Rimshots 12/29/12

December28/ 2011

“Christmas In Shreveport” – Ouch
…… about as festive as Christmas in Teheran or the Hindu Kush.  The immediate reaction of TrueBlues to the funeral dirge for The Era Of Butch was downright scary.

TV guys spending the last 15 minutes talking about your opponent’s mascot  =  Not a positive sign.  That said, “Truman The Tiger” IS a very fine mascot.
Football games are volatile events.   The blow-out of Wake Forest in Kenan was as much of an anomaly as the butt-whuppin’ administered by Mizzou.  Burn the game film and say howdy do to Larry & His Boys From Hattiesburg.
I have no freakin’ clue what Advocare V-100 is.  I finally googled the fool thing.  It is a direct selling organization (like Amway) that uses nutritional supplements as it’s primary product line.  Who knew?  Drew Brees knew.
Scanning the dozens of UNC fans in attendance for BOTBob or Uncle Julius; I could not find hide nor hair.
If you have a recipe for making a large stack of un-used tickets edible, please send it to Clint Gwaltney % UNC Ticket Office.
A month ago I went on record suggesting UNC “do a Miami” – (1) “just say no” to a Whozit bowl, (2) give everyone a cheap watch and (3) take The Era of Butch off life-support.  A high-ranking UNC official wrote me Tuesday AM – “Once again BL, you were right.”   If I had a nickel for every one of those I’ve gotten.

Wuff Season Ends With A Bang At The Belk…. 
…… It took a while for all concerned to forget about Russell and embrace the other guy.  Once they did, TeamO’B did itself proud.   Luckily, most PackPeople were more interested in the trainwreck 28 miles to the west to pay much attention to it’s own early season stumbles.
Monday & Tuesday were not “the best of times” amid the lofty pines.
Yelps of BCS in ’12 will no doubt be emerging from The Brickyard.  Wuffs will save any victory parade until the NCAA verdict comes in for The Flagship. …. Look for TO’B to reap strong in-state recruit harvest this year.  If not “this year” then never.  I mean Really!

Jim Grobe to Penn State ???
….. Rumors stirring that Jim Grobe is on some list somewhere for Penn State.  He would be an outstanding “get” for Mount Nittany.  If every coach in America turns down PSU, could they be stuck with Butch?

Who Is “Peter Millar”?
…… If you guessed “the golf shirts and sweaters Ol’ Roy wears when Nike is not looking” you win.  “Peter Millar” is a fast-track “upscale lifestyle apparel” company headed by Fuquay native (and ECU alumnus) Chris Knott with HQ in Raleigh.  Only sold in high end country clubs and resorts and Nordstroms, Peter Millars ain’t cheap, but top quality rarely is.
Yo Chris, looking for a roguish Internet spokesmodel ???  “Boz” is my agent for all endorsements.

An Unholy Alliance is brewing
….. Mid January will bring announcement of an unholy alliance between yours truly and legendary Franklin Street curmudgeon “That Damn” Art Chansky.   An Orange County media tycoon of some repute wants Ye Olde Internet Legend to grace his website.  It will not affect this site at all but simply bring these incredible insights to the truth-starved Internetites  of Chapel Hill / Carrboro.
NOTE: Art’s latest suggestion – A special Bad Boy Bowl between UNC & tOSU.  With Butch & Tressel as honorary coin flippers.

Best Christmas Present
…… Santa brought me a pair of TV Ears – a special headset linked to a transmitter that enhances TV sound.  It really works!  Just in time for the new season of Justified.

“Anything but race or religion”
….. That was the tagline for longtime WPTF “talker and all-around nice guy” – Bart Ritner.  Bart passed away Wednesday after a lengthy bout with cancer.  Before there was an EIB, there was Bart and Maury O’Dell discoursing on buttermilk biscuit recipes and burned-out streetlights.  It was a kinder, gentler time.  R.I.P. Bart.

Like Wally Wade in the rain
…… One more description of “the crowd” in Shreveport – “it looked like Duke’s Spring Game…. in the rain.”  Ouch!

Facebook & Twitter
….. We’re having fun on Facebook & Twitter.  Come over and join us for between columns conversation.  Twitter us at BobLeeSays.  Facebook is BobLee Says (a space between the Lee and the Says.)


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