Rimshots: 05/31

May30/ 2012

Rimshots  05/31/12

Oh My Gosh !!! – CHANGES !
…… Yes, can’t fool you guys.  There are a lotta changes to Ye Olde BobLeeSays website.  I didn’t ask your permission.  I just made’em.  It was time.

Most noticeable is the new headline banner.  Blondie describes it as “simple yet bold…. just like BobLee”.  That’s my Blondie.

Reader Comments look a bit different.  I did not request the alternating red and blue boxes.  It is purely coincidental that they are the two dominant colors of our readers.  They alternate red / blue so your comment may well appear in a box color not of your liking.   To quote The LegendInTheBasement: “8,000,000,000 Chinese don’t give a damn. DEAL WITH IT!”…. Oh, the order of comments has flipped.  The newest ones are now on top.  You can adjust.

We are encouraging you to sign up for Facebook and Twitter.  That is really to be sure you get notices of every new column.  We will also be snappy reparteeing with readers more on Twitter.

What is SaidWHAT?Media ???  That is a new cyber connection with BobLee & AgentPierce.  The two Cyber SuperStars have joined under one corporate umbrella.  We will be doing more co-op marketing of our two sites.   AgentPierce is not everyones’ cuppatea.  AP certainly realizes that.  Pick your poison.

Be on The Lookout for a REALLY BIG MEDIA ANNOUNCEMENT in mid-Summer.  HUGE !!!

Brooklyn Decker is very cool
…… In addition to her mega-cool name and the SI swimsuit thingy, Brooklyn Decker is a very sharp lady.  I’ve heard various interviews she’s done with Colin Cowherd, Dan Patrick, even with Smokey Dave Glenn and she always comes across as bright, quick and self-effacing.

BCS Playoff
…. the controversy will NEVER be over re: a BCS Playoff.  America’s favorite sport is “complaining about how sports are run”.  From bitching about the designated hitter to the distance of the 3-pt line to sudden-death formats…. it NEVER STOPS.   Expand March Madness to 300 teams and some nitwit board monkey will whine about #301.  A four-team format is fine.

Manny, Moe & Jack
…… saw where a corporate takeover of Pep Boys fell through.  Kid and I always joke about “Manny, Moe & Jack”.  I say it really fast and she will laff and laff.

Wolfpack Sports Hall of Fame
….. An idea long overdue.  As with all Halls of Fame the real arguing will come with the 4th or 5th class of inductees.  With the inaugural class there will be 3-4 “on the bubble” all of whom will get it in Year Two.  By year 3 or 4 all the obvious ones will be in and goobers will be campaigning for their favorite obscure hero.  The nastiest arguments will come between age groups.   The Case / Earle Edwards bunch will lobby for their folks against the Amato / TO’B crowd.

UNC Brd of Governors Chairman Elections
…… This month the UNC BOG will elect a new chairman – either BOT3 ButcherBuddy Paul Fulton or MY CHOICE – Peter Hans.  Both, alas, are from the Chapel Hill campus showing incredible tone-deafness by the BOG.  This was The Year to nominate/elect a Chair NOT from UNC-CH.  That error in judgement aside, Peter Hans is (1) a Conservative …. (2) a consensus-builder…. (3) a quiet effective get-done leader.  Fulton, in addition to the yucky Butch-stink is totally UNC-CH-centric.

Under the Open Meeting Act, which BOG members vote for which candidate is public info.  I will announce here who votes for Butcher’s Pal Paul Fulton.

(NOTE To Bob Kennel – you may want to alert Frank Grainger and Peaches and make sure they know.)

The BOG Chair weilds power by appointing committee heads who actually are the do-ers in the process.  Hans will show wisdom.  Fulton would simply pass out favors to his backroom buddies.   Peter Hans IS the projected winner based on preliminary straw polling…. and my support of course.

I remain overwhelmingly unimpressed with President Tom Ross.  An “empty suit”.

The evolution of the BOG to a body more representative of the entire 18 campuses is an on-going process.  The Democratic General Assembly stacked the deck with their liberal Chapel Hill pals for decades and no one could stop’em.  That foolishness has now been stopped.  There should be a minimum of one representative from each member institution on the BOG at all times.

Wow BobLee, the BOT3 REALLY pissed you off didn’t they?  Whatever gives you that idea.   🙂

NOTE: I’ve kidded Erskine Bowles that he is “always the smartest man in any room you are in”.  Last week he hosted BozoJoe Biden for a fat cat fundraiser at his Charlotte manse.  I took the opportunity to admonish him “Yo EB; you and your salad fork were 1 and 2 in THAT room”.  He has not responded.  🙂

Tim Duncan & Spurs
…… I like Tim Duncan and the Spurs A LOT.   What an outstanding and enduring career by the former Deacon.  Is there a quieter more unassuming SuperStar in major sports over the past decade than Tim Duncan?


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