Rimshots: 06/14

June10/ 2012

Rimshots  06/14/12

OKC  ????
……. The eyes of the American Sports World are on someplace called “OKC” !!  Holy Naismith, Batman!  When Ol’ Doc Naismith hung his first peach basket, Oklahoma was still Indian territory.  It was sooner than The Sooners.  Will Rogers was twirling his first rope. …..  Now some lanky kid with a wingspan that awes even Sam Perkins is on center stage – Kevin Durant.

OKC’s prior experience hosting a “national” anything was when it hosted the National Rodeo Finals for many years.  Jim Shoulders, Casey Tibbs, and now Kevin & The Whozits versus the latest “most hated team” in sports – the best team money bought not named “Yankees”.

Hating LeBron James is a cottage industry run by the same mindset that hates A-Rod.  A Freak-of-Nature Talent signs a bazillion $$$$ contract and the boo-birds flock to over-analyze his every dribble.  An American sports tradition like so many others.

The NBA Finals – that two week window each spring when even NBA-haters watch and lament the demise of “real basketball”.

NBA Trivia….. the last time the Thunder franchise was in the finals…. Dick Motta was waiting for “the fat lady to sing.”

PUHLEEZE…. this home team thing of everyone in the lower level wearing the same color t-shirt was sort of cool the first 34 times it was done.  It isn’t any more.  David Stern, make them STOP THAT!  Put “that” wherever “the wave” went.

The Thunder’s head coach – Scott Brooks – could hide unrecognized at a weekly meeting of the Mebane Kiwanis Club.

ESPN6NBAHD now has four separate shows of analysts analyzing analysts analyzing analysts.

Is EVERY former NBA player now either an analyst for ESPN or behind in his child support? …. or both?

Meanwhile in the shadow of The Golden Gate
…… The Golf World is in California but NOT at Pebble Beach or Torrey Pines.  The US Open is at Olympic Club outside San Fran.  Since El Tigre won “at Jack’s Course” several weeks ago, the ranks of press row are filled with once-a-year golf “experts” who are on Tiger-Watch.

Rather than “did you use a niblick or a spoon at #17?” we get “Tiger, if you win this week, will your ex-wife or the IHOP waitress text you first?”

I will watch because I always watch The Majors.  I will be pulling for home-boy Webb Simpson.  No one named Webb has ever won “a Major”.

I recall an Open @ Olympic Club when a rotund Billy Casper eating buffalo meat beat Arnie.  I recall being angry at Casper for doing that.

The UNC BOG is meeting
……. Today (Thurs) and tomorrow, the much-maligned UNC BOG is in session in, of course, Chapel Hill where “The Flagship” is docked.

They WILL be discussing Julius and the AfAm Flim Flam….. and electing a new Chairman.

As previously noted – BobLee supports the not-a-ButchBuddy candidate – Peter Hans.  A sneaky ploy MAY BE attempted by Fulton-backers. We’ll let you know if that happens.

UPDATE:  Peter Hans defeated ButchBuddy Fulton – 21-10.  Hans is new BOG Chairman.   NCSU’s Frank Grainger is Vice Chair. – we will provide full details on Monday.

UNLESS the BOG votes to disband all UNC Athletics except chick-crew and The Clef-Hangers, expect the angry mob to stay angry.   When asked what she thought about “Julius”, current chair Hannah Gage replied – “I thought he was a better emperor than Nero.”

That phrase – “independent Investigation” – just MIGHT be uttered.  Ya never know…….

I plan on being there Friday which should swell the ranks of celebrity-watchers in the spectator gallery.   First-timers wondering which one is Tom Ross…. he’s the one making motorboat sounds in his water glass.

“…. handless man speaking Swahili throws a rock….”
…….. A year ago this would have gone completely unnoticed, but not any more ….. “….. speaking Swahili…..”  CLICK

JR is Back
…… the much ballyhooed Return of Dallas returned last night.  I didn’t watch but I think we DVRed it.

I moved to Dallas at the height of Dallas’ popularity in 1980.  I recall being in my hotel room the night before my job interview and turning on the TV.  That classic opening came on where the helicopter zooms down Stemmons Expressway…. It was cool.

Sightings of members of the cast was The Official City-Sport of Dallas back then.  Larry, Patrick and Victoria were the primo stars but everyone always said “Ray Krebs” was the nicest….. other than “Miss Ellie” of course.

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