Rimshots 02/23/12

February22/ 2012

Tues Night @ RBC
……. I was a guest Tues night at The RBC Center.  Pre-game I was in the Wolfpack Lettermen’s Lounge with former Pack athletes – Tommy Burleson, Freddie Coombs and Bob Kennell.  I asked if they were jealous that Corch & Guggs got all the fan adoration for being evicted on Saturday.  They looked at me kinda funny.  I’m used to that.

RBC & Dean’s Dome Crowds
…… I attended last Sat’s UNC-Clem game as well as Tues’ State-UNC game.  In both cases the 20,000 fans in attendance were convinced that the home team was being fouled intentionally on every possession….. and said so the entire game.

TJ’s Redemption
…… TJ Yates was honored as a Patterson Award winner before the Saturday crowd at Dean’s Dome.  TJ was infamously booed in that same building two years ago.  He received a hero’s welcome this time.   No word if Bev will get a re-do.

The Chink In ESPN’s Armor
…… Surely you read about the ESPN Major PC-oops.   Some dimwit in charge of their website posted a headline after NBA-sensation Jeremy Lin finally lost a game.  The headline contained the phrase “A chink in his armor.”  Lin is of Oriental descent and “chink” is a negative euphemism for “Chinese”.  ESPN immediately fired the nitwit who, of course, said he “didn’t mean to do it” ??
In 1982 a radio talk show host at Sacramento’s KFBK used the phrase “a chinaman’s chance” on-the-air and was fired.  That too-provocative talker was Morton Downey Jr.   KFBK had to find a replacement talk show host for the fired Downey.  They hired a guy from Kansas City with an unusual name.
“That guy” was with KFBK for five years before moving on to become the most popular talk show host in radio history.   “That guy” would later have his own issues with the same ESPN.
Now you know – “the rest of the story”.

This Week’s Chapelboro Column
……. “The Enemy Of My Enemy is….. The Referee”  – CLICK

My Favorite Fans
….. Saturday’s UNC-Clem game was an afternoon event which guaranteed “my favorite type of fans” would be scattered thru Dean’s Dome.   My Favorite Fans are little boys between 5-10 years old at the game with their Dads.   That age they are in total sensory overload from the color & pageantry of it all.  Old enough to pull for “their Tar Heels” but still innocent enough that it is not yet a Life-or-Death situation for them.   They are just so happy to be here with their Dads.
I made it a point to watch “little boys w/ their dads” throughout the stands and the concourse.  The little boys’ “just so happy to be here with dad” attitudes seemed to rub off on the dads for whom it might otherwise be a Life or Death matter…..  sigh.
Those stoopid 9:00 PM games don’t work for “little boys w/ their dads”.  That’s a shame in so many ways.
I recalled Henderson’s Tommy Frazier and his son (now an adult) who took a special MLB baseball game trip every year.  They still do.

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