BobLee admits “I’m a real SOB”

May20/ 2012

No use denying it any longer – I’m an SOB – a Son Of the Beach.  I LOVE “going to the beach”.  We’re there now.  ….. Saturday Blondie and I pretended we were partners with Mark Zuckerberg and “what would we do with a billion dollars”….. It has been a busy few days swatting down rumors.  Rumor swatting might become a regular part of this website in the weeks to come.

I grew up 90 minutes from “da beach” and never really cared much for it.  Dad and I did go pier fishing 2-3 times a year but I was never much of a beach-kinda guy.  Now we are three hours from it and we LOVE IT.  Blondie and I have one special beachfront condo we love and a local rental company that treats us like VIPs.  This whole “Internet legend” thing has its perks.

We don’t boat, swim or fish.  We don’t even get wet.  We just enjoy looking at it – listening to it – and being beside it.  “It” being the Atlantic Ocean.  We have several local restaurants we frequent and several old friends we get together with on occasion.  I’ve reistened to three Dusty Rhodes’ “shoot’em ups” this weekend and trekked about 15 miles.

Blondie does her antiquing.  I would rather kiss a board monkey than “shop” but nothing pleases me more than watching Blondie enjoy herself.  While I am watching her shop, I’m listening to my audiobooks of course.

Right now I’m on the deck with my laptop with the symphony of waves crashing on the beach while Blondie watches Mad Men on a 50” Samsung SmartTV.  Life is good!

The simplicity of how we have adapted the whole process to our style is a by-product of many decades of thinking we were suppose to like how other people like to “do it”.  Shedding that burden opens up all sorts of wonderful options.  If you haven’t reached that stage of life….. it’s a blessing.


As we drove around Saturday we pretended we were original partners with Mark Zuckerberg.  We now have $1,000,000,000+ ….. what do we buy?….. what life choices do you make if “how much it costs” no longer matters?   A NASDAQ version of “if we won the lottery?”

At the end of several hours, all I had decided on was a couple of pair of custom-made cowboy boots.

We have known a few people who came into major lifestyle changing wealth.  Not a billion but significant millions.   They did all the usual big house, cars, toys, travel stuff.  Determined in the beginning that mega-money would uncomplicate their lives, in many cases they simply exchanged forms of complications.

“A new house” was immediately discarded by both of us because what our home of 24 years might lack in the latest physical accoutrements, it more that makes up for in memories.  It is where Kid grew up and where our family grew up.   No bricks & mortar could ever be more valuable than that.

Maybe $50,000 in renovations to bathrooms and expanding our screened-in porch, but that’s it.

Cars?  Maybe a new F-150 to replace my ten year-old one with 190,000 miles and maybe a showroom fresh Lexus or Beemer for Blondie.

Maybe we buy this beach condo we always rent.   We could keep it permanently stocked with our stuff so all we have to do is hop in the car whenever we please and come down…. and bring Annabelle The Cat.

So, after several hours of “money is no object…. buy whatever we want” we had spent about $400,000 and run out of stuff.  Are we boring or what?

As for “saving the world”, Blondie would spend $1,000,000 debunking Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring pack o’ enviro-whacko lies.  Bring back DDT and we wipe out malaria in a week.

Maybe I hire Bev “Dumplin” Perdue to stay active in politics after January just to keep AgentPierce well-stocked with really silly “she actually saids”.


The several hours of Holden Hysteria on Thursday was exciting.  Apparently the headwaters of that rumor have not been determined.  Either a Butch-buddy / Holden-hater or an ABCer in his underwear in his mamma’s basement.

The first of the three dozen emails I received within a 15-minute period contained the magic phrase “just read on InsideCarolina that…..”.   I didn’t need the other 30+ to know it was bogus after reading that.

It was easy enough to debunk with one simple phone call.  I then hit the bat-signal and alerted most of you.  On any rumor related to any major goings-on with UNC Administration, I have the magic number in my speed dial.  Some of the stuff that I know I can’t share, but BIG stuff like “Has Holden Thorp resigned?”  That stuff I can and will always share.

Yes, I know that SuperHeel has a magic 8-ball and UNC87 (or is it 88 or 89?) knows John Shoop’s barber’s cable guy and you can bet the kids’ college fund on what THEY tell you if you want to…. Or you can trust BobLee.  Up to you.

Fair warning…. As this crap percolates more and more the WARs will get crazier and crazier.  God invented the Internet just to see how gullible many of you are to what you read on anonymous fan boards.  A WAR is “Wild-Ass-Rumor”.

My latest favorite line so far:
“Roy Williams telling you ‘basketball is not involved in any of this’ is like Joe Biden telling you there’s nothing wrong with our economy.” 

THAT is funny on soooo many levels.

When the next wild-ass-rumor hits….. and there WILL BE more of them…. Just click on here and I will post THE TRUTH.

Remember I was the one who shot straight with you on the BOT3.


Speaking of BIG DOINS…. There some high-falutin’ meetings over the next few weeks regarding yours truly.  Not quite up to Zuckerbergian levels but pretty exciting for us.  More details as they crystallize.

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