Rimshots 01/19/12

January18/ 2012

Classic NFL uniforms
……. it occurred to me while watching Giants v Packers how classic and classy all NFL unis are.  The color combinations and logos “mean something” and are enduring.  Unlike the scary trend in college FB unis (thank you Phil Knight!)….. Maybe it’s because the NFL does not make its brand identification decisions based on fashion whims of semi-literate 18 y/os.  Ya think?

“Doogie, Whyyyyyyy?”
…. You all know Holden Thorp is “my guy”.  I have supported him 110% in firing The Butch(er) of Kenan on both Why and When.  It is a lonely position but one I am comfortable with.   But always shooting straight with YOU is #1 with me.
Last week during the Baddourian Farewell Farce, Holden got caught up in the pomposity and pure sham.  Before anyone could stifle him, the too benevolent Chancellor named The Leadership Academy after the departing bureaucrat.
Sure.  The “Just Call Me Dickie” Leadership Academy @ The Phyllis George’s SugarDaddy’s Giant End Zone Place is more feel-good fluff than substance.   That lessens the hoot factor somewhat.
It was Dickie’s sustained administrative clueless inattention that allowed The Butch(er) to operate his Thug sanctuary for four years.  Normally when a subordinate’s incompetence so stains one’s own legacy, one does not say “Atta boy.  Thank you very much!”
This sets a frightening precedent that should scare the bejeebers out of Tar Heels everywhere…. and further delight ABCers around the world.  Upcoming building dedications in the Carolina pipeline?

The McAdoo/Wiley Tutorial Center
The Marvin Austin Tweet-atorium
The Butch Davis College of No Knowledge
The Uncle Julius’ Go-To Place For Easy A’s
The John Blake Agent Agency
The BOTBob Winston BCS or Bust Inn
The Don Stallings Fired Coaches Suite
and, of course…..
The Ol’ Roy Asylum For The Terminally Goofy

Rank this effusive self-congratulation somewhere between John Kerry’s Purple Heart and Butch’s Game Ball.  Ouch, Ouch, and OUCH!
An athlete is benched for dropping a pass, striking out or missing a free throw; yet two levels upline the program’s Director is lauded for 15-years of foul balls, fumbles, errors and missed assignments.
Did the owner of The Titanic praise the captain who said “Iceberg? What iceberg?  I didn’t see any iceberg….”
But BobLee; he was loyal, got his reports in on time and worked cheap.  And he DID pay the bills on time.   Dickie woulda been a very fine CFO.  He was NOT a very fine CEO. …… So give him a Tar Heel paperweight and lets all move on.

Roy and Sylvia combine for 84
…… between the two, within 52 hours Roy & Sylvia got trounced by a total of 84 points.  Only a Clemson football fan can “feel our pain”.
During the death gurgle of the recent football season, how many UNCers said “Basketball will make our pain go away….”   What do we do now?
“Batter up, Mike Fox!”

……. Raylan has his hat and Boyd is Boyd and the Deliverance crazies of Harlan County are back on Tuesday night on FX.   JUSTIFIED ain’t Leave It To Beaver but for fans of “edgy and raw” drama it’s Must See TV.

Baby Brother Eli 
…… He is a proven “winner” on the Big Stage and among “the 5-6 elite QBs in the NFL”…. but Baby Brother Eli still looks like an Asst Mgr at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods.  He IS a bona fide gunslinger but sure doesn’t look like one.

“The Roy BOINKS”
…….. Whether one believes “Baghdad Steve” Kirschner or not…. Ol’ Roy’s latest “stepped in it again” further crowds the list of The Ol’ Roy Top Five BOINKS.   JayHawk sticker…. Presbyterian guy….. BB gun….. Coke can…. Freakin…. Tallahassee Scramble….. I’m staying….. (the next one)….. (the ones after the next one)…..   Howsabout designating a section of “the rafters” to commemorate Roy’s BOINKS?randyquaid
Have ya noticed that every Roy BOINK generates an immediate Pavlovian response from ABCers, especially the Brickyard Bunch – They should simply laugh at him for his never-ending pratfalls, but noooo; they get all indignant.  Which is almost as funny as Roy.   Roy is Carolina’s “Crazy Cuzzin Eddie” Like it or not, he IS family and gets invited to Thanksgiving Dinner.  But maybe its time we started hiding the good china.

       Normally a Roy BOINK brings out the hard-core Tru-Blues to defend “our boy Roy” but this time the hard-core Tru-Blues are in stunned silence over the 33 point MASSACRE.  General Custer loved his mother.  Who cares?
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