November13/ 2011

Bubba, Bubba – We Want Bubba
…… Lawrence “Bubba” Cunningham is emerging as “THE” top candidate to be UNC’s new “Dickie” – aka Director of Athletics.   Cunningham is currently AD at Tulsa.  He was a Golden Domer before he was a Golden Hurricane.  I’ve checked him out.  He gets a no “buts” BobLee Seal of Approval.  His curriculum vitae is darn near perfect.  Google him.
His professional expertise and peer respect is off the charts and there’s the nickname factor.  I don’t know why he’s “Bubba”.  But that’s likely all that the peanut gallery crowd will focus on if he gets the nod.  Wuff goobers and Holden-haters will snort.  “Snorting” is what they do best.
Unlike BOTBob, I actually run due diligence on major hires.  I’ve already made the calls and asked the questions re: Lawrence “Bubba” Cunningham.   He would be mighty fine. …. Plus; unlike Dickie, Bubba can actually hit a One Iron.
NOTE:  Theo Epstein has removed his name from consideration to become Cubs GM.

Rangers on The Brink
….. Josh’s Ginger Ale is chilling as Ryan’s Rangers stand on the brink of a World Series repeat.   But a perplexer is looming.  I don’t have “favorite teams” but if I did both the Rangers and the Cardinals would be on my short list.   What to do …. what to do ???
In a Rangers v Cardinals Fall Classic I’ll just hope for good weather and good games and ask “What NBA?”

Just two more Elvis & Joe’s to go
….. Only two more Elvis Cole & Joe Pike audio-novels to go and I’ll have reistened to all of’em that Robert Crais has written.  My affection for the two enigmatic LA private investigators grows with each audio adventure.
Lucas Davenport, Doc Ford and Harry Bosch wait their turn.

A Great Business Opportunity?
…. Opening a private school in Wake County would be a terrific bidness opportunity.  The local drooling Democ zombies whupped the apathetic Repubs this week in a Tempest Over A Tea Party.  Elections do have consequences.

Visiting The NCAA Principal’s Office
….. Holden & Dickie head to Indianapolis in two weeks for their long-awaited visit to the NCAA Principal’s office.  Those who pay attention know “the wrist slap / public beheading” will NOT be announced until 6-8 weeks later but there will be a lot of “to do” about this visit nonetheless.
Butchie floating high above downtown Indy in a hot air balloon while UNC officials are being admonished by the NCAA Tribunal would be a nice bizarre touch? Oil-transport mogul Don Stallings could arrange that.

Is Tucson Calling?
….. Speaking of America’s Most Infamous Absent-minded Unemployed Messiah – there’s a vacancy at Arizona.  I don’t see The Divine One getting this one.  If I was a UA Poobah, I would call Mike Leach right now and bring his Flying Circus to The Sonoran Desert.

Interim Ev gets a real challenge
….. Despite a syntax-challenged young Tar Heel’s “we don’t get no respect” whine this week, Interim Ev has yet to notch a signature W.   Golden’s Hurricanes invade The Blue Zone this Saturday.   Will Interim Ev become (drumroll please …..) BOWL ELIGIBLE amid the pines?

We Predict That:  Russell Wilson will (1) be Heisman runner-up …. (2) be linked romantically with Hope Solo …. and (3) replace Bozo Joe Biden as Obamic Veep for Nov ’12.

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