Rimshots 07/05/12

July05/ 2012

Rimshots:  07/05

Another Babe By By at ESPN
….. Another bimbo defection from Bristol.  Following Michelle Beadle’s breadcrumb trail of a few weeks ago, the much higher-profiled college dorm ceiling poster girl – Erin Andrews – delivered a teary adios to ESPN and a big Howdy-Do to FoxSports.  Sports journalists tried their best to come up with legitimate descriptions of what Erin did and will be doing but it always ends up with the term “eye candy”.  Nothing wrong with making a seven figure salary being “eye candy”.   More power to Ms Andrews.
Can you name one memorable analysis or interview that Erin Andrews has ever conducted?   Will you decide which game you will watch based on “what channel is Erin on today”?   The Erin Andrews “cult” surpassed her reality a few years ago….. IMO.  To her credit, she has never done/said anything gratuitously dumb.
I miss Phyllis George and Jayne Kennedy.   Sports is entertainment.  Everyone in front of the camera is an “entertainer”.   The first word in ESPN stands for “Entertainment”.
Some might argue that FoxNews employs the same strategy since their “infobabes” are all very easy on the eyes.   But a bio check on any of them will reveal legit academic cred…. in addition to “really good genes”.
Has there EVER been a substantive comment from a coach rushing on/off the field/court at halftime?

MLB All-Star Game at
……. Royals’ Stadium will always be “my ballpark”.   I was in KC during the “George Brett Era” and going to a Royals’ game was a special treat.   The waterfall ….. Ewing Kauffman ….. Steve “By By” Balboni …. Freddie Patek giving special meaning to the term “shortstop”….. the series vs the Phillies….. U.L. Washington’s toothpick…. Brett vs Gossage in Yankee Stadium….. those were the days.
The Royals haven’t been competitive in 25+ years.  Wonder if “going to a Royals game” still matters.   I can’t name one Royal…. or one Padre….. or one D-back.   But I still like baseball the best.

Yes, I know Andy died
…… I’m going to do a full column on Andy Griffith’s death.   Many interesting angles to it.  Would it all have been the same if “Sheriff Taylor’s” first name had been Bruce or Charlie instead of the same first name as the actor playing the role.   Would actor & role have been as forever intertwined as they were? ….. Yes, we have had What It Was Was Football linked on this website since Day One.

Reuniting w/ some old favorites
…… Sidney Sheldon and Jackie Collins – back in 70-80s what semi-aggressive “bookie” didn’t read a few of Sidney and Jackie’s “adventures of the rich, famous and totally decadent”?  Now I’m re-reading them via Audiobooks.  Long ago forgot the plots so it’s like all new stories….. Blondie is finally reading about Barnabas Sackett by Louie L’Amour.

TV Recommends
…… After holding off for a year, I am now hooked on “Suits” on USA.  Yes, “another high-powered NYC law firm” drama but some very compelling characters.
Blondie still badgers me re: “Homeland” on Showtime.  I will probably succumb to that too.


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