Rimshots: 03/29/12

March29/ 2012

Jerrod Haase to UAB
…… Finally one of Royz Jayhawk Boyz leaves the nest.  Jerrod Haase leaving the friendly confines of Dean’s Dome for UAB.  Jerrod is the first of the four UNC-Duke “young guns” assistants to take the leap to a Head Coach gig.  We wish Jerrod lots and lots of success….. Now the board monkey goobers can screech their opinions on who should replace Haase on the staff.  Expect some LooLoo suggestions.

Speaking of Area Assistants
….. Former Duke Asst Johnny Dawkins has Stanford in the NIT Finals.  After four years, Dawkins may be turning the corner w/ the Cardinal program.   FWIW: Stanford defeated NC State in an early season game and played Syracuse very close.

USoCar hires KState Frank Martin
…… I’m a bit surprised that USoCar AD Eric Hyman has hired out-spoken K-State basketball coach Frank Martin to jumpstart Gamecock hoop fortunes.  Martin is a disciple of Bob Huggins and an in-your-face advocate of thug-recruiting.
Apparently USC fans are desperate and Hyman is following their wishes.  Martin is 180 degrees from former USC coach Dave Odom.  Oh well, such is “big time college basketball circa 2012”.  Frank Martin WILL create headlines for sure.

Rick vs Calipari
…… Rick The Ristorante Romeo vs One&Done Cal ???  Who ya gonna pull for?  I’m a ABK guy so gotta pull for Rick & Louisville in this one.

UNC Baseball unis.
….. O Joy!  O Rapture !!  Our favorite UNC Coach – Mike Fox – had his kids bedecked in those BEAUTIFUL “Traditional Baseball Uniforms With Stirrup Socks” for their Monday game vs NC State.  ….. These are “special uniforms” that UNC Baseball wears on special occasions.  WE LIKE THEM A LOT!
Former UNC hitter extraordinare Dustin Ackley led of the 2012 MLB season by going yard in Japan leading The Mariners over the A’s.  Expect a super season from one of Fox’s finest.

Baddour Chairs Committee ????
….. The UNC System appointed multi-plaqued and faux-awarded former UNC AD Richard “Dickie” Baddour to chair a special committee on How To Write Contracts for Coaches & AD.  “Special committees” are relatively harmless bureaucratic circle-jerks; but just the thought of Prince Tassel Loafer being considered qualified on any level to do this is a Monty Python moment. ….. Lets add UNC System Prez Tom Ross, who made this silly appointment, to the Clueless Club.
What’s next Tom?  Appoint Jennifer Wiley to write the How To manual for jock-tutoring?

This Week’s Chapelboro Column
…… In our final chapelboro “Drive…..” section column – “Alas, not a “Happily Ever After” – , BobLee hammers the nutjobs in the UNC board monkey dumpster.   That’s always fun.  Check it out…… CLICK 

BobLee Gets Regular Radio Gig
…… Every Monday from 9-10 AM, yours truly is on WPTF-850 AM w/ Bill Lumaye.  850 AM is a new spin-off All Talk station by Curtis Media.  For those outside the immediate Raleigh area, stream us on www.wptf.com .  Give us a call.

GeneralBullmoose Blasts UNC Chancellor
….. Chancellor Thorp doesn’t want UNC anywhere near Rush Limbaugh BUT he has no problem paying “hate-comic” Dan Savage $18,000 to bring his brand of flame-throwing hate to UNC.  Holden trying to appease local radical loons quickly bites him, and UNC, in the butt.   U-N-C = H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.  CHECK IT OUT.


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