Rimshots 02/02/14

February02/ 2012

National Signing Day…. YUCK!
….. I nominate National Signing Day as THE #1 Sign of America’s Cultural Apocalypse.  It is more insulting to Black America than Amos’n Andy.  High Academia prostitutes itself on the altar of abject hypocrisy.  …. “Yeah, we know these kids are functionally illiterate; but, hey, they can “tackle in space” and “bench press a Buick”.”…… How far are we from A Top 100 Skankiest Gals in American High Schools?
Somewhere Juvenal is shaking his head and mumbling “panem et circenses”…. sigh.
In it’s own way; the meat market of National Signing Day is as disgusting as Toddler Beauty Pageants.  Instead of tiny tiaras, they wear cockeyed ballcaps.

Jimmy Sexton Goes Hollywood
….. Butch’s Guy – “Jimma” Sexton – has joined forces with super-agent Tom Condon and LA-entertainment juggernaut – Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  Jimma is still based in Memphis.  Between Sexton and Condon they have a stable of 15 of the NFL’s 32 QBs.
No mention of how Butch’s job hunting is progressing.  Butch now has two former assistants as NFL Head Coaches – Chuck Pagano and Greg Schiano.  Just Go Butch, we don’t care where, just leave.

Orangemen Scrambling   
…… Former Syracuse basketball players from the past twenty years are all scrambling to deny THEY were among the “lots of players that had sex with” fired-in-disgrace coach Bernie Fine’s wife.  HERE SHE IS !!!  Rony Sikaly, did you?

Please Say “No” EB
….. My fondness for Erskine Bowles is well-known.  He has been armpit-deep in several yucky cesspools for sure, but such is the life of a high profile public official.  In a semi-normal world he would be a fine Governor.  We are not living in any semi-normal world these days.  Obama made a fool of Erskine by setting him up in that Deficit Czar scam….. PLEASE Do Not Run for Governor, Erskine.  NOTE: As of 10:45 AM Thurs, it appears that EB has taken my advice and will not run.  More on this later…..

Super Bowl Sunday
…… My SB routine for the past 5-6 years is to turn on my TV about 10 minutes before kick-off.   Or 30 seconds before if I’m at a great part of my current audiobook.  I expect to follow that routine this Sunday.   Super Bowl Overkill ranks pretty close to National Signing Day on my list (see above).
I hope it’s as good a game as the last time these teams met “for all the marbles”.  That one was a humdinger.  I bet it won’t be as great as “Game Six” though.

Drew “Bundini” Brown?
Legendary boxing “corner man” Angelo Dundee dead at 90.  Wonder where Drew “Bundini” Brown is.  “Bundini” was Ali’s rhyme man.  “Bundini” created “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.

What Does It Say That
….. Other than maybe a dozen altogether on UNC, State and Duke; I cannot name ONE SINGLE PLAYER in ACC Basketball 2012.  Not one!  Does Butch Zatazalo still play for Clemson?  In Brian Magid still a Terp?

Chapelboro column
….. Today’s chapelboro.com column is:  Can Bubba Housebreak Roy? CLICK   You get to be a fly on the wall as Bubba gives Roy his annual personnel evaluation.  The mind reels……..

Justified Update
….. Bloodier than ever….. Harlan County is being invaded by The Dixie Mafia boys from Frankfort and Detroit.  Boyd is setting himself up as Harlan’s Crime Boss Numero Uno.  Raylan and Wynona are house-hunting with the baby on the way.  The backwoods bodies are stacking up like cordwood…..  Tuesday nights on FX.

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