Swords or Plowshares ??

June29/ 2012

Yesterday’s kick-in-the-teeth was exactly what we needed four months before D-Day. Did one man’s vote dropkick you into a deep funk? Did you weep, moan and even gnash your teeth? I hope so (and I think John Roberts hopes so too). If yesterday had been “another Wisconsin” you might have beaten your sword back into a plowshare and smiled smugly- ”OK, we’ve beaten this bastard!” – NO we haven’t. Not until November.

If we had won yesterday by 9-0….. and GangObnama wins in November, he could /would declare some BS “mandate” to overthrow the SCOTUS.

November Is THE Battle We Must Win!
Nothing matters now but winning in November !

Nothing ever mattered but Beating GangObama in November. Hopefully, as you emerge from your Thursday funk, you can grasp that reality.

Are you scared spitless about the effects of this decision and its effect on “the America you kinda like living in, despite it’s imperfections”? I hope you ARE scared spitless. I hope you are mad as hell. I hope you are mad as hell and not going to take it. Because if you are not….. GangObama is GOING TO DESTROY THAT AMERICA.

As Conservatives we don’t like “government” except in very limited doses. The same with the politics that is the culture medium that Government grows in. Conservatives don’t like the slimey finagling and back-room compromises and “our lawyers / judges are cagey than your lawyers / judges” gamesmanship of politics. Yes, we like our politicians better than their politicians for sure but we see them all as necessary evils in a process we find quite distasteful.

Big Deal 5-4 SCOTUS Decisions…. If you could only win one, which would you take – This One (which still can be repealed by a veto-proof Congress) Or…. that blithering jackass Algore as POTUS in 2000?

When we won Wisconsin I did a quick high-five and a Yippeee like you did; but I thought immediately – How many of “us” think this was THE BIG ONE? That turning back the union thugs in Wisconsin derailed the entire Obama War Machine. It was one battle is a very very serious war.

Yesterday was another battle. We lost this one. “We” as America lost battles in The Revolution, and WWI, and WWII, and Korea. But we won those Wars. What about Viet Nam? The exception proves the Rule.

Accept the reality that Obama and his base are the ENEMY. They are not your neighbors that simply like another politician more than they likes the guy you like. They are not simply the “other political party” that wants to “be in charge” for awhile …. as the power pendulum swings inexorable to and fro. Pendulum swings that traditionally had little/no real effect on your daily life.

This ain’t “just another pendulum swing”.

GangObama is the Ebola virus of political diseases. This is not Nutty Jimmy Carter or even rascally Bill Clinton. Those guys were just politicians. Actually in Carter’s case he was just “the anti-Nixon”. Bill Clinton was/is a scallywag and a scoundrel but Bill Clinton had some tangential connection to “our America”. Obama does not. This guy and his core advisors do not dance to any drumbeat you recognize.

We have four months to mobilize / shake-up every fence-sitter we can find. Don’t waste a second of those days with Obama’s base. That crowd is lock-step brainwashed to his siren song of:

“I’m gonna destroy their America and then turn it all over to you….. run by me – your Benevolent Leader.”

Blacks, gays, pointy-headed faux-intellectuals (aka msm), and union thugs. Allowing for the sprinkling of exceptions among them – that is the voting core of Obama’s army.

A % of you don’t have the sand in your gizzard for this fight. You are already playing the mind game of “maybe it won’t be so bad”. Every war thru history has had that element – play both sides and reap the spoils. Alas…. that bunch invariably reaps no spoils and loses their soul in the process.


So…. piss ‘n moan for 24 more hours. Gnash those teeth and cuss John Roberts thru noon Saturday. Then

Shoulder your sword & shield and fight to November. Win The WAR…. or Lose The Country.

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