Rimshots 05/24/12

May24/ 2012

Rimshots  05/24/12

Butcher to Tennessee ???   …… Is The Butcher on a “short list” for Tennessee if Derrick Dooley stumbles early?  A certain Butchie-Buddy is saying so.   Jimma Sexton is a Big Time Rocky-Topper.

UNC Legends Leaving …… recent goings-on haven’t been too swell in general for Tar Heel loyalists.  This week added to the dismay.  One C-blue sports legend passed away and another is very close.
Mike “Space Cowboy” Voight passed away on Tuesday…. an apparent heart attack in his Tidewater VA home.  Mike was a certified “hoss” teaming with Boom Boom Betterson in Bill Dooley’s backfield in the mid-late 70s.

The pantheon of great UNC running backs has Choo Choo and Don McCauley atop the list…. but Mike Voight would be in most folks’ top five or so.

As with so many great athletes, Life “got complicated” for Mike Voight after the cheering stopped; following severe injuries from an auto accident in his late 20s.  We last saw Mike at a Lettermen function last fall.  #44 – RIP.

Every “real UNC fan” above 55 can reel off the starters on “the ’57 team” – Lennie, Tommy, Joe, Bob and Pete.  Pete Brennan is in a fight to the finish with aggressive prostate cancer.   This one too is in Triple Overtime for the UNC All-American.

I got to know Pete a bit over the past five years.  Pete (and Lennie) became a regular member of our “BabyBoomers For Jesus” fellowship.  Pete returned to Chapel Hill where the memories were the best.

If the cancer wins…. there will be “just four” left from that entire ’57 roster – Lennie (Rosenbluth) – Joe (Quigg) – Tommy (Kearns) – Danny (Lotz).  Every Tar Heel of a certain age recalls “where I was” during that historical weekend in Kansas City.  Thanks for the memories, Pete.

As if Mike & Pete weren’t enough, UNC also lost two other UNC FBers from the 60s as reported recently in the Alumni Review – John Hill (’65) and Don “Cotton” Hartig (’69).   I vaguely recall John.  I knew “Cotton” pretty well.  “Cotton” Hartig may have been the last of the straight-on placekickers.  If not “the last one” he was close to it.  He was a dentist in Greensboro for 40+ years. ….. and Bill Stewart – West Virginia FB coach who died Monday – was an Asst for Dick Crum in the mid 80s.

Is Little Johnny on “The Hot Seat”
….. The “hot seat” MUST by universal law, be occupied at all times by some one.  The two primary occupiers right now appear to be Joe Biden and/or Little Johnny Swofford.   BozoJoe’s ability to deliver “a dozen nitwits in Delaware” is as valid as ever but probably not enough to save his ticket seat for November.  Madame Pantsuit lurks in the weeds….

Meanwhile in a lonely corner office at Grandover, ACC Commissioner Swofford considers his future options.  Being universally despised by every living Wuffie has always been LJS’s trump card.  No one else can bring THAT valuable credential to the job.  OK, maybe Todd Turner could, and Uncle Jed, but just those three.   Seminole drumbeats won’t go away.  If FSU DOES go away, does LJS’s $1.5 million dollar job go with them?  Maybe be…. maybe not ???

Little Johnny’s traditional go-to port in any storm – UNC – is otherwise disposed with its own queasy quagmire.  UNC can’t spare any troops to help Swoffy defends his corner office.    Is it too early to compile a “short list” to succeed Little Johnny?  Sure, but lets do it any way.

Todd Turner
Danny Ford
Dino Gaudio
Michelle Beadle
Doug Flutie
Chris Hawkins
Mike Nifong
Anthony Weiner
Stephen A. Smith
Brooklyn Decker

Meanwhile at The UNC BOG
….. It’s Election Time over at the UNC BOG.  Hannah Gage is turning over her Chairman’s gavel to either Paul Fulton or Peter Hans come June (BOTH are Tar Heels by the way… uh oh!)  6-7 years ago Paul Fulton was best known as “former CEO of Sara Lee”.  Then he went up to Chicago with BOTBob and John Ellison to be bedazzled by some Super Bowl rings…. and how did THAT turn out?

Yes, UNC BOG Chairman nominee Paul Fulton is a member of the notorious BOT3 that sold UNC’s soul to The Butcher.   Sure, Butcher blew smoke up his butt.  That’s no biggie.  But when the going got tough, Fulton hid in the weeds and let the Chancellor take arrows meant for him and Winston.

Needless to say, I support Peter Hans.  But this is an internal election so won’t none of “us” have a vote.  Except, of course, for the 5-6 BOG members that are faithful readers of this little ol’ website.

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