Rimshots 05/17/12

May17/ 2012

Everybody comes from Somewhere
……. A community does not have much choice when it comes to “who comes from here”.   When a local rises to the pantheon of “national celebrity” where they came from goes along for that Andy Warhol ride.  Our community has three of it’s own in that rarified air these days.  On Tuesday I was among a roomful hearing one of’em give his Christian testimony – PGA Tour star Webb Simpson.
I had heard Webb several years ago at a smaller FCA function.  Then he was a fledgling PGAer.  Now he is Top Ten in the World rankings.  Mighty impressive young fellow.  Mighty impressive indeed.
It occurred to me that Wake County has a pretty impressive threesome “above the fold” right now – Webb – Josh Hamilton – & Scotty McCreery.   I would put theit accomplishments and their “darn fine young men” qualities up against any other similar bunch anywhere. …… Must be something in the local water supply.

Trail o’ Tears for Seminoles ??
….. Are the Florida State Seminoles considering following their ancestors on the Trail o’ Tears to Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas et al – and joining the Big 12 ?  The past 4-5 days have seen a series of “yes we are’s” and “no we’re not’s” coming from assorted self-proclaimed “spokesmen” from Tallahassee.  Enough smoke to assume there is a fire there.
Stoking the fire is some financial convolution concerning the new ACC-ESPN TV-deal.  The ‘Noles claim it favors the conference’s basketball schools.  Despite winning last season’s basketball crown, folks around Tallyhassy prefer a certain “collision sport” to a contact sport.   Might they be more at ease “among similar mindsets” in the Big 12?  I say Yes and think they should indeed “light a shuck” and Go West Young Noles.   ….. taking Miami with’em is fine with me.

“Just Shawgo” the stranger replied
….. I have stumbled upon a new “favorite author” – Dusty Rhodes.  Dusty writes in the western genre aka “Oaters” / “Shoot’em Ups”.   I’m well into reaistening to my third Dusty book and put him solidly with L’amour, McMurtry, and Zane Grey.
His books could be screenplays for Gunsmoke, Rawhide or any of those TV-westerns of the 60s.   His epic – Manhunter – is a combination of Josey Wales Meets Gus McRae, Woodrow Call & Gil Favor.
His heroes are strong quiet men with broad shoulders, lightning fast draws and enough “do-right” in their gizzards to tame the west and win the hearts of every school marm west o’ the Pecos.
If you tire a bit of the convoluted crap festering on the front page of your morning paper, I strongly recommend you check out Dusty Rhodes.  Here’s his website CLICK

….. the batwing doors of the cantina swung wide as the trail-weary stranger strode in.  Scratching out a chair, he folded himself in to it.   “Howdy Mister, what kin I get ya” asked the barkeep.  “Coffee’ll be fine” he replied. “and, if it’s not too much trouble, can ya rustle me up some breakfast with that coffee….” “Sure thing, comin’ right up.  Ya got a name, stranger?”  “Shawgo”.  “Shawgo” what.  “Just Shawgo” the stranger replied. ………….

If you enjoyed the Lonesome Dove trilogy, you’ll love Dusty’s heroes.  If you didn’t enjoy Lonesome Dove, you likely have an empty place where most folks have a soul.
Check out Dusty Rhodes.  You’ll be glad you did.  And so will ol’ Dusty.  His books might be hard to find at a B&N.  Order from his website or download’em from Audible.com like all us cool audio-book guys do.

Kindly Ol’ Bill
…… “Kindly Ol’ Bill” Friday is in critical condition at UNC Hospital as we post today.  The timing is simply too coincidental to not notice.  With the barbarians of athletic/academic scandal rampaging the Orange County countryside and threatening the ivy-covered towers, we want to hope the current yuckiness de jour has not contributed to Mr. Friday’s weakened condition.

…. with various vegetables !!
You may recall some time ago I noted a high school classmate of mine was the murder victim in a horribly tragic crime – Kathy Taft.  The trial of Kathy’s alledged killer started yesterday.
The defense is going full-tilt for an insanity plea.  In acknowledging the piece of human garbage did indeed randomly rape and murder Kathy, they described in gory detail just what a sicko this guy is.  Among his various character traits, he “liked to pleasure himself sexually with various vegetables”.
I have read local newspapers all my life and never come across that particular phrase.   I had kinda hoped to make it thru life without doing so.  Such are our times and the depths that local papers now go to in reporting “news”…. not to mention the depths of human depravity.

Pretty Fair Odds
…… At my table at that Webb Simpson FCA luncheon were six fellows of the Lupine persuasion.  Three of’em recognized me on-sight.  The other three were somewhat awe-struck when my identity was revealed.
    “I never pictured you that tall” one noted.   What’s your real name? another asked.  “Shawgo” I replied. “Just Shawgo.”

What do you call BobLee surrounded by Six Scandal-happy Wuffies ?  Pretty fair odds.

Is It Time Yet?
…… Is it time to pay attention to the NBA yet?  I understand “the Playoffs” have started.  I figure about another ten days before I’ll sneak a glance with two minutes to go.

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