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November21/ 2011

I realize it’s a few days early for a “I’m thankful for _____” column.  We normally don’t get into that until we sit down on Thursday with all the family and some goober gets the whizbang idea to “lets go around the table and everyone say what they are thankful for.”   
A silent scramble ensues as everyone tries to come up with something that won’t set off WW3.  Or fidgets in dread anticipation of what your idiot brother-in-law might blurt out.
Since I’ll be gallivanting all over East Texas and Louisiana this week, I figure to get my “thankfuls” out of the way now.

In no particular order, I’m Thankful For:

Whoever invented large flat-screen HDTVs:
I never knew what I was missing in the old days, but I sure do enjoy watching BTCFb these days.  Carpal tunnel “remote thumb” notwithstanding,  The past few weeks especially have been a non-partisan deeee-light to spectate.   From “Game Six” to the past two weekends, it’s been as good as watching sports can be.

The BCS System:
It may be fashionable to hate it, but I’ve never been a slave to “what most people say”.   The past few weeks have been the equivalent of BTCBb’s Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight as juggernauts blow tires in Turn Four.

The NBA Strike:
I don’t expend a lot of angst on The NBA; but I admit a certain delight in a NBA-less American sports scene.  I’m sure the blame can be equally distributed among the billionaires and millionaires.   A sports page without last night’s box score of Milwaukee vs Sacramento is not such a bad thing.

The Kardashians:
I realize most of you don’t devour the supermarket tabloids.  You hear about The Kardashians more here than anywhere you frequent.  But those Krazy K’s ARE considered significantly newsworthy for much of America.   That fact keeps me from taking America all that seriously and pretty much explains a lot about that handbasket to hell thingy.

It’s not every year that a take-no-prisoners Internet humorist gets handed an inexhaustible piñata such as UNC’s coaching Rasputin – the eternal victim that just won’t go away.   “Butch” was great copy last year but he became legendary since Holden dropped the hammer in late July.   I still maintain he has something else up his quite silly sleeve.

Don Katz:
Don is the President of where I download my audio books.  Don and I have never met but his company has significantly changed my life for the better.  Don’s books and The Raleigh Greenway System are my very healthful addictions.   I suppose I need to thank the late Steve Jobs too.  His iPhone is the conduit that allows me to reisten every day as I trek.

I am very thankful for YOU.  It’s been over a dozen years.  It’s arguable where Western Civilization would be without BLSays.  We’ll leave it to historians to chronicle that.
I’ve been hearing a particular line recently from many of you – “….. and I laughed out loud.”  I type a series of characters on a screen.  You read them on the other end ….. and you actually “laugh out loud”.
That’s very cool.   Your dentist, your accountant, your optometrist, et al probably can’t claim that distinction.  I could ask for no nicer compliment or accomplishment …… May it continue to be so.

I hope your holiday will be as enjoyable as you wish it to be in all the areas that truly do matter.

…. And New Rimshots Too

No Bowl For Miami
….. I don’t expect you to believe me BUT three weeks ago I proposed to a senior UNC official that UNC do exactly what Miami has done – announce it will not accept a bowl bid as further penance for its transgressions.
My plan included giving all the players cheap wristwatchs and tacky warm-up suits – the usual minor bowl “swag” and pulling the plug on this toothache season next Sunday.
Even with seven Ws, the “best “ UNC gets is some jerkwater trip in front of 40,000 empty seats.   Change the locks on The KFC effective next Monday and power wash the place of “Butch Kooties”.

TO’B can sit back down
….. TO’B’s seat cooled down considerably last Saturday.  Who saw THAT coming?  The Danny Ford Society is back in action in Upstate.  Angry Wuffs who live for NC State coaching searches will be denied.

The Syracuse Scandal
….. I never heard of Bernie Fine.  I have no clue if Bernie did anything or nothing.  Boeheim-haters are, of course, sure he must have “because”.   The latest parlour game for truly insane board monkeys is starting pedophile rumors about rival coaches.   That should scare you.

Butch To Ole Miss ???
…. I don’t think so but some of rational mind think so.  Butch is no longer the “hot commodity” he once was except in his own muddled mind.  Why would Ole Miss want him?

Taylor Swift
…… Kid has been a hard-core Taylor Swift fan for 3-4 years.  Assuming most of you know little or nothing about Taylor Swift – she is the rarest of celebrities.  Taylor Swift is an incredibly gifted superstar entertainer AND very decent person.  Watch this video of her 60 Minutes segment from Sunday.  Taylor Swift Video

Carl Edwards
…… We were pulling for Nancy’s boy but the racing fates would not allow it.  In “one for the ages”, Carl lost on a tie-breaker to Tony Stewart.   Carl is also a legitimate superstar and very decent person – Top Quality Guy.

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