Rimshots: 06/28/12

June27/ 2012

Rimshots: 06/28

Why Larry Why ???
…… If you are bumfuzzled by Larry Fedora inviting Drew “Son Of The Butcher” Davis to be a “special walk-on” this Fall, then take a number and join a very large club.  The general reaction of UNC fans and foes alike has been one of total bewilderment.

I have been in touch with multiple program “insiders” and every single one of them responded with a version of “beats me?”.

The numerous theories re: secret deals with Drew’s Daddy involving threats to “blow whistles”…. “spill beans”….. or “sing like a canary” are all just the usual board monkey bilge.   Drew Davis has no “right” to “walk-on” the UNC FB team.  It is a “privilege” granted by one man – the “current” Head Coach.

Best Why I’ve heard is:

Coach Fedora did IT for the same reason a dog licks himself – because he CAN.
Indeed, he can and indeed he did.   Make no mistake – THIS is 100% a Larry Fedora Decision.

With this one decision he made his #5 QB – The #1 Media Magnet On His Roster.  Every post-practice press conference will include “How did Butch Davis’ kid look today, Coach?”   If Fedora had wanted “the smell of Butch” to linger over his program he could not have come up with a better way to do that.   WHY he wants that – “beats me”.

I counted.  THere are 638 incoming college freshmen across America who were “pretty good” HS QBs.  Only ONE sprang from the loins of Butch & Tammie Davis.  Heck, maybe it’s just a coincidence ???

What’s next Coach:
….. gonna invite John Shoop’s wife to be the team chaplain?
….. bring back Jennifer Wiley?
….. howsabout all-Navy uniforms w/ green helmets
….. or maybe you wear a Wuff-Red sweater vest on the sidelines?”
….. jeeeezzzz.

How would a move like this one play in Hattiesburg ??

Bubba, methinks you need to take Larry for a stroll thru Coker Arboretum where you can remind him …… You ain’t in Hattiesburg any more, Larry.

PS: Even goofy ol’ Roy knows kids with the name Drew cause trouble…..


The New Playoff System
……. As I’ve read the umpteen analysis of The New College Football Playoff I was only concerned with ONE factor.

Will this new plan keep the Screamin’ Hair-On-Fire Goobers in full bitch’n whine mode?  Will every major college fan base STILL be convinced that this plan was implemented for ONE REASON – To Further Pick On “Us”?

So long as a 4-team playoff does not dim the rampant partisan paranoia that is The Official Mental Disorder of College Football, then I am fine with it.  Just don’t be messin’ with them nutty board monkeys.


New UNCBOG Member
The NC Gen Assem acted quickly to replace Brent Barringer who resigned last week.  The new appointee is a woman MD from Greensboro – Aldona Zofia Wos.  She was born/raised in Poland.  I have read her extensive CV.  The letters UNCCH appear NO WHERE in her background.  Barringer WAS both an undergrad and law grad from UNCCH.  With this replacement the penduium shifts slightly to a more equitable representation. ….. but not so much as to hamper continued pissin’ & moanin’ from those who so love to do so …..


Lebron-Haters On Hold
……. When a much-derided sports figure does really good, it REALLY upsets his throng of  hard-core “deriders”.  Case-in-point Lebron James of the World Champion Miami Heat.

Best I can recall, Lebron had one “shouldna oughta done that” moment in his career.  That waaaaay over-the-top “Look At Me – I’m Going To Miami” fiasco a few years ago.  I understand why folks in Cleveland weren’t thrilled with that.

Other than that about his only crime has been being a 6’9” 260 lb black guy who may be THE most awesome physical speciman to ever play the game of basketball – a combination of size, skill and athletic prowess that only “a Wilt” might match.  And Lebron shoots free throws much better than Wilt could.

I’ve never looked to the NBA for my role models.  “MJ” for all his many rings was hardly an Eagle Scout off-the-court.  Actually for a pro athlete, Lebron talks pretty darn coherently and seems to be overall a rather decent fellow.  A decent fellow WITH A RING.


Chaos in Hoo-ville
……. If Tom Jefferson thought Sally Hemming was a problem – he should see the mess aboiling just down the mountain from Monticello these days.  Ol’ TJ has to be spinning in his grave.

Best I can figure….. a cabal led by a “used-to-getting-my-way” Mega-Fat Cat ran a blitz-coup bulldozer over the She-Poobah of UVa.  Hoos call their campus poobahs – President.  “Wizard” and “Grand Shaman” being alternate titles.

Mega FatCat was like the Numero Uno benefactor of UVa’s Biz School and had gotten sick ‘n tired of UVa ever-increasing uber-Liberal wacky element filling up the curriculum catalogue with Swahili and Gay/Lesbian sorta crap.   Pretty much every major state liberal arts campus is about to explode over that issue.  UVa is the canary in the coal mine on this one.

The FatCat-led coup actually worked ….. for 48 hours.  They tossed the She-Poobah out on her pointy-head a week ago.   She wanted a reason as they were strongarming her out of her Rotunda Office and dumping her on The Lawn.  Again, that dog licking itself reason ‘ “Because we can”- was used.   EXCEPT this time they really couldn’t.

The Governor of Virginia got involved.  He said “OhMyGawd, this is a freakin’ Mess …. Fix it!…. or I’ll appoint a whole new batch of Visitors and all of you will be laughed at by all your hoity toity friends.” ….. So they fixed it by un-firing the She-Poobah.

Now the un-fired She-Poobah has a Board of Visitors who really don’t like her at all.  Mega-FatCat will probably take all his eeeeevil Big Bucks, and his bruised ego, and go away to some place where he can “lick himself because he can.”

The only one to benefit from all this was a local locksmith who was kept busy changing the lock on the She-Poobah’s office.

As Mr Jefferson looks down from Monticello thinking “I sure could use Lewis & Clark again.”


That new picture up top
…… So, you noticed that new picture up top of a certain roguish Internet Legend, huh?  Betcha wonder where the inspiration came for that pose, huh?

Lets just say I was enjoying a cold bottle of Dos Equis when it hit me.



“Stay Thirsty & Stay Tuned My Friends…..”
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