone.

AgentPierce on Penn State Decision – CLICK

Throw the actual perps who are still alive into general population of D Block.  IF Joe did know and tried to hide it then take down the JoePa statue and even take away his records.  Say “no recruiting for a year” and no “Christmases In Shreveport” for a year or so.  Maybe even “no TV” for a year …… at least Emmert did not “salt the field” like the Romans did to Carthage.  He might as well have.

I guess if Czar Emmert had wanted my opinion, he would have asked.  It’s not like I’m hard to find.


“People all over the world are mocking UNC.”     ….YIKES!

……. Yeeeee HAA!  You know I do not visit Ye Olde Monkey Boards of any partisan species.  Nor do I gargle thumbtacks or watch the WNBA.  I’m not in to masochism.  I DO get updates from AgentPierce on the goings-on on the N&O anonymous comment boards.   That bit of fecal flatulance above appeared today.

These days any N&O on-line news story with Dan Kane’s by-line draws more views than a Kardashian Kute Kitten youtube.   Like a sugar cube on a picnic blanket, the ants are all over it in nano-seconds.  Understandable.   This is in the shadow of Ground Zero.

I do appreciate the monumental regional impact of The Great Unpleasantness as my continuing coverage of it verifies.  I understand why the ABC community is swinging from chandeliers and doing backflips…. and why many UNCers are floating down that river in Egypt – De Nile.

But….. “people all over the world are mocking UNC”  is hyperbole on steroids.  I checked.  ESPN Beijing has nothing.  ESPN Mumbai – zilch.  ESPN Macau – nope.  I did see a piece on ESPN Chattanooga last week.  IF it starts leaking up Ol’ Roy’s pants leg then ESPN Lawrence will pick it up.

ESPN Aurora Colorado definitely isn’t covering it.

NOTE: Does our regular BLSays visitor/commentor “Thailand” constitute “global impact”?

How many of you’ans know how many of Mark Richt’s Georgia Bulldogs took the perp walk this week?  Do you know the name of the “go-between” down at Miami?  Unless you are a real No-Life goober or paid to keep up on this crap….. it really ain’t STOP THE PRESSES stuff.

A recent N&O UNC Mess story attracted 207 anonymous comments over a 36-hour period.  Somewhat impressive for that gendre.  Until you look a bit deeper.  Of the 207 comments (mostly lynch mob rants) 154 of them were posted by FIVE No-Life Goobers.  Five No-Life goobers who are obsessed with how The Carolina Way somehow is responsible for their dead-end career…. their fat, ugly wife….. their ne’er do well kids…. and their stoopid dawg that won’t hunt.

“The Carolina Way” = A dopey phrase that Carolina fans learned some years ago would cause rival fans to chew glass and bite their own arms off at the elbow.  Thats always fun to watch so say it and watch the Pavlovian responses.  Did some rival fans never figure that out?  Apparently not. My many State fan friends figured it out.   Of course, I don’t hang with the no-life goober crowd.

These same handful of no-life goobers descend on every N&O UNC Mess story and spew their life-long hatred of all things UNC….. same trite insults….. same “all UNCers are all a buncha _____”.  That’s been going on for two years.  Same cross-eyed goobers, same screechs.

I recommend you checking it out whether you are a UNCer or an ABCer.  No matter what troubles you have going on in your world…. you will feel better about yourself after comparing yourself to these hair-on-fire nitwits.

I have an awful lot of Wuff Pals and many of them comment here.  They are NOT anywhere close to the sub-species I am describing.  Yes, that genetic train wreck exists within the UNC fan base too…. no question about that.  It exists within every fan base.

The UNC Mess is a big mess.  It’s messier than anyone ever knew when Marvin first tweeted.  Mistakes have been made since then.  There have been some “zigs” that should have been “zags” and there may be more of’em before this is over.  Butcher Knew ….. Dickie was Clueless….. Holden was Naïve….. The BOT and BOG have been slow to appreciate the magnitude of the mess…… and Julius was a Crook.

To blame every living UNC alum/fan for what has/is happening at UNC is to call every Nittany Lion fan a “child molestor”.

Only No-Life Goobers do that.  Don’t be a No-Life Goober.


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