Rimshots: Thurs 11/16

November16/ 2011

More To Come?
…. Is this IT for Butch Makes A Fool Of Himself Again?  No, absolutely not.  This latest stunt will inspire Butch-believers to (1) sign over their welfare checks …. (2) send him spare kidneys ….. and (3) hold 24/7 candlelight vigils outside his Meadowmont condo.  It ain’t like Butch or His True Believers have anything else to do.

The REAL Thorn In Butch’s Paw
…. What is REALLY the reason for Butch’s Insane Quest For Revenge ??? Very Simple – He was vanquished by a wire-rimmed “Gentle Man of The Academic Persuasion”.  There can be no more humiliating insult for a testosterone-fueled warrior of The Locker Room.  ….. beaten for all to see by “a geeky chemistry professor” – Oh the shame!  Oh the humiliation.

Who Knew?
…. that Paul “Butch” Davis:
– was “the real brains” behind those Jimmy Johnson Cowboy teams.
– is Oklahoma’s Greatest Homeboy.  Will Rogers be damned.
– invented fire, the wheel AND sliced bread.

Dook Game Shenanigans?
…. Do I think GangButch might still be planning embarrassing shenanigans for next week’s Dook Game?  For Holden’s sake, I hope not.  For the pure Hoot Factor – Sure, why not.

Definition of A Bad Month Carolina-style
….. How do Tar Heels define “a bad month”?  Howsabout – lose #5 to State  –  Coach K is Declared BEST EVER  –  Butch’s Media Blitz  –  UNC announces major tuition hike and indignant students respond predictably.
it doesn’t matter how good the stinkin’ play might have been Mrs Lincoln – November SUX so far for Tar Heels.

A Bizarre Twist?
…. might the Penn State Scandal take a really bizarre twist that no one expects?  Ya just never know.

The Center For Disease Control
…. has formally named “Butch Davis” as a primary and persistent irritant to the human race.  On the “just won’t go-away scale” – Butch ranks ahead of athlete’s foot and hemorrhoids but still behind herpes.

Coach K’s 903
….. I’m betting the overnight Neilsens for ESPN’s 903K Celebration for Orange County viewers measured ZERO.  Chapel Hill sports bars replayed Cameron Indoor – The Hansbrough Era on a continual loop.

L’amour & J.F. Cooper
…. As stated earlier, I’m diverting my mind from all the durm & strang by reistening to “classics” by Louis L’amour AND by James Fenimore Cooper.  I’m into Cooper’s Deerslayer right now.  They call’em “classics” for a reason.
We could sure use more men like Natty Bumpo and Tell Sackett today.

The Bucket List Tour Fast Approaches
…. This time next week I’ll be in “the Piney Woods” of East Texas on my Bucket List Tour – LSU v Arkansas @ Baton Rogue …. and aTm v Texas @ Kyle Field.  Plus visits with at least one Heisman winner, a Chosan Reservior combat Marine and enough other “legitimate sports legends” to inspire at least three incredible BLSays columns from this Truly Grand Aventure.

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