Rimshots 03/22/12

March22/ 2012

Shaka stays at VCU,,,, now what?
….. In Year Two of Where Will Shaka Go, the answer is the same as Year One – no where, he’s staying with Norwood Teague at VCU.   Will that mean an opportunity at Illinois for either of Royz Boys (Jared or CB) or either of Mike’s Boyz (Chris or Wojo) or are all four “going Gut” and making a career of being an assistant?  There are many advantages to being “just an assistant” at a top program where one is happy.

Saints Pay For Sins
…… NO Saints were kneecapped for BountyGate.  Head Coach Sean Payton is suspended for the upcoming season, GM is suspended half a season and the DefCoor now at St Louis is suspended “indefinitely”.   The NFL moves swifter in dispensing “justice” than does its collegiate counterpart.

Did you watch Peyton’s press conference?
….. Watching Peyton Manning be introduced in Denver was unlike anything we normally see with athletes.  Peyton Manning is soooo much more “professional” and classier than any other athlete I can think of.  Not only in his manner and delivery, but, in how he goes about his business.
You may have grown tired of Peyton 24/7 but that is ESPN’s fault not Peyton’s.  He talked for 10-15 minutes and avoided the endless trite clichés that 99% of those in sports depend on.

International Week at UNC
…… UNC was global this week.  Some UNC Physics prof (“who publishes 100s of paper” !!) is in an Argentine jail after trying to leave Argentina with cocaine in a secret compartment of his luggage.  From his jail cell, this goober is blaming the current UNC Provost for not coming to his aid and sending him his paychecks.  He claims the Provost is “jealous because I got tenure before he did”.   Yeee Haa.
Meanwhile over in the Punjab, some company is using Eve Carson’s picture on billboards.  There is no text reference to the late coed / murder victim.  Assumptions are the company simply found her image on Google and it fit their demographic marketing.  Understandably, UNC officials are requesting they not do that.

Tebow to Jets
…… I’m doubting the J-E-T-S are the best fit for Tim Tebow.   The New York media and assorted radical extremists in the area could make life miserable for the controversial QB.  I thought he would end up in Jacksonville.

Holden Responds to Local Radical Nitwit
….. In a perfect world I would have preferred he not respond at all, but “perfect world” left the building when Eve bit the apple.
UNC Chancellor Thorp has officially responded to the rabid radical nitwit that DEMANDED UNC sever its ties with Tar Heel Network affiliate WRDU which airs Rush Limbaugh….

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp says WRDU has agreed not to advertise Limbaugh while broadcasting  Tar Heel sports, or to advertise Tar Heel sports while broadcasting Limbaugh.
“I think that was a good compromise, and I’m happy that Athletics was able to work that out,” Thorp said Wednesday. “I think it’s a good way to handle the whole thing.”
But Thorp said University officials were sensitive to the concerns and took strong action.  “The University of course feels strongly that the comments…were offensive and inappropriate,” he said. “We don’t feel that the business relationship that we have with the radio station implies that we endorse Rush Limbaugh or any other talk radio host on any other station that we have Carolina sports on, but we do understand why people are upset…  “Probably not everybody is thrilled with this answer, but in my line of work sometimes you come up with compromises to give everybody some of what they’re looking for–and I think we were able to do that in this case, and I feel good about that.”

The reference to “other stations” of course is to Chapel Hill’s WCHL which airs several Air America left-overs who routinely out-obscene anything Limbaugh says.  Local radical nitwits love that.
We discuss stereotypes a lot here.  No area stereotype is truer than that rabid left-wing radicals have held UNC hostage for many years.  It is what it is and why I stopped my financial support of my alma mater years ago.
Again, I would have preferred no statement at all; but, as Holden notes, his job often involves seeking compromises.  In my job that is never a concern.

Speaking of Chapel Hill
….. on chapelboro.com this week, BobLee discusses “Why Dean Was Never Responsible For My Happiness”.   A lesson in adult fan perspective.  CLICK

Many Scenarios Await
….. So many scenarios await us this weekend.   Will UNC & State meet?  Will Marshall play?  Can State beat KU?  Do UNCers want “hated” State to beat “hated” KU?  Do State loonies want to play UNC, or Ohio?  Can Roy possibly beat KU without Marshall?   Will “but it doesn’t count because Kendall was hurt” be enough of an excuse in case State did beat UNC on Sunday?   Would losing to State in the Elite Eight be worse than going 0-5 versus TO’B ???
I’m going with the odds.   UNC beats Ohio with/without Kendall.   State falls to KU but valiantly.   KU beats Roy AGAIN unless Marshall is near 100%, which seems doubtful. ….. and, hopefully, Indiana beats Kentucky and Coach Cal has to promise “wait til next year” AGAIN.


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